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If you have natural curly hair, chances are you’ll find it harder to get past the “awkward” length when you’re growing your hair out. Having kinks and curls sticking out in directions you’ve never expected, it’s tempting to simply call it quits and chop off your hair to a short bob all over again.

Thankfully, there isn’t anything that some smart hairstyling techniques can’t fix.

Here are seven super easy hairstyling tips for busy work mornings, while you (not so) patiently wait for your locks to reach your desired length.

1. Half up hairdo



This versatile style works on virtually everyone and you can make it cuter with a stylish hair accessory or braid.

Depending on your taste, you can achieve a sleek, slicked back look with the use of a strong-hold gel, or a romantic, girly look by pulling out strands of hair around your face, giving the illusion of a smaller face.

Bonus: This look is super popular this year, and you can find out more about this hairdo here.

2. Accessorise





The possibilities are literally endless here: go crazy with the multi-colored hair clip trend, or tone it down with more elegant hair pins like this one from Pomelo (SGD9). You know all those cute ribbons lying around you always convince yourself you’ll use someday? Here’s your chance to use them; we even have an article on how to style with them!

3. Change your parting


If you’re really in a rush or woke up just a tad bit late, this “hairstyle” requires 10 seconds with a rat-tail comb and a quick spritz of hairspray for a dramatically different look. This is a great hack because changing up your parting helps create a more voluminous look and adjust the shape of your hairstyle to look more flattering than before.

4. Work friendly messy bun or ponytail




For office appropriate hair that won’t fall into your face every three seconds, try the messy bun or pony! Lucky for you, your hair naturally has enough texture for that effortlessly messy look that others could take hours to create.

If you’re wondering how you can get the perfect ponytail, check out this article that shares about secret formula to ace it.

5. Statement colour hair





If you’re not afraid to stand out in a crowd, try a bold color like violet, red or even green to make your long process of waiting for your hair to grow out more fun!

6. Bangs




Still want a standout look but not quite ready to step out of your safe, brown colours yet? Bangs can change up your look in an instant, plus there are so many types: sideswept, the Korean favourite see-through bangs, Camila Cabello’s curtain bangs, or a chic blunt bang. These new looks will make your wait a little more bearable.

7. Braided hairstyles





We promise the result is worth the effort. Try these braided hairstyles that look more difficult than it actually is, so you have the perfect hairstyle for any special occasion, whether it be a date or a wedding reception. There’s a braid that work with every length, so find one that suits yours and you can tuck those awkward pieces of hair away.


Featured image credit: Scrunch Me/ Instagram, Natsumi/ Instagram