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If you’re one of those quarantine TikTok swipers who’d had no trouble passing time indoors, you most definitely would have come across the occasional “viral” hack promising mind-blowing results without all the effort. You know what we’re talking about – these range from taking the best DIY studio-worthy selfies at home to shortcuts to jazzing up your daily cup of joe.

While the Daily Vanity team certainly appreciates a sweet pick-me-up, we were most intrigued by the strange (read: dubious) skincare and makeup hacks we’ve found on TikTok.

From applying eyeshadow with an eyelash curler to using frozen tea on our faces, the Daily Vanity team (and a few readers!) tested out 11 TikTok hacks to see which are the true gems that yield miraculous results and exposed the bluffs. Read on for our unapologetically honest reviews!

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TikTok Skincare hacks we put to the test

1. Bid farewell to XXL pimples with frozen green tea

Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial – we’ve heard all about the astounding benefits of green tea. But have you ever wondered how you could prove its restorative processes? Perhaps, by applying it directly to skin?

Introducing, the TikTok-viral frozen green tea tea bag compress!

Here’s our experience:

I made myself a cup of tea at noon and stuck the tea bag in the freezer for about six hours. My zit had already come to a head and it was getting unbearably itchy, so placing a frozen tea bag on the area helped bring down the irritation. Since I held the tea bag in place for about five to 10 minutes, it did leave a bit of an ice burn. 

Tiktok Hacks 1.1

The pimple turned redder at first, but it came back down after a while. The hack didn’t manage to take the swelling or redness down, but it felt really refreshing. Holding the ice-cold teabag on my face felt really relaxing, actually. I was tempted to swipe it all over my face for a quick, DIY cryo-treatment. 

Final thoughts: 

While green tea has the ability to fight off bacteria that can lead to acne breakouts, we doubt a one-off treatment in such a short duration will do much to purge the dead skin cells and excess sebum clogging up our pores.

Tiktok Hacks 1.2

Besides given that glimpses of the raised pimple could still be seen in the “after” scene of the video, we aren’t entirely certain if this hack would be a go-to method to shrinking zits, especially if you’re in a hurry! This hack however does a great job at calming down any itch you might be experiencing, from dryness or allergies.

2. Alternate between hot compress and ice cube to get pimple heads out fast

Name something more stubborn than a blind pimple, we’ll wait. Although this form of acne is often unnoticeable from a distance from the lack of a “head”, blind pimples are developed beneath the skin’s surface. Commonly caused by a cyst or nodule, these are often due to a combination of sebum, bacteria, and dirt trapped in pores.

Lime Tree

Source: Georgia de Lotz/Unsplash

The end result is a lumpy area that’s painful to the touch, sometimes accompanied by redness from inflammation of the surrounding skin that compels us to rid of it, pronto. However, it might be difficult and highly inadvisable to extract these pimples!

Instead, check out @beautyhacks’ trick to a gentler treatment in bringing your blind pimple to a whitehead. The video instructs to alternate between a hot towel and a piece of ice several times to yield results.

@beautyhacksOnly here for the pimple hacks!!! ?##hereforonething ##beautyhacks ##pimple♬ My Oh My – Camila Cabello

Here’s our experience:

These nodules in my cheek area have been looking irritated and angry for a while now despite my dedication to a proper skincare regimen. I used a face towel soaked in some warm water and an ice cube. It was a rather soothing experience as I alternated between the two temperatures around every 30 seconds for about 10 to 15 minutes straight.

Tiktok Hacks 2.1

Afterwards, I did notice the formation of two small whiteheads! And the zits in that area actually felt significantly less painful to the touch. But this process caused quite a mess as I had to deal with the ice cube melting from the temperature of the hot compress. I also had to heat up my towel with more hot water mid way through as the alternation went by. 

Tiktok Hacks 2.2

Final thoughts: 

Even though this TikTok video said to alternate between the two temperatures “a few times”, results were only seen after at least 15 minutes. Just like how every one’s skincare routine is different, it’s best to modify treatments accordingly for your own skin, to suit your personal needs! You can give this a try if you’ve got the time for it.

3. Reduce swelling with a potato

If you’re looking for an overnight miracle, you might want to take a look at this next hack. In a TikTok gone viral, TikToker @sierrastyles introduces to the world the secret of using a slice of potato to cure pimples over the time of one snooze.

Instructions are simple: place a raw potato slice over your swollen pimple and secure it in place with a band aid or scotch tape. Leave overnight for what looks like miraculous results the morning after – the potato is said to reduce swelling by heaps!

@sierrastylessShare to save a life…? ##fyp ##skincare ##acne ##stress ##stayhomestaystrong ##keepingbusy ##xyzbca ##remedy ##yourewelcome ##girlcode ##girlsoftiktok♬ original sound – sierrastyless

Here’s our experience:

I sliced up a regular white potato and ran it under the tap for a couple of seconds to rid of any stray pieces of potato skin (from my poor knife skills) and taped it in place with some rigid elastic bandage. It stayed in position throughout the six hours I was testing out this hack.

