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We all know that the Koreans hold the key to skin that most of us can only dream of. They are also capable of creating a whole range of makeup looks, be it the no-make makeup look, or glamorous stage/Instagram makeup.

It is also a common fact that K-pop stars have schedules that allow them to sleep only a few hours per day, and constantly need to put their best face forward. How do they manage to keep their skin blemish-free and healthy, and their makeup always so on point? 10 good-looking K-pop celebs share their best-kept beauty secrets:

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1. Cha Eunwoo (ASTRO)

This ASTRO member is dubbed “the genius of faces” in Korea, meaning that the public has given him the stamp of approval as one of the best-looking stars.

However, despite being a good-looker, he also had his fair share of troubles with acne during a stressful period, and even had to apologise for not taking good care of his skin.

The secret to keeping his skin clear these days? Cha Eunwoo revealed that he has a several-step process for skin care: it includes a water-based hydration mist, a cleanser, toner, and an overnight face care cream. It seems that the popular 10-steps skincare regime is indeed effective!

2. V (BTS)

Boy group BTS is a global hit these days, so it’s little wonder that you’ll see them heading to different countries all the time.

However, travelling can be truly damaging for your skin, especially all those long-haul flights where there is increased exposure to UV rays and dehydration from the dry cabin air.

Group member V’s simple trick to keeping his skin hydrated is to use cotton pads dampened with toner, and to put on lotion twice as much as normal. Definitely take note of this the next time you travel by plane!

3. Bae Suzy

Bae Suzy has always been loved for her innocent, “first love” image in Korea, and we dare say her young and radiant skin contributes to that. Her secret? The “424” method.

In essence, it is double cleansing: you spend 4 minutes rubbing a cleansing oil over your face to remove makeup, followed by 2 minutes with a foaming cleanser, and a final 4 minutes of with water. This ensures that you have truly removed all traces of makeup and dirt that have accumulated over the course of a day.

Judging by how beautiful Suzy’s skin is even after eight to nine years of applying stage make-up, consider us sold!

4. Tzuyu (Twice)

Twice’s Tzuyu has gained much attention since her debut for her pretty face, and it seems that despite her tight work schedule, she has no trouble with her skin.

For those who envy her skin, listen closely: Tzuyu actually has a very unique way of multi-masking, where she layers several sheet masks on top of each other so that her skin will absorb the benefits of different kinds of masks.

It sounds like a bit of an overkill that you are piling so much nutrients into your skin, but it’s probably worth a shot – time to stock up on those sheet masks!

5. Taeyong (NCT)

We know, cleansing can be such a chore after a long day out. However, NCT’s Taeyong will have you know that he swears by thorough cleansing when it comes to his dewy skin.

Before his debut as an idol, he never bothered much with a skincare routine, but now that he wears stage make-up so often, he’s taken to thoroughly cleansing his face every day. This is a good reminder for many of us, especially if you wear full-coverage foundation for long hours.

Taeyong also says that he finds the routine therapeutic too, so thinking of cleansing as therapy is another way you can convince yourself to wash your face.

6. YoonA (SNSD)

We love SNSD’s YoonA for her unchanging, youthful looks since debut, and her skin is testament to why she has been the face of Innisfree since 2014.

You will also love her simple skincare secret: prioritise sleep above all else to allow proper skin cell regeneration! Now if anyone asks why you are always taking naps, you can just tell them that YoonA is an advocate for good sleep.

7. Song Joong Ki


Well-known for his boyish looks, Song Joong Ki has a complexion that is absolutely fantastic.

However, if you are planning to take a leaf out of his book, be prepared to part with your money, because his nightly routine actually consists of washing his face with milk. Some dermatologists recommend this strange and expensive skincare step, as milk reportedly helps to remove oil-soluble impurities.

Another tip: be sure to use raw or unpasteurized milk!


8. JooE (Momoland)

If you are looking to get plump lips like Kylie Jenner, you don’t have to go to extreme lengths such as lip fillers.

Momoland’s JooE also sports full lips, and she does this with the help of makeup. She shared that you can apply two vastly different tones, a darker colour at the ends and a lighter in the middle. It may look a little shocking at first, but you would be surprised to find that it actually works!

9. Nana (After School)


Being a celebrity means having to attend many red carpet events. It is also a common fact that camera flashes can actually flatten your features. So how does After School’s Nana always look so stunning in her photos, even in the harshest flashlight?

To look extra glam and to accentuate her features, she has a trick: to always apply highlighter on her collarbones during red carpet events and photoshoots. This way, she can compensate for the distortion that comes with flash photography.

While most of us are probably not being photographed all the time, we can always save this tip for important events and photoshoots. You can finally say goodbye to all those unglamorous photos!

10. Sandara Park

If you are confused by all those contour and highlighting lines you have to draw and blend, you are not alone, because even K-pop stars struggle with it.

However, veteran idol Sandara Park has figured out her own way to achieve the same effect: simply apply a light foundation or BB cream as you would normally, and then tap on a CC cream in a lighter shade on your T-zone and the apples of your cheeks.