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Let’s admit it: washing off a whole face of makeup after a long, tiring day is not one of the things you look forward to. But we know that going to sleep with makeup on is definitely not great; this is why we turn to makeup removal wipes sometimes.

It seems simple and straightforward enough – just a few swipes and all your makeup seems to have been removed. But did you know that you could be doing some serious damage to your skin if you don’t use makeup removal wipes correctly? Read on to find out what the most common mistakes are!

1. Wiping too hard

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The harder you scrub, the more makeup comes off, right? This is actually a misconception, as dermatologists have said that it doesn’t take aggressive rubbing to get your skin clean. In fact, when you wipe too hard, your skin ends up being red and irritated, especially if it is sensitive. Using medium pressure and wiping in a long, downward motion is a good way to wipe off makeup cleanly without damaging your skin.

2. Wiping your eyes after you’ve swiped other areas of your face

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To prevent bacteria and other gunk from getting into your eyes, make sure the part of the wipe that you’re using on them is completely clean. One way to make this easier for you is to fold the wipe into four and use each square for a different part of the face. If you think that’s too troublesome for you, just make it a habit to always clean your eye makeup first.

3. Letting your wipes dry out

Makeup removal wipes are moistened, so if you leave them out in the open or exposed to air, they are sure to dry out faster, leaving you with dry wipes that are about as good as tissue paper.

Be sure to seal the top of the package well every time you open it to get a makeup removal wipe. As an extra precaution, you can consider putting your wipes in a small reclosable plastic storage bag or storing them in a cool space to help prevent them from losing moisture.

4. Using makeup removal wipes to replace double cleansing

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Makeup wipes are a lifesaver in many situations we can think of. However, never let makeup wipes replace double cleansing as a staple in your skincare routine, no matter how convenient it is.

Double cleansing is essentially using a cleaning oil to first remove makeup and sunscreen, then using a regular cleanser to cleanse your skin. Each cleansing step has different things to remove, and you should realise now that facial wipes are definitely not cleansing oil and regular cleanser combined.

In other words, it’s always a good idea to follow up with a facial cleanser after you’ve used the makeup removal wipes.

5. Rubbing the makeup removal wipe along the waterline of eyes.

The waterline of your eyes may be lined by waterproof, smudge-proof eyeliner that’s super tough to remove, so you end up rubbing the wipe there. In general, you should go gentle on the delicate eye area. Also, rubbing harder does not necessarily mean you’re doing a better job at cleaning (see tip #1). Experts suggest gently wiping over the upper eyelid, working from the inside corners outward.

6. Not cleaning your jawline and neck

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We usually blend our foundation and BB cream below the chin, and even sometimes on the neck, in order to achieve a seamless look. It’s easy, however, to forget that we have makeup there. Remember to clean those areas when you are using makeup removal wipes, just as how would you do on your face.

7. Buying makeup removal wipes with ingredients that may irritate your skin

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Just like how you would pay attention to the ingredients in your skincare products (we sure hope you do!), you should do the same for makeup removal wipes. Don’t overlook common ingredients such as SD alcohol 40 and denatured alcohol. These are put into the formula so they evaporate more quickly, and skin doesn’t stay wet for long, but alcohol can be way too dehydrating, especially for people with dry skin.