Tiktok Hacks 3.1

When I removed the potato slice after, I noticed that the skin around my pimple had darkened slightly and although my zit looked redder, it was flattened to an extent which made the bump less obvious under makeup.

However, I definitely shouldn’t have used the dressing tape as the adhesive left an icky residue on my face that took ages to scrub off. You’ll probably be better off using a bandaid – just keep in mind to reduce the size of the potato. I’m not entirely sure if the quick rinse of the slice reduced the anti-inflammatory properties of the potato either, to be honest.

Tiktok Hacks 3.2

Final thoughts:

Besides being rich in vitamin C, potatoes are starches that soothe inflammation and absorb oil. This method of leaving potato slices on acne is said to minimise the risk of developing dark spots as the pimple resolves due to catecholase enzymes found in the vegetable.

Our best recommendation would be to try out this hack yourself especially if you’re breaking out a day prior to a big event where you need to be looking your best and haven’t got any remedies at hand. Besides, unless you have extremely sensitive skin, a piece of organic matter can’t do no harm to your skin!


4. Reverse nose contour for a natural sun-kissed look

Anyone looking to achieve a more chiseled look would be no stranger to the technique of contouring. Given that there are a myriad of ways to accentuate your features, with the quick and no-fuss mainstream method of drawing a number ‘3’ down the side of your face being the most common, we weren’t surprised to see another addition to the list.

Australian reality TV star @georgieclarke shows us her approach to creating a natural sun-kissed look with just some baking powder, triangular sponge, blusher, and highlight.

@georgieclarkeThe reverse nose contour: for a sun kissed natural summer look! ? ##beautyhacks ##beautyhack ##fyp ##foryoupage ##ukbeauty ##uktalent♬ original sound – georgieclarke

Starting with a triangular sponge, she dabs on some translucent powder down the sides of her nose and under eye area before dragging a warm shade of blusher down the centre of her nose. She finishes off the look by dusting off the excess powder and adds two spots of highlight – one at the bridge and one at the tip of her nose.

Here’s our experience:

Reviewer A: 

It was a very smart hack which definitely works – just not for me because my nose area tends to be really dry so I need to limit the amount of powder I apply on or around my nose. It was really easy to replicate this and you don’t even need a makeup triangle to try this out – a beauty blender or brush would do just fine!

Tiktok Hacks 4.1

Hands down, it would be a good hack for rookies and experts alike, but I definitely think that if you have a nose-contouring routine you’re happy with, you can probably skip this.

P.S. Rookies should be wary about flashback-inducing powders if trying this hack. Flashback happens when silica surfaces in powders pick up the direct photography flash and throw it back at the camera, revealing reflective white patches.  

Reviewer B: 

I used a beauty blender for this which worked perfectly fine as well! The process wasn’t tedious at all, in fact it was rather easy to follow along. Plus, these are some makeup products most people would typically have on hand. But of course, it would take less steps with my usual routine even though it doesn’t exactly produce a similar sun-kissed look.

Tiktok Hacks 4.2

I do think my usual brow pencil lasts longer as a contour as well. I think the makeup will look quite heavy and cakey on me with so much powder used but this could be a good alternative for those who aren’t ready to spend their money on contour products. 

Final thoughts: 

While researching on this hack, we learnt that reverse contouring can be done with liquid foundation on the entire face as base makeup too! By applying a shade darker than your skin tone on the entire cheek, temple, and sides of nose while using a lighter shade under and above your cheekbones, forehead, and down the centre of nose, you’ll be able to highlight and lift your features in a different way.

This trick works best on those with acne-prone skin to hide any pimples or irritated skin around the jawline and cheeks since a darker foundation hides redness better than lighter foundation!

Check out this video tutorial to learn more.


5. Curling your lashes with a hair dryer?!

Regardless of how careful you are, we’re all bound to miss out on a beauty gizmo every now and then. And although travelling restrictions are sadly still in place at least till the very end of the year, there’s no harm in learning a thing or two about curling your lashes without a curler should you accidentally leave it behind.

@mirandaalynnnMASCARA HACK! NO falsies, NO eyelash curler, just a blow dryer! Let me know if it works for you too ? ##fyp ##makeuphacks♬ original sound – microwafes

In this TikTok hack, user @mirandaalynnn applies a coat of mascara, turns on the cool setting of her hair dryer and holds it up to blow-dry her lashes. Seconds later, a pair of beautiful peepers with perfectly curled lashes emerges and we’re left staring in awe.

Here’s our experience:

Unfortunately things didn’t go as well for our team, here’s what they have to say.

