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Have a cushion foundation at home that is almost running out of product? Don’t be disappointed, because we found an easy hack to help you make the most of its formula.

There are many reasons why everyone loves to have at least one cushion in their makeup collection. Some like it for its compact and sleek packaging while others are obsessed with its thin formula and natural, skin-like finish.

Photo source: @小刀/XiaoHongShu

If you’re running out of your favourite formula, however, we’ve got a trick up our sleeves that’ll give you more bang for your buck.

Photo source: @heydohee/TikTok

All you have to do is reach for a pair of tweezers, pinch the sponge, and flip it over!

Photo source: @heydohee/TikTok

You’ll notice plenty more product at the bottom of the sponge – something that’s easy to miss if we’ve only been using one side of it.

Photo source: @heydohee/TikTok

After slotting the flipped cushion back in place, pick up a cotton swab and clean off any excess residue on the compact case.

Photo source: @heydohee/TikTok

Voilà! You now have a cushion foundation that is as good as new.

Aside from flipping the sponge over, some TikTok users have commented that storing the entire compact case upside down can also prevent excessive amounts of product from sinking to the bottom.

But since most of us love to carry our compacts around for touchups, this simple hack is a great way to spread the formula more evenly after all the time it spends in your purse.

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Featured image credit: @ruanruanaaa/XiaoHongShu and @heydohee/TikTok