Korean celebrities seem to look good effortlessly all the time, but the truth is they put up a lot of sacrifices and work to keep up with their beautiful appearances. When it comes to weight loss, there’s no shortcut to it: moderate eating and exercise is always the way to go. But these celebrities may have some tips and tricks that can help us improve our eating and fitness habits.

1. Park Shin Hye: Don’t eat after 6pm

Actress Park Shin Hye, best known for her lead roles in Pinocchio and Doctors, told the media that she struggles with weight management because she puts on weight easily. To keep her weight off, she exercises regularly and maintains a healthy diet. One of her key diet tips is to refrain from eating after 6pm, and to have several healthy meals in a day.

2. Jeon Ji Hyun: Wake up early for exercise

Leading Korean star Jeon Ji Hyun (you’ll remember her from My love from another star and Legend of the blue sea) believes that discipline is key when it comes to weight management. Jeon Ji Hyun doesn’t believe in skipping meals and is known for having a healthy appetite. She keeps healthy and fit by having a strict fitness routine despite her busy schedules. To do so, she wakes up every day at 6am without fail, to sneak in time for exercise. That’s hard work and discipline!

3. Ha Ji Won: Lift weights

Actress Ha Ji Won is admired for her athletic build and toned body. The fitness junkie advises women to lift weights as part of their workout routine. She shares that many women shy away from weight lifting, but that it should be done together with cardio exercises in order to build strong and lean muscles.

4. Girls’ Generation: 1,500kcal diet

The members of Girls’ Generation (also known as SNSD) plans their daily meals to be at 1,500kcal. The meals consist of herbs, broccoli, brown rice, and chicken breast.

5. Kim Sun Ah: Small, frequent meals

Korean actress Kim Sun Ah, best known for her performance in My Lovely Sam Soon, often has to gain and lose weight for different roles. Extreme dieting and exercising are never her methods to weight control. To keep her body and tip-top appearance, she shares that she eats small meals frequently throughout the day.

6. Moon Chae Won: A glass of water before food

Moon Chae Won, whose first claim to fame was for a supporting role in Painter of the Wind reveals that her secret is to drink plenty of water. In fact, before she eats anything, she makes sure that she drinks a glass of water, and wait for it to “settle”. She says that this routine helps remind her to make healthy choices in the foods she consume and as a bonus, she observes more radiance in her skin since she started drinking up.

7. KARA’s Nicole: Denmark diet

This fad diet is said to be used at the Royal Danish Hospital, which is why it’s called the “Denmark diet”. However, it seems like it’s more popular in Korea than it is in Denmark.

A strict high-protein diet that lasts for 14 days and involves a lot of steamed meat and boiled eggs. There shouldn’t be any salt or dressing in the foods and salads (except vinegar and lemon juice), and has to be done with exercise.

Nicole from K-pop band KARA stuck to this diet and lost 3kg after that.

8. Nine Muses: Paper cup diet

The “Paper cup diet” is made popular by K-pop group Nine Muses, and it follows this rule: Fill one paper cup with rice (choose either brown or mixed), another with fruits, and the third with a side dish of your choice (make sure it’s low in fat and salt content). The members from Nine Muses practise this trick to keep their caloric intake in check, without compromising on the nutrition they should be consuming.

This diet has since caught on, and many other celebrities and fans have been following it.

9. SECRET: Replace rice with sweet potatoes

K-pop band, SECRET, goes for a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet. Besides having meals that consist mainly of fish, other seafood, tofu, and milk, they also reduce their intake of rice, swapping it with sweet potatoes. They also consume a lot of vegetables as their source of fibre.

Their diet plans are pretty stringent, and aren’t something that most people can keep up with. An example of their meal in a day looks something like this;

Breakfast: A slice of toast, an apple, and a sweet potato
Lunch: Chicken breast salad
Dinner: Eight cherry tomatoes, and a cucumber

10. Kang So Ra: Continue to indulge in food, but in smaller servings

Korean actress Kang So Ra (who most recently opened up about her romantic relationship with Hyun Bin) admits that she is unable to stay away from foods that she love. Instead of totally forgoing foods like fried chicken or pizza, she enjoys anything she wants. The catch? She only has them in small servings. The actress also does ballet, which is her main form of exercise, and she says it helps her with muscle toning.

11. Seo In-young: Banana diet

The banana diet started as a fad in Japan, which caused bananas to be out of stock at one point of time. The diet is said to help reduce the size of your face and help to burn belly fat. Korean singer Seo In-young swears by this diet and said that she lost 6kg in four weeks because of it.

How it works: Have only bananas for breakfast and eat whatever you want for lunch and dinner. (Editor’s note: Bananas are no magic potion, we’re sure you still have to be cautious about what you consume for lunch and dinner for this to work.)

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