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Ever wondered how Korean idols and celebrities always manage to flaunt gorgeous hair whether it’s in our favourite K-drama or when they’re on the red carpet?

If you’ve been wondering, then you’re on the right article. We’ve compiled 11 hair secrets that Korean celebrities use to keep their locks looking healthy and beautiful.

1. Tame your hair with face moisturiser

korean celebrities haircare tips irene kim

Credit: @ireneisgood/Instagram

Model Irene Kim has a solution for people with oily skin, and who suffer from breakouts due to oily hair! She suggests using leftover face moisturiser to tame dry ends as hair oil may cause pimples and oiliness throughout the day.

If you find moisturisers too weird to apply on your hair, you can use hydrating face sprays too. She claims that this works especially well for people who have acne-prone or sensitive skin, as well as damaged hair.

2. Eat kimchi

korean celebrities haircare tips jessica jung

Credit: @jessica.syj/Instagram

Most Korean celebrities, including Jessica Jung, love kimchi.

You may already know that kimchi is packed with rich nutrients and minerals that boost your immune system. But did you know that selenium from the garlic in kimchi also keeps your hair and skin healthy and shiny?

Since kimchi is the foundation of Korean cuisine, it’s no wonder Korean celebrities look fabulous and radiant all the time!

3. Treat your hair to Moroccan oil every day

korean celebrities haircare tips uee

Credit: @fyi.uie/Instagram

Uee’s (Kim Yu-Jin) secret to super soft and shiny hair lies in Moroccan Oil. The Marriage Contract actress and K-pop singer recommends applying Moroccan oil to the ends of your hair every day to ensure that it stays shiny and velvety.

Uee commented that Moroccan oil is a miracle hair solution for her as it keeps her hair looking bouncy and healthy despite her hard-pressed daily schedule.

4. Pamper your hair with a mask

korean celebrities haircare tips cl

Credit: @chaelincl/Instagram

Just like our skin, our hair needs pampering, and masking is what it needs. If you’re wondering how K-pop idols maintain their hair, hear it from CL. This Korean celebrity maintains a strict routine where she leaves her hair in a hair mask at least once a week to maintain its shine and health.

CL puts much effort into ensuring her bright mane is in excellent condition, so that she can keep the colour vibrant. If your hair is damaged from frequent dyeing or high heat, then take a leaf out of her beauty guide!

5. The oil & water quick fix

korean celebrities haircare tips Yoon Eun Hye


Yoon Eun Hye rinses her hair with a special mixture of water and hair oil regularly to maintain the natural volume and shine of her hair.

The After Love actress recommends a combination of water and two to three drops of hair oil, which she said combat the problem of oily scalp and split ends. Yoon Eun Hye also swears by this hack as a quick fix for bad hair days.

6. Protect your hair from sunlight

korean celebrities haircare tips tiffany young

Credit: @tiffanyyoungofficial/Instagram

Even if your hair is free from chemical processes or styling products, you still need to protect your locks from the biggest contributor or dry hair – the sun. Excessive exposure to sunlight can make your hair brittle and look dull.

Singer Tiffany Hwang’s luxurious locks are a result of protection from heat damage. She shared that she protects her hair with heat protectant creams and spray, and that this routine helps make her hair look more “alive”.

7. Invest in wigs

korean celebrities haircare tips sandara park

Credit: @daraxxi/Instagram

K-pop Singer Sandara (Dara) Park confesses that instead of going for chemical processes and excessive styling to change up her look, she uses wigs instead. This way, she can revamp her look regularly, without subjecting her hair to damage.

8. Choose the right shampoo and conditioner

korean celebrities haircare tips yura

Credit: @yura_936/Instagram

K-pop idol YuRa from Girls’ Day emphasises on checking the ingredients of your hair care products to make sure they’re good for your hair.

She also makes sure she chooses shampoos and conditioners that are formulated for damaged hair – her biggest hair concern. Choosing the right hair products ensures that you’re addressing your troubled areas specifically.

9. Dry your hair with cool air

korean celebrities haircare tips song hye kyo

Credit: @kyo1122/Instagram

Song Hye Kyo, queen of K-drama and face of Dyson, uses cool air when styling her locks. High heat from hairdryers and tools is one of the causes of brittleness. Cool air, on the other hand, doesn’t just dry hair quickly, but also retains its shine and moisture.

Song Hye Kyo uses the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer daily, adjusting it to the lowest temperature, to obtain a glamorous and sleek hairdo every day.

10. Never sleep with wet hair

korean celebrities haircare tips park shin hye

Credit: @ssinz/Instagram

Park Shin Hye always makes sure that her hair is completely dry before going to bed. This is because when hair is wet, it is more prone to breakages when friction is encountered (think: when you toss and turn in your sleep).

Wet hair will also mean a damp scalp, which becomes a potential breeding ground for bacteria, leading to skin problems like eczema and psoriasis.

11. Condition and go for regular hair treatments

korean celebrities haircare tips nct 127

Credit: @nct127/Instagram

Members from K-Pop group NCT 127 change their hair colour so frequently that fans often wonder how they still manage to keep their hair luscious looking. The 10-member group confided in a Wired video last year that their secret was conditioners and hair treatments.

Both hydrate and detangle your hair to reduce the amount of frizz and split ends and when used regularly can also repair hair damage from environmental stressors, bleaching and colouring!

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