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Faye Wong: Canto-pop diva, celebrated actress, and a goddess who doesn’t seem to age like the rest of us.

For over 30 decades, since her debut, the enigmatic star has made waves in the Chinese and Hong Kong entertainment industry.

Other than having sold millions of albums, winning grand awards, and holding noteworthy concerts, Faye was also recognised as the “bestselling Canto-pop female” singer by Guinness World Records in 2000.

faye wong young photos, beauty tips

Credit: @oldmagicmovie/Instagram

How does Faye maintain her youthful glow?

It’s not new or surprising to be dazzled by the ethereal Faye. Time and time again, her stellar and age-defying beauty is one of the hottest topics netizens talk about.

Although turning 54 this year, Faye still looks like she’s in her 30s — truly the definition of ageing like fine wine.

faye wong beauty tips, still looks young

Credit: @feibeing_fayewong_wangfei_fans/Instagram

Last March, a photo of Faye with a man surfaced on the internet and caused a butterfly effect of fans expressing their awe at how great the star looked.

Some fans commented on how good her skin condition was, joked that she’s a fairy that doesn’t age, and that she looks 32 instead.

That got us thinking…what’s her secret? So, we did some research and found a few tips that could help us age as gracefully as Faye has.

faye wong beauty tips, skincare brand ambassador

Faye Wong as the global ambassador for Polish beauty brand Helena Rubinstein since 2019.

She has a huge collection of skincare products

faye wong beauty skincare products

Back in 2016, Faye’s daughter, Li Yan, uploaded a video onto social media that revealed her mother’s room, bathroom, vanity table and collection of beauty products.

Clearly, Faye takes her beauty and skincare maintenance extremely seriously. From makeup to skincare, the Canto-pop queen seems to have invested in an array of products — organised neatly and filling up tables and shelves.

Li Yan has also said on social media before that “there are no ugly women in this world, only lazy women”. A tad blunt, but she isn’t entirely wrong.

faye wong beauty skincare products

Perhaps being incredibly meticulous about skincare is one of Faye’s methods of looking this divine?

We all know that committing to an extensive skincare routine can get tedious at times, but consistency is key for long-lasting results!

She uses highly effective products

Some products that could be spotted in Li Yan’s video are the White Lady and Whitening Squalane from HABA. Known as “addictive-free skin care from Japan”, HABA’s ethos is to maximize the natural healing power of your skin.

faye wong beauty skincare products

HABA White Lady helps with collagen production. It’s said that results can be seen visibly on your skin after a week of using it; fairer, firmer, and more hydrated.

The serum also has a high concentration of Vitamin C and suppresses excess sebum secretion.

HABA White Lady retails for S$78 on Shopee.

faye wong beauty skincare products

Meanwhile, HABA Whitening Squalane works deep within the skin to tighten pores and prevent dark spots.

It contains an osmotic vitamin C derivative which has better permeability than water-soluble derivatives. Hence, having skin whitening abilities.

The Vitamin E found within the formula also helps to improve blood circulation.

HABA Whitening Squalane retails for S$34 to S$62 on Shopee.

She loves her greens

faye wong diet, beauty tips, vegetarian

Credit: @faye_fa_ye/Instagram

Good news for all you veggie lovers and vegetarians!

Faye is vegetarian and seems to really love her greens. Even her private, unverified Weibo account, which was uncovered by fans and internet sleuths, has a handle relating to vegetables: “veggigeg”.

Adding on to that, Faye’s vegetarianism is so well-recognised that she was named “the sexiest female vegetarian in the Asia-Pacific region” by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

Your diet does play a huge role in having healthy skin.

She has a private yet active lifestyle

faye wong beauty tips

Credit: @faye_fa_ye/Instagram

The darling star is fiercely private and doesn’t seem to have any typical social media accounts other than Weibo (not that the media is aware of, anyway).

Maybe being off of social media actually helps with having a wrinkle-free visage and promotes a stress-free life.

Despite not being active on social media, Faye has countless active fan accounts that keep everyone in the loop of any whisper of news.

Though we can’t be exactly sure of what specific lifestyle Faye has, we can surely say that the life of an established and well-loved celebrity isn’t inert.

Faye is also known for being a huge mahjong fan and allegedly plays frequently with other stars like Na Ying, Carina Lau, and Vicki Zhao.

Feature image credit: @oldmagicmovie/Instagram, @feibeing_fayewong_wangfei_fans/Instagram