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Having trouble perfecting the beautiful Korean hairstyles you see on your favourite K-pop celebrities? Maybe the problem lies in the tools you’re using! Read on to find out more about the different types of hair straighteners and hair curlers in Singapore and the Korean hairstyles they can achieve!

1. Air bangs

As Seen On: Nayeon (TWICE)


Probably one of the hottest Korean hairstyles, air bangs create a soft and casual everyday look that’s perfect for all face shapes. Achieve this quick and easy Korean hairstyle using a mini hair straightener! As its name suggests, a mini hair straightener boasts a compact travel-friendly size and is perfect for styling fringes on-the-move!

Unix mini hair straightener singapore korean hairstyle

(Source: Shopee)

DV Recommends: The UNIX Take Out Mini Flat Straightener (available on hiseoul.sg) is a handy and affordable ceramic hair straightener in Singapore that can be used to achieve gorgeous air bangs! Designed for portability, this hair straightener in Singapore glides effortlessly through most hair types and won’t overheat or fry the hair.

How To: Divide your fringe into three sections (two on the sides, main fringe in the middle). Using the mini hair straightener, curl the main fringe inwards to create air bangs. As for the hair on the sides, curl them outwards to frame your face!

2. Curly bangs

As Seen On: SinB (GFriend)


Curly bangs create an adorable and fun look that’s perfect for a summer day out! This Korean hairstyle draws attention away from your flaws, creating a youthful appearance!

While this Korean hairstyle can be achieved with a mini hair curler in Singapore, we have a better suggestion to perfect the look in shorter time – a mini triple barrel hair curler! This hair curler in Singapore creates effortless waves in your hair, three at a time, for more efficient hair styling!

Unix mini waver korean hairstyle

(Source: Shopee)

DV Recommends: The UNIX Mini Waver (available on hiseoul.sg) is a fast-heating ceramic hair curler in Singapore that helps to achieve curly bangs in no time! Its compact and ultra-light design allows for additional portability so you can show off perfect curly bangs wherever you go!

How To: Clamp down on your fringe in small sections using a mini triple barrel hair curler. Repeat this until you’ve created waves throughout your entire fringe for bouncy, curly bangs! Part this hairstyle in the middle for a more feminine vibe, or marry air bangs with curly bangs for a whimsical effect!

3. Baby hair bangs

As Seen On: Tzuyu (TWICE)


The Koreans have been inventing numerous hairstyles to create a more youthful look. The baby hair bangs are no exception! Utilising baby hair to help frame your face, this Korean hairstyle can be achieved without an actual fringe!

A clip-less cone hair curler is the best tool for this hairstyle as it has a cone-shaped wand to effectively shape your short baby hair. The lack of a clip also allows more flexibility in the way you position the curling wand!

clipless cone hair curler singapore korean hairstyle

(Source: Shopee)

DV Tip: As this hair curler in Singapore doesn’t have a clip to help secure the hair while styling, you’ll need to hold your hair in place with your fingers. Thus, it’s advisable to use a pair of heat resistant gloves to protect your hands from the hot iron.

How To: Creating baby bangs is easy! Position your cone hair curler downwards, wrap your baby hair around the wand and voila!

4. Korean C-curl

As Seen On: IU


The C-curl has been one of the most defining trends among all the Korean hairstyles. Kept straight throughout the length of the hair before ending with a smooth curve, this Korean hairstyle is a simple and versatile look that anyone can wear.

What was once achieved using a combination of hair straightener and hair curler in Singapore can now be done simply with a curling brush hair iron! This tool is great for straightening your hair without making it look flat and unnatural, while the round barrel creates the most luscious curls!

curling brush hair iron korean hairstyle

(Source: Shopee)

(Source: Shopee)

How To: Tug onto a section of your hair and run the curling hair brush iron down ¾ of your hair length to straighten them. Thereafter, wrap the remaining ¼ of your hair length inwards around the curling hair brush iron. Use your palms to cup around the barrel so as to secure the hair and keep it in position for about 8 seconds. This will create bouncy C-curls to frame your face!

DV Tip: Using the same method, you can create C-curls that curl outward too! This creates a more chic and classy look!

5. Natural Korean curls

As Seen On: Suilli


Natural Korean curls give the appearance of an effortless, put-together look! This Korean hairstyle is great for beginners as it’s simple and does not require great precision. The fastest way to achieve natural Korean curls is by using a hair curler! We suggest getting a hair curler with a 38mm barrel for the best effect.

hair curler singapore

(Source: Shopee Mall)

DV Recommends: The Philips StyleCare Sublime Ends Curler (available on aceesential) boasts a 38mm extra large barrel to create natural loose curls. It’s also created with Keratin infusion and SplitStop Technology to minimise hair damage!

How To: Position the curler perpendicular to your hair and begin by curling the ends. Continue by twisting the curler upwards through the length of your hair, gradually tilting the barrel diagonal to your face. Alternate the curls clockwise and anticlockwise for the most natural effect. Once you’re done curling all the hair, brush your curls to loosen them up.

6. Korean bed head curls

As Seen On: Sandara Park


Don’t mistake the Korean bed head curls with beachy waves! This Korean hairstyle emphasizes on building fluffy volume at the roots before cascading down to textured, tousled locks. This is a great Korean hairstyle even for shorter hair girls! To create this casual, I-woke-up-like-this Korean hairstyle, all you need is a simple hair straightener in Singapore!

sencor hair straightener singapore

(Source: Shopee Mall)

DV Recommends: The Sencor Hair Straightener is an affordable and convenient hair styling solution when it comes to creating bed head curls. This hair straightener in Singapore is created with tourmaline ceramic plates, ensuring minimum hair damage and a shiny finish!

How To: Position the hair straightener near to the roots and gently twist the straightener to curl the hair. Stop when you’re about 2 to 5 fingers away from the ends (depending on your hair length). Unlike regular curls, you should avoid curling the ends of your hair to create a messy look! Once you’re done curling all your hair, brush the curls out for a rumpled, effortless hairstyle!

7. Glamorous Korean curls

As Seen On: Song Hye Kyo


Look and feel like a superstar when you strut down the aisle in glamorous Korean curls! This Korean hairstyle is an absolute head-turner, perfect for a flirty party or your big occasion! While you may assume the look is complicated and will require the skilful hands of a hairstylist, this Korean hairstyle is actually a piece of cake as long as you have a magic tool — the bubble curling iron!

bubble curling iron hair curler singapore

(Source: Shopee)

How To: Point your bubble curling iron downwards and wrap a section of your hair around the barrel according to each ‘bubble’. Hold the hair in place for up to 8 seconds before releasing. There you have it, glamorous Korean curls! If you prefer a more relaxed look, you can gently brush through the curls to loosen them up.

8. Korean hippie perm

As Seen On: Park Sora (Style Nanda’s Model)


Probably one of the trendiest hairstyles in Korea right now, the Korean hippie perm is a common sight among actresses and models alike. This Korean hairstyle is an extension to curly bangs, bringing the multidimensional curls to the rest of your hair. You can create this Korean hairstyle using a triple barrel hair curler, which comes in different barrel sizes for the curls you desire!

triple barrel hair curler hippie perm korean hairstyle

(Source: Shopee)

How To: Creating Korean hippie perm is easy! Starting from the roots, position the triple barrel hair curler perpendicular to your hair and clamp it down section by section. Avoid overlapping the curls for the best effect!

9. Korean Beachy Waves

As Seen On: Joy (Red Velvet)


Your beach getaway isn’t complete without Korean beachy waves! This Korean hairstyle screams summer vibes, and it won’t take long before the Korean beachy waves become your go-to hairstyle all year round! Did we mention this Korean hairstyle is incredibly easy to create with a hair straightener in Singapore? Grab your sea salt spray and let’s get summer ready!

toni & guy sea salt texturising spray beachy waves

(Source: Shopee Mall)

How To: Before you start curling your hair, spray some sea salt spray on your locks to prep them. Hold two sections of your hair by the ends and twist them individually. Thereafter, twist both sections together so they combine into one twisted lock. Keeping one hand on the twisted end, hold your flat iron perpendicular to your hair and start heating the hair up section by section. Unravel the twist and scrunch your hair a little for relaxed beachy waves!

10. Straight and sleek Korean hair

As Seen On: Lisa (Black Pink)


Straight hair never goes out of fashion! Long, flowy straight hair creates a feminine aura that’s hard to resist. To achieve this soft and sleek hairstyle, you need to get a hair straightener brush! This tool looks exactly like your regular hair brush except that it can be heated up to create long-lasting hairstyles!

hair straightener brush singapore

(Source: Shopee)

DV Tip: Can’t decide whether you should use a hair straightener in Singapore or hair straightener brush? Think of a hair straightener as regular rebonding and the hair straightener brush as soft rebonding.

A hair straightener creates pin straight hair that may appear rigid and unnatural. On the other hand, the hair straightener brush creates straight yet relaxed locks that are flowy and natural. It all lies in your preference and the styles you want to achieve!

How To: Hold your hair firmly by the ends and slowly brush through your locks starting from the roots using the hair straightener brush. Repeat this until all your hair is straightened!

11. Voluminous Korean hair

As Seen On: Hyunah


Korean celebrities always seem to have perfect hair. It’s almost as if they don’t experience common problems such as flat or thin hair! Wonder how you can create voluminous tresses like your favourite K-pop artists? The trick lies in a hair crimper! By prepping your hair roots with a hair crimper, you can achieve voluminous and luscious hair too!

hair crimper volume korean hairstyle

(Source: Shopee)

How To: Section your hair into two layers (upper and lower). Crimp the hair roots of the lower layer to create dimensions. Cover the crimped marks with hair from the upper layer. Thanks to the waves created by the hair crimper, your hair appears to be more poofy and voluminous!

Now that you’ve mastered the different types of hair irons, complete your outfits with these beautiful Korean hairstyles! Bid goodbye to bad hair days!

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