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When it comes to Indian bridal makeup, the insiders will always recommend this one makeup artist to engage – that is, if you manage to book a slot.

Hong Kong-based Natasha Moor is one of the most sought-after names in the Indian bridal industry. Booked several months in advance, she is most well-known for having worked with some of the most prominent clients for their grand weddings, including that of Eshanka Wahi (actress Shraddha Kapoor’s best friend) and Sonam Fabiani (daughter of famous Dubai-based businessman Sunil Vaswani).


Natasha Moor often customises lipstick shades for her bridal clients to fit their skin tones, and this inspired her to launch her very own makeup brand, which was just launched in Sephora Singapore’s online store.

To better understand her passion for bridal makeup, Daily Vanity spoke to Natasha Moor over an email interview, where she shared some of the best bridal makeup tips that make her an award-winning MUA, as well as what you should be looking out for in her eponymous brand:

About bridal makeup and tips for the big day

We understand that you enjoy doing bridal makeup more than editorial makeup. Could you share a little more about why you love working with bridal clients?


I love love love doing bridal makeup – it’s a time in a woman’s life when she’s the most excited, she’s probably dreamed about it since she was a little girl and has manifested every little detail.

I believe that a makeup artists has many different jobs – you’re not just there to apply makeup, you are there to comfort your client at the most stressful times, you are there to spread positive energy and most importantly you are there to give her confidence when she needs it the most.

Editorial work is fun and exciting but the satisfaction of making someone feel beautiful on an emotional day and being part of their journey is one of the most rewarding feelings a makeup artist can have.

Do you have any tips for brides-to-be who are looking for makeup artists for their big day?

Yes! It’s definitely very important to look for makeup artists whose style you love, don’t try and change the way they work because you both won’t end up being happy in the end. What’s important is their vibe and energy.

Pick up the phone and call them, have a nice long chat and get an understanding of how they are and if you’ll want to spend most of you wedding with them (yes – a bride spends the most time with her hair and makeup glam squad!)

Could you share some makeup tips for brides who are looking to do their own makeup for their wedding day?

I’ve actually done several one-on-one tutorials for brides wanting to do their own makeup on their wedding day.

The key is to keep it simple and remember that less is Moor! Don’t stress about trying new looks on the day of, make sure it’s something you’re comfortable with doing, keep your environment nice and calm and make sure you have some GOOD lighting!

If sticking on lashes scare you and you think you’ll mess it up- then plan to get some semi-permanent lash extensions. This will save you SO much time and stress when doing your makeup.

For those of us with darker skin tones, what are some makeup tips or mistakes that we should take note of?


The key for dark circles and pigmentation is to use a corrector! I created my very own corrector called No Bag Vibes specifically for this reason. If you omit this step, your makeup will come across as grey, chalky and cakey. Something you definitely don’t want as a bride (or anyone for that matter!).

Stick to your own concealer shade and don’t try to lighten up your skin. With darker skin tones there is generally a dull purple pigment.

In the lip that should be covered, try using something with a heavy pigment like a Molten Matte to perfect the lip colour and change your overall look.

About the brand

What inspired you to create your own makeup brand?


My inspiration came to me the day I realised how I was able to make people feel. Without fail, every time I did someone’s makeup they would look in the mirror and say “Wow, I’m beautiful!”

But more than feeling beautiful, you could see the change in the way they held their head. Through my years of working on faces, clients would always tell me that it’s almost like a super power – a healing power that made women feel incredible.

I decided to test this theory out further, I wanted to make the women that lost confidence in themselves, that had been through traumatic experiences, the ones that needed this super booster the most to feel this magical rush of confidence. I decided to visit women’s shelters; victims of human trafficking, drug and rehabilitation centers as well as homeless shelters only to prove my theory right: looking beautiful made women feel powerful, confident, and most of all, happy.

That’s what inspired me start a brand that could be accessible to women all over the world. A brand that not only inspires and empowers but also has a lot of soul.

Could you share with us what makes your lipsticks different from those currently offered in the market?

The results are what make this line different. Brides need long-lasting, kiss-proof lipsticks. Who kisses more than a bride? But the biggest complaint is that long-lasting lipsticks are drying and feel rough.

Natasha Moor Molten Matte long lasting lipsticks are moisturising, hydrating and last for up to 14 hours. I have a friend who is an actress who wears them on set when she shoots her shows because they never budge or come off – she can even eat lunch and not need a touch up!

Which are your favourite lipstick shades from your collection?


One of my team-mates tells me that I have a favourite of the week – I’ll use it often! Last week it was Bulletproof and before that it was CEO. I’m very proud of Storm which is a pure red that anyone can wear and Ambition which is a beautiful soft muted pinkish brown.

I’m also in love with my Kohl It Magic black eyeliner because it is so dark and long lasting. You shouldn’t get me started – I’ll tell you what I love about every shade in the line!

What is your personal favourite lipstick colour and finish?

I love a nice pink burnt brown that’s matte.

Personally, you’ll find me wearing nudes with a slight tint of pink to it. And I wear a matte finish. So my go-to shades are Bulletproof, Winner and Empowered.

We understand that you’re big on female empowerment and that your brand is a reflection of that belief. Could you share more with us about this?


One of my favourite quotes is “Real queens fix each other’s crowns without telling the world it was broken”. It shows me that everyone, but particularly women, should have each other’s back. We should support our brothers and sisters and help each other in life no matter what.

Besides making women look and feel more beautiful, I wanted the brand to really inspire from the core. For example, even with the names of lip shades, I wanted them to really make people feel like they are ready to “Conquer”, “Game Changer”, “Winner”, “Drive”, “Legacy”, “Bulletproof”, “Unstoppable”.

We will continue to do our Boss Rani events where women can learn how to elevate their image and feel better about themselves with simple, easy tips and tricks. This will always be the foundation of the line.

Are you looking to add more makeup products to your brand in future, e.g. eye shadows, blushes, etc.?

Yes, since our Sephora SEA launch we have been developing several new innovative products that are so exciting. Besides ensuring our formulations are on point, we’re creating products that have never been made before!

We’re also very excited for our 2020 launches. We have been busy working on various new items, each of them with a unique point-of-difference and enhancement to women’s lives.

Natasha Moor Cosmetics is available exclusively on Sephora’s website.