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Here at Daily Vanity, we believe that you can choose any hairstyle you want, no matter your face shape. If you want to get a pixie cut, go for it. Love lobs? We’re here for that too. After all, what makes you feel comfortable is most important.

That being said, there are hairstyles that traditionally flatter different face shapes, so if you’re looking for some advice, we’d be remiss not to share these helpful tips with you.

Whether you have a high forehead, a square face, or prominent cheekbones, we’ve got a few recommended hairstyles that will expertly frame and balance it by showcasing your best features, helping you to achieve maximum facial flattery.

Here are the top dos and don’ts for each face shape that can help you look and feel your best.

High or wide forehead

Do: Long fringe with a slight curl, wispy bangs
Don’t: Long, straight fringe that shows your forehead

hairstyles face shape wide forehead 1

Credit: @ebom_m on Instagram

A long fringe that’s parted in the centre can draw attention to your forehead. Short, straight bangs can also make your forehead look even broader.

hairstyles face shape wide forehead

Credit: @s.wooooo_ on Instagram

However, a long fringe that’s slightly curled can help narrow the width of the forehead, while having some volume around the jaw helps to detract from the narrowness of your chin. A layered, wispy fringe softens your overall look, so your hair won’t appear as heavy too.

Prominent cheekbones

Do: S-shaped bangs that add volume above the cheekbones
Don’t: Long, straight fringe

hairstyles face shape prominent cheekbones 1

Credit: @le_mond_nuance on Instagram

Though it’s one of the most supermodel-esque facial features to be blessed with, high cheekbones can make someone appear gaunt and older than they seem.

hairstyles face shape prominent cheekbones 2

Credit: @yeovvun on Instagram

This is why an S-shaped fringe that has a gentle wave looks great on those with prominent cheekbones. It skims across the cheeks and softens your overall look.

Round face shape

Do: Long fringe, medium-length hair, curled/permed hairstyles
Don’t: Straight bangs, long straight hair that’s curled inwards

hairstyles face shape round

Credit: @mini_0323 on Instagram

A round face shape is as long as it is wide, with a broad hairline, prominent, rounded cheeks, and fullness below the cheekbones. You’ll need something that helps create the illusion of definition and a longer face shape.

Medium-length hair with side-swept bangs can help slim your face down. If you prefer going longer, opt for long, staggered, face-framing layers that start around the jawline. You can also curl your hair to add more dimension to your overall look.

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Oval face shape

Do: S-shaped fringe, short and medium-length hair, more volume around the neck area, curled/permed hairstyles
Don’t: Long straight hair with an exposed forehead

hairstyles face shape long 1

Credit: @s.wooooo_ on Instagram

The oval face shape is longer than it is wide. You may have a jaw that’s narrower than the cheekbones and a forehead that may be slightly wider than your chin. Consider yourself lucky if you’ve got an oval-shaped face, as it’s considered the most proportional face shape and suits pretty much any type of haircut and all hair lengths.

hairstyles face shape long 2

Credit: @jung__sol on Instagram

What you can focus on, instead, is a hairstyle that accentuates your favourite facial features, whether it’s your eyes, cheekbones, lips, or chin. Go for a fresh, short haircut to take years off your face, or get a perm to add more volume around your neck area.

Square face shape

Do: Long fringe, soft bangs, deep side part, curly/wavy long hair
Don’t: Long straight hair with exposed forehead, thick bangs

hairstyles face shape square 1

Credit: @chroom_1hr on Instagram

A square face shape is characterised by a wide hairline and an equally wide jawline. Deep side parts, chin-length styles, and texture can help to give the illusion of a longer face while softening your angular jawline.

hairstyles face shape square 2

Credit: @yasufumisatou on Instagram

A long, layered cut and a graduated bob with a longer fringe can also soften your overall appearance. Remember to stay away from hairstyles that create straight lines, such as a blunt fringe or centre parts. Hair that’s straightened can emphasise the squareness of your face too.