Reviewer A: 

I used the NYX Professional Makeup Worth The Hype Volumizing Mascara which has the same function as the one that the TikToker appeared to have used – a volumising and lengthening mascara, just from a different brand. Does this hack work? It’s a hard no from me. My lashes didn’t curl up at all! I even tried blow-drying longer (for more than a minute) to see if it’d curl up but nothing happened.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison – we’ll let you be the judge.

Tiktok Hacks 5.1

However, the lashes on my left eye probably looked slightly more lifted than my right eye, but then again, the difference was hardly noticeable. You’re better off using an eyelash curler or a curling mascara.

Reviewer B: 

I used the Majolica Lash King Mascara. This hack didn’t work for me either. Maybe this would be more effective for those with really long lashes or if you really get in there and pry your lashes up from the bottom, for a more obvious effect. Although results definitely fell short of expectations, this could make a handy trick if you were travelling and forgot to bring your eyelash curler along.

Tiktok Hacks 5.2

Tiktok Hacks 5.3

Final thoughts: 

We’d admit this hack sounded too good to be true. We went through the comments section of the TikTok and learned a few things. A follower who used the same trick shared that the key to this method is to blow dry immediately after each coat of mascara for 30 seconds as this would ensure your lashes dry fanned out.

So while we’re intrigued by this hack, sadly it seems like short lashes stand no chance against it. If you’re part of the itty-bitty lash club, we recommend the new At Lash’d Mascara by Marc Jacobs Beauty or the all-time-favourite Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler for some lush, fluttery lashes.

Or better yet, skip out on all that trouble and wake up to some great lashes at any of the 16 best lash extension salons in Singapore (great deals included!).

6. Up your brow game in no time!

Brows are admittedly one of the most tedious part of our features to get right with makeup. With this next hack, perhaps you can get yours to look like a perfect pair. TikToker @imjuliekay has the know-how.

She first starts by dabbing black powder all over the brow and brow bone, then using a makeup removal wipe, she shapes her brows by wiping off the excess powder.

@imjuliekaySuper easy eyebrow hack. ##eyebrows ##brows ##hack ##makeuphack ##makeuptutorial ##makeuplook ##foryou ##makeuproutine♬ SPONGY – TisaKorean

Here’s our experience:

Reviewer A: 

Initially, I was very thrown off by the video because it seemed like such a fuss. Right off the bat, I knew I wasn’t going to be using black eyeshadow because it’s too harsh for my current hair colour and skin tone, so I opted for a brown eyeshadow. I used micellar water and cotton pads to remove the excess powder so I wouldn’t end up having irritated red skin which happens after rubbing way too much like the TikToker did in the video.

We had a bit of fun filming our take on this TikTok hack. Say, have our brows looked better? Check it out below.

@dailyvanityTrying out a TikTok hack! How do you think it went? Let us know ? ##tiktokhacks ##beautyhacks ##tiktokbeauty ##ttbeauty ##eyebrow ##hacks♬ Ice Cream – BLACKPINK & Selena Gomez

I definitely think if I had the precise tip cotton buds (flat or sharp tip) then I would’ve been much happier with the results. Using a wipe or cotton pad doesn’t give you that much precision. Because I applied a considerable amount of powder, and I have bangs, it didn’t last as long as I had hoped. It became a little shiny and patchy at the end of the day. I would definitely set it with brow wax aside from setting spray, just so my hairs can be held in place too! 

Tiktok Hacks 6.1

Reviewer B: 

I used an eyebrow powder from Browhaus. While I think this hack works well with its bold and pigmented results, it takes a little longer than usual for me to work out a set of brows that suits me. It might be better to brush them out for a softer look. In terms of practicality, it’s rather wasteful to use a makeup wipe and excess powder just for this purpose.

Tiktok Hacks 6.2

Final thoughts: 

We recommend this hack as an effective and quick method for those who are very familiar with their eyebrow shape, otherwise, it can be quite tricky!

On the flip side, if you’re starting out or just having fun experimenting with different brow shapes, this could be a fast technique to utilise, requiring very little time and skill. 

7. Get fuller lips instantly without fillers

It seems lipstick has become the go-to answer in the recent months, often coming in handy when we’re in need of a pop of colour for a corporate video conferencing call or zoom meet-up with friends. While it can be hard pulling off a bold lippy, you can make a statement all the same with the effect of fuller lips with this next hack.

@leilaniii2my nostrils said : ✨ ##fyp TRY THIS♬ Slide – H.E.R.

TikToker @leilaniii2 shows us how in a few simple steps. She first applies lipstick over her Cupid’s bow then cleans up the corners and edges of her lips with foundation before dabbing lip gloss to only the inner portions of your lips.

Here’s our experience:  

I used a matte lipstick and a volumising lip gloss, following the instructions provided in the TikTok. Overall, