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Tired of hearing from people asking if you didn’t have a good night’s sleep? This is likely because of eye bags, which can make you look more tired than you really is.

Apart from stressing over something that cannot be changed instantly, focus on the methods which you can do to reduce those eye bags.

Daily Vanity has come up with several tips that are useful for reducing eye bags. Yet, do take note that it is not going to reduce the eye bags immediately and the important part is to have patience. If you are up for it, let your journey to reduce eye bags begin.

Identify cause of eye bags

Before we begin, we need to understand the reason behind them. Most of the time, the problem comes from our diet and our lifestyle.

Scientific studies have found out that the bags under our eyes can be due to fluid retention. In other words, puffiness under our eyes can occur when we have high intake of salt, lack of sleep, and are heavy smokers. In some of the more serious cases, eye bags are also known to be hereditary.

Drink sufficient water


Given that fluid retention is one of the top reasons why you have eye bags, water is going to be your best friend.

Being hydrated ensures that your body wouldn’t thirst and be inclined to “store up” water, and at the same time improve your body’s metabolism. Especially with the scorching sun in Singapore, it is essential to have a bottle of water by your side and replenish the loss due to perspiration.

Besides this, sodium intake can increase water retention. This is why you should also drink more water after you’ve consumed something salty.

Place frozen spoons or tea bags over eyes


This may sound like a hack that isn’t endorsed by professionals, but guess what – it’s actually proven to work.

Cooling your eye area has got to be one of the best feelings out there in the world. You can do so by putting metal spoons or tea bags in the fridge overnight and then placing them over your eyes in the morning.

While you may be enjoying the cooling session, you ought to know the logic behind this simple trick. By cooling the under of your eyes, the capillaries beneath the skin will restrict, resulting in the lightening of the blood vessels under them.

Besides reducing the appearance of eye bags, this trick can even make dark eye circles look lighter and smaller!

This is a great instant solution that practically costs nothing you can try especially right before an important appointment.

Changing your diet


As previously mentioned, one of the causes of eye bags is due to high intake of salt causing water retention. Hence, it is important to cut down on some of the salty food which you may love consuming. We know that there are so many delicious food out there that we can’t get enough of – but hey, everything in moderation!

Choosing something more healthy does not mean that you have push away delicious food. You can always check online for healthier food recipes that are both tasty and low in salt. This change is definitely going to help your body in the long run!

On the other hand, consuming food high in collagen would also help to tighten and make your skin firmer. As our body age along the way, its natural production of collagen also decreases. As such, in order to maintain the level of collagen, you can try to consume collagen supplements. The increase in the level of collagen would aid in the growth of cell regeneration and repair.

Improve your sleep quality


We know that at this point we may be sounding like a nag, but hear us out.

Our nightly slumber is the time when our body repairs itself, which will help reduce the chance of seeing puffy eyes the next morning.

The lack of sleep has also often been associated with the occurrence of dark eye circles, which can accentuate the look of eye bags, making them appear even more obvious.

In order to let yourself have enough sleep, try to make it a habit to go to bed early and have at least seven hours of rest. Cut down on those late night movies and catching up on the dramas. Remove all electronic devices so you can have an undisturbed rest. Your skin will thank you later in the future.

Protect your eyes from UV rays


In regards to protection, remember to always apply sunscreen when you head outdoors. A high level of exposure to UV rays would result speed up the ageing process. No one wants that to happen and before it actually does, try your best to save yourself from those saggy bags.

If you are the type who does not like the after feeling of applying sunscreen, you can always opt to wear a pair of sunglasses or hat that can cover your eyes away from the harmful UV rays. It does not really matter as to which method you prefer as long as they serve the purpose of protecting your eyes from the UV rays.

Give your eye area a massage


A massage can help drain off water retention and reduce puffiness around the eyes. You can either massage using your bare hands, a roller tool, or an electronic eye massager – whichever you find easier and more comfortable.

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