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Tired of, well, looking tired all the time? We know the feeling. Puffy, pesky eye bags can be a real pain to deal with, particularly when no amount of expensive eye creams or concealers seems to do the trick. As it turns out, there might be a more permanent solution of sorts for the baggage under your eyes: eye bag removal surgery.

Wait, is that even possible? Or available in Singapore? Surprisingly enough, the answer is a resounding yes on both counts. Bear in mind, though, that it is a surgical procedure that will leave lasting effects and require downtime to recover from. If you’re looking for a more temporary or quick fix, we recommend you check out our guide on how to reduce eye bags instead.

Still here? Alright, then. Here’s everything you need to know about eye bag removal in Singapore:

What is eye bag removal surgery about?

 Eye Bag Removal Singapore What Is Eye Bag Removal Surgery

here are several variations of eye bag removal procedure in SIngapore. (The procedure is also known as lower blepharoplasty surgery) They are differentiated by being either surgical and non-surgical.

For non-surgical procedures, there are radio-frequency needle treatments. Those involve inserting needles along the eye bag area, delivering heat via the radio frequencies thus dissolving the fat found there. The second involves the use of a laser to melt that blasted pouch of fat away from under your eyes as well.

As for surgical procedures, it is most commonly referred to as scarless eye bag removal now. It involves making a small incision within the lower eye-lid and removing the fat deposits after, leaving you with fresh, youthful looking eyes once more.

Who is suitable to undergo eye bag removal in Singapore?

Eye Bag Removal Singapore Who Is Suitable

There is no age limit as to undergoing this procedure, but it is recommended for younger patients with isolated eye bags without significant skin laxity. Note that this isn’t a hard and fast requirement, and eye bag removal is basically suitable for anyone who would like to get rid of their eye bags.

How much downtime is required after I undergo eye bag removal in Singapore?

Eye Bag Removal Singapore Down Time

It differs depending on which aesthetic clinic you opt for. Some claim that a ‘low amount of downtime’ is needed, with there being minimal bruising and no external scars. Others say that it really all comes down to the extent of the eyebag removal procedure and an individual’s healing ability.

The general consensus after consulting multiple sites, though, seems to be 1-2 weeks for a full recovery. Most individuals who undergo eye bag removal in Singapore are able to return to work after a week.

How long does eye bag removal in Singapore usually take?

 Eye Bag Removal Singapore How Long

As with how much downtime is required, this largely depends on the aesthetic clinic you go to as well. Some claim that this procedure only takes 10 minutes per eyelid, while others say that it is between 60-90 minutes.

A safe bet seems to be any time between 45 minutes to an hour or so.

What can I do to prepare for undergoing eye bag removal in Singapore?

Eye Bag Removal Singapore Consult

If you’re still unsure about wanting to undergo this procedure or if you have any further queries about it, we recommend you consult with a professional. Opt for a clinic or doctor you trust, and make sure to have a full consultation with them to discuss your expectations and options. They will advise you from there to see if eye bag removal is the right procedure for you.

Decided to go through with it? Here’s some things you can do to prep for your surgery.

Avoid ALL of these at least a week before your procedure:

  • Painkillers
  • Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Anything that contains Vitamin E.

On the day of your surgery, make sure to inform your surgeon or doctor if you’re experiencing:

  • Red eyes
  • Fever
  • Eye irritation
  • Any other general illnesses.

Where can I go to undergo eye bag removal in Singapore?

There are several reputable aesthetic clinics and hospitals you can approach to perform this procedure for you. We have found several that you can consider.

1. The Clifford Clinic

With an impressive 18 years of experience in aesthetic medicine, you know you’re in skilful hands here at The Clifford Clinic. Pioneers of the AGNES machine in Singapore (which removes eye-bags in a non-surgical manner), their latest Secret RF device takes eye-bag removal to the next level – without having to go under the knife!

While other clinics in Singapore use a 1-step AGNES machine RF (a fixed-depth needle with high radio-frequency energy concentrated in the tip, inserted directly into the fat pads to target fat tissue), The Clifford Clinic is the first in Singapore to offer the Secret RF (new microcannula device delivers more controlled energy at all layers of fat pads – for more complete fat tissue removal).

The key to Secret RF is its radio-frequency technology, designed to stimulate collagen formation by tightening the lower eyelid skin and creating a lifting effect. In fact, The Clifford Clinic uses both AGNES and Secret RF in a single treatment to effectively remove eye-bags!

In this almost painless 20-minute procedure, local anaesthesia is administered before the microcannula is gently inserted to deliver RF energy. Results can generally be seen within one to two sessions depending on the severity of eye-bags. 

At SGD2500 (before GST) for a single treatment of non-surgical eye bag removal, this is one clinic that you should consider going to if you want to remove eye bags permanently without all the complications and costs of going under the knife.

Address:24 Raffles Place, #01-03A Clifford Centre, Singapore 048621

Opening hours: Mon-Fri (10am to 8pm), Sat (10am to 5pm), Sun (Closed)

Contact: 6532 2048 | Site

*do check your spam/junk folder if you do not receive the confirmation email in your main inbox within 5 minutes

By submitting an entry you allow Daily Vanity Pte Ltd and The Clifford Clinic to contact you directly via email or phone call even though you may be in the Do-Not-Call registry.

2. Asia HealthPartners Aesthetics

Eyebag Removal Singapore Asia Health Partners

Conveniently located in the heart of Orchard Road, Asia HealthPartners is all about providing the highest quality of care for their customers. Their doctors and plastic surgeons are all extremely knowledgeable and experienced, with a long list of accolades to back them up.

Consultation rates begin from SGD100.

Address: 304 Orchard Road, Lucky Plaza #05-06, Singapore 238863

Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 8.30am-5.30pm, Sat: 8.30am-12.30pm, closed on Sundays and public holidays.

Contact: 6690 7216| Site | [email protected]

3. Allure Plastic Surgery

Eye Bag Removal Singapore Allure Plastic Surgery

 Helmed by Dr Samuel Ho, Allure Plastic Surgery is a strong contender to consider when it comes to deciding on where to go to undergo eye bag removal in Singapore.

He has had invaluable training at plastic surgery centres in Korea, and has also obtained several notable awards for his skills, such as the gold medal from the College of Surgeons in 2014 and the MOH Health and Manpower Development Program award for his ability in aesthetic surgery and craniofacial surgery.

And, get this; they even offer a health concierge service, providing support for this who require post-surgical care, such as removal of stitches or any wound dressing. Say what?! Yup. For international customers, they can even help with the arranging and scheduling of appointments, flight and hotel arrangements, and so on. Now, that’s 5-star service!

Contact them to enquire about rates.

Address: 435 Orchard Road, #22-04 Penthouse Floor Wisma Atria, Singapore 238877

Opening hours: Mon-Thurs: 10am-6pm, Fri: 10am-8pm, Sat: 10am-3pm, closed on Sundays and public holidays.

Contact: 6734 9988| Site | [email protected]

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