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Let us tell you a secret: we love to indulge in a specific source of skincare wisdom, and that’s celebrity skincare tips.

Sure, they have the sneak previews to beauty products as well as unlimited access to the best derms, workout trainers and nutritionists.

But let’s not forget that celebrities have to go through all the trouble to keep their skin in tip-top condition because they work long hours in front of unforgiving super high-definition cameras.

Ahead, we gathered 14 skincare tips from Singaporean celebrities that can help you achieve a star-quality, lit-from-within complexion.

1. Zoe Tay’s skincare tip: Sheet masks are your skin’s best friend

Kicking off our list is none other than the Queen of Caldecott Hill herself, Zoe Tay. The actress and former model may be in her 50s but according to The Singapore Women’s Weekly, Zoe counts on sheet masks to pamper and prep her skin regularly.

It makes sense when you think about it: sheet masks are saturated in skincare essences, so they’re super handy to have around when you need to give your skin a boost of moisture to instantly plump and smooth skin surface for seamless makeup application.

Check out our seven tips that will guarantee even better results from your mask ritual!

2. Fann Wong’s skincare tip: Less is always more

If you follow Fann Wong on Instagram, you’ll know that the local triple threat takes her skincare routine seriously.

Fann, who turns 50 next year, strongly believes in “less is more” and only puts on makeup for official work duties and whenever necessary.

Other than that, she pretty much goes bare-faced and isn’t afraid to do so. If you’ve been piling on the makeup on a daily basis, time to kick the habit and give your skin a break!

3. Felicia Chin’s skincare tip: Never ever go to bed with makeup on

The actress shares with Her World that she used to go to bed with her makeup on when she was younger, all because of sheer laziness, and says that it’s just terrible now that she thinks back on it.

Now, she firmly believes that discipline is vital to maintain skin health and she always makes sure she removes her makeup thoroughly before going to sleep, no matter how late she gets home.

4. Chantalle Ng’s skincare tip: Natural skincare is the way to go

Revealing to CNA Lifestyle, budding Mediacorp artist (and daughter of veteran actress Lin Meijiao) Chantalle Ng says that she’s really into DIY beauty recipes currently because she believes that skincare made from natural ingredients is beneficial for the skin.

In fact, she lets on that she’s tried making small batches of avocado face mask, coffee scrub and coconut oil hair conditioner thanks to all the free time she gained during Circuit Breaker. The startlet goes on to share that her next DIY project is to craft lipstick and eyeshadow formulas from natural ingredients.

5. Eswari Gunasagar’s skincare tip: Mum knows best

Actress and host Eswari Gunasagar opens up to CNA Lifestyle that when she was younger, she used to make fun of her mother for applying a funny-looking yellow paste on her face.

But when stubborn dark spots refuse to leave her skin and after coming across a beauty influencer who used the same yellow face paste, Eswari says that she decided to give it a try.

Turns out, mum was right because Eswari shares that she noticed a difference – her spots became lighter – after using the paste, which consists of gram dhall flour, rose water, turmeric powder, and lemon, for the first time.

6. Jesseca Liu’s skincare tip: Be mindful of what you eat

Singapore-based Malaysian actress Jesseca Liu tells Her World that she tries to watch what she eats, sticking mostly to fish and vegetables.

This allows her body to get a huge dose of protein, fibre, and vitamins daily, which not only is more beneficial for her health but also ensures glowing, radiant skin.

7. Michelle Chia’s skincare tip: Don’t be angry all the time

This is probably easier said than done but if you want to look youthful like Michelle Chia, you’d probably want to put this tip into motion now than later.

The former actress and TV host tells 8 Days that her “secret” is to be happy and gracious from the inside, which she admits that this self-adjustment requires conscious effort.

She explains that one of the reasons it seems easy for her to do so is due to her happy-go-lucky nature (which she credits to her upbringing) – she tends to forget about unhappy thoughts or situations easily and doesn’t stay angry at someone for long.

Michelle further adds that while she gets stressed easily with work, she doesn’t let it upset her easily or let it linger for long.

Judging by how good her skin looks despite using skincare products and SPF only in her mid-30s (yes, you read that right), we say that her advice is definitely worth taking.

8. Fiza O’s skincare tip: Always sneak in some me-time whenever you can

Being a working mum, Ria 89.7FM radio DJ and producer Nur Hafiza Osman (better known as Fiza O) knows it’s tough to have some downtime to yourself and how detrimental it can be to both your mental health and skin.

So for Fiza, her daily bliss comes from stolen me-time in the bathroom – she sets aside about an hour to take a bath, care of her luscious waist-length tresses, and catch up on entertainment on Netflix.

9. Rebecca Lim’s skincare tip: Go back to basics

The Koreans may love their 10-step skincare routine but that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. On the contrary, TV darling Rebecca Lim spills to CNA Lifestyle that she’s recently edited her beauty regime to the bare minimum – just rosewater toner, moisturiser, and tea tree oil for the occasional blemish.

Apart from going back to basics with her skincare routine, she also shares that clocking in beauty sleep, taking extra supplements, and going makeup-free has helped improve her complexion tremendously.

10. Joanne Peh’s skincare tip: Simplify your skincare routine

When it comes to beauty, actress Joanne Peh pretty much shares the same philosophy as Rebecca and Fann: less is more.

She dishes to CNA Lifestyle that she approaches it with a problem-solving mindset, and shares an example of using a whitening mask to counter the effects of UV exposure after she’s been out in the sun.

She also goes makeup-free as much as possible, and only uses sunscreen when she heads out for a run.

11. Oon Shu An’s skincare tip: Load up on water

The actress and host can’t emphasise enough on the importance of drinking water and shares with Female Singapore that aside from regular exfoliation, she keeps herself hydrated in order to maintain healthy skin.

Shu An also highly recommends these practical tips especially to those who don’t get to clock in beauty sleep a lot: do proper cleansing, moisturise, and drink lots of water.

12. Michelle Chong’s skincare tip: Make sunscreen a priority

Multi-hyphenate Michelle Chong is a huge advocate of sun protection, and she reveals to The Straits Times that it stems from seeing her late grandmother’s smooth, fair legs that were kept shielded from the sun with long pants – it made her realise that the sun is the number one cause of skin ageing.

The Jonsson Protein ambassador isn’t fussed about any sunscreen product though, if that’s what you’re wondering – she says that she uses any sunblock that gets sent by beauty brands to her artiste-management company.

13. Sharon Au’s skincare tip: Keep a facial mist handy

Speaking to CNA Lifestyle, former actress and host Sharon Au shares that she spritzes her skin with a facial mist regularly – by regularly, we mean every hour or as often as she remembers to – after discovering that her skin looked more hydrated than usual with it.

According to her, this habit (which she developed during the pandemic lockdown in Paris, where she is now based) has worked so well that she’s even stopped using skincare altogether.

We reckon this tip is especially useful if you’d like to keep your skin hydrated under the protective face mask without triggering maskne.

14. Paige Chua’s skincare tip: Include gua sha in your night routine

Actress and TV host Paige Chua reveals that she picked up gua sha from a Malaysian actress whom she filmed with years ago, and has been doing it ever since.

Together with rosehip oil (we like Essano’s Certified Organic Rosehip Oil, S$29.95 from Watsons), Paige uses a gua sha tool to massage her face in an upward motion every night for about 15 to 20 times on each side.

Doing this helps her reduce water retention on the face, which makes her less bloated as the massage focuses mainly on the lymph nodes along the jawline. She also gently massages her eye area and neck with the same gua sha tool.