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For a long time, we’ve believed that the only thing we have to do to improve the look of dull complexion is by fighting excessive melanin production. While it’s true that melanin over-production can take away the glow in our skin and cause pigmentation spots to appear, studies have shown that loss of skin volume is another factor that makes your skin look less than brilliant.

brighter firmer complexion

When skin loses firmness and elasticity, it sags and casts a dull shadow over the skin. This process typically begins at around the age of 30. Just think about how the smooth surface of an apple look, and compare it to the saggy-looking surface of a mandarin orange. You know exactly which looks shinier.

In other words, if you want to improve the radiance of your skin, you have to fight “skin shadowing” in two approaches: combat excessive production of melanin, and fight the loss of skin’s elasticity and firmness.

But how do we do so?

The secret to fighting skin shadowing? Activate your “balancing brightening factor”.

Don’t be intimidated by the term. This is simply a genetic element that’s already in your skin – everyone has it. This factor is responsible for two tasks: stimulate collagen production and suppress melanin formation, in order to keep our skin’s inner state balanced. If you can increase the activity in your Balancing Brightening Factor, you’ll be able to unlock the appearance of brighter and firmer skin.

Sulwhasoo Snowise Brightening Serum (ingredient)

Now, the question you’ve been wondering about: what can you do to increase activity in your Balancing Brightening Factor? Use products with the White Ginseng ingredient, one of the most powerful ingredients in the skincare market that can help activate the Balancing Brightening Factor.

Receive the goodness of White Ginseng in this product

Korean luxury skincare brand Sulwhasoo is probably the only brand we know of that has dedicated so many years of research into ginseng; we are talking of 50 years of intensive, exclusive research. The discovery of White Ginseng as a brightening agent sets the stage for the Sulwhasoo Snowise Brightening Line, which first debuted in 2000. This year, the brand presents the eighth generation of the Snowise Brightening Serum, having improved the formula for even more visible results.

Sulwhasoo Snowise Brightening Serum (benefit)

The upgraded Snowise Brightening Serum, is enriched with precious White Ginseng saponin to infuse skin with collagen and reduce dullness and discolouration. Compared to the older version, the new serum contains 2.5 times more concentration of the White Ginseng polysaccharides, and promises to keep your skin hydrated, and give it an appearance of “lit from within” translucency.

On top of White Ginseng, the serum also contains White Cloud Grass, a skin-friendly brightening agent that helps White Ginseng penetrate more easily. The application of the Stabilizing Capsulation Technology also ensures that the benefits of White Ginseng saponin is easily absorbed by the skin.

Snowise Brightening_Line shot (1)

The upgraded Sulwhasoo Snowise Brightening Serum retails at SGD268, and is launched along with other upgraded products in the line. They are available at the Sulwhasoo Boutique located at Capitol Piazza, and all Sulwahsoo counters islandwide. Read more about the all the products in the line here and to understand why you need a range of products to help you achieve your brightening goals.

This article is brought to you by Sulwhasoo.