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Bright skin is the gold standard of beautiful skin. This is defined by radiance, clarity, hydration, and firmness in skin, as well as smooth texture. It’s what we are pursuing when we talk about improving our complexion, isn’t it?

When it comes to combatting dullness and pigmentation, most whitening products focus on technologies that suppress melanin production. This isn’t a bad idea, but it is not enough. What you need is also to help your skin to achieve radiance – because it actually has the ability to do so on its own.

Our skin can achieve brightness on its own?

Scientists at ORBIS have found that the key to bright-looking skin actually lies in activating and maintaining its six essential inner enzymes.

One of the key enzymes is histidase, which is responsible for clarity. Studies have shown that the greater the amount of activated histidase, the lower the skin’s melanin index.

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Besides activating relevant enzymes, the appearance of your skin will also improve when the enzymes are working at their peak. Skin with low enzyme activity tend to contain more melanin because the barrier function of enzymes gets increasingly weakened against constant exposure to harmful external stimulants.

In other words, the secret to bright skin lies in one thing: enzymes. So if you want your skin to attain clarity, the focus should be on creating an ideal environment for optimal enzyme activity.

What’s the ideal environment like?

The ideal environment for optimal enzyme activity is one that is rich in moisture and free of oil, so that the inner enzymes can be activated, and the skin’s natural potential to improve clarity, texture, smoothness, firmness, protection, and hydration, can be drawn out.

How to strengthen your skin’s enzymes?

ORBIS =U White

Various factors can cause our enzymes to naturally decline and the right intervention can help boost them again. ORBIS =U WHITE is a series of oil-free products that is designed precisely for this function.

The technology used in this collection encapsulates enzymes with W.H. Amino Shield, a derivative of amino acids, which acts as a protective armour to bolster the enzymes’ resistance against damaging UV rays and dryness, and prevent the production of melanin.

There are also two botanical whitening agents in the formula: Arbutin and Safflower extract, which work from the deeper layers to fend off melanin deposits from entering and concentrating within the epidermis. This helps skin look clearer and more luminous over time.

Brighter skin in just 3 steps

ORBIS =U White Jelly Wash The melting jelly in its formula removes grime gently with its 3D net structure, which captures keratin and sebum while retaining hydration. This step also help facilitate easier permeation of lotion because of its keratin-softening effects.


ORBIS =U White Lotion

This permeates skin quickly to provide instant moisture and radiance. It helps smoothen skin and brighten it, and keeps skin feeling smooth and hydrated.


ORBIS =U White Day Moisture

This day moisturiser has SPF30, PA+++ to offer moisturising and sun care function so UV damage can be reduced. The skin brightening ingredients in the formula also help inhibit melanin while blocking UV rays, as well as improve skin’s natural ability to protect itself against other external aggressors.


ORBIS =U White Night Moisture

Of course, you’ll need a night moisturiser to wrap up your day. An innovative gel for night, this creates invisible shields for each skin cell while you sleep to improve skin’s ability to protect itself against UV damage in the day. It also has great moisture retention ability by forming a veil that keeps moisture in. This editor has tried the Night Moisture and loves its lightweight texture and results. Open up this review in a new tab for reading later.

The collection is available at all ORBIS stores and counters, located at Robinsons The Heeren, Robinsons Raffles City, Bishan Junction 8, Westgate, and Plaza Singapura. You can also retrieve samples of the product at these locations.

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