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If you think hair clips are only accessories that keep your hair in place, you’re going to change that thought today. After these tutorials we’re about to share, you’d think that it’s a must-have “magic” tool that you can use style your fringe quickly and easily.

We have a love-hate relationship with bangs; they look cute, but also takes a lot of maintenance to look good all the time.

Korean hairstylists have shared hacks that make styling much easier, and there’s only one tool they use – a crocodile hair clip. Here are five hair styling hacks you can use with a hair clip to get perfectly coiffed bangs:

1. Fix messy bangs

What’s more annoying than having your neatly styled bangs separate into an awkward parting? Now you don’t need to worry about messy bangs anymore, because with this trick you can fix your bangs in just a few seconds.

First, spritz hair spray on the clip and fix it onto the area where your bangs split. Blow-dry it from the bottom, then comb it in place or use your fingers to adjust it – your bangs will look beautifully neat again.

2. Curl your bangs

This is what a bad hair day looks like: your bangs look flat, and are pointing in all directions. We know it is possible to curl it in with a curler or styling iron, but we also know that Murphy’s Law means we are never going to get it right before it’s time to head out.

If you don’t have a bangs curler or a barrel brush, a hair clip will do the trick.

Clip up all your bangs from the root so it forms a curve, then use a hair dryer to blow them from the bottom (we’d recommend using medium heat for this). Wait for three seconds for it to sit in place, remove the clip and see your bangs fall into a perfect curve against your forehead. Finish with setting spray for a longer lasting result.

3. Add volume to your fringe

Long silky tresses lose their charm when the fringe is flat. Learn this simple trick to create more volume for your fringe and make the look last longer.

Insert the crocodile clip between your parting, and use a hair dryer to blow from the bottom. Wait for three to five seconds, remove the clip, and briefly comb them backwards and let them fall back to the front. You’ll notice your parting look more voluminous! It may look like a small difference but it makes the hairstyle looks so much better!

4. Tame cowlicks on the back of your head

Oh, the woes of having a cowlick on the back of your head. Thankfully, this annoying problem can be easily resolved: here’s a life-saving hack for taming cowlicks.

As seen in the video, clip up a small section of your hair at where you have the cowlick, blow it with medium heat and leave it for three seconds. Once you’re done, run through your hair with your fingers and that awful cowlick will be gone! Also, notice your hair looks more voluminous with this trick. Use hairspray if you want the style to last longer.

5. Use it to cut your bangs

It gets tricky when you try to cut your own bangs, and we totally understand the struggle trying to get the cut perfect without parallax error. The crocodile hair clip, again, can help to make things easier.

First, section out the area you want to trim, then clip on a crocodile clip and twist it to secure your hair in place. Straighten the ends of your fringe and cut to your desired length. Now you don’t have to worry about ruining your trim ever again.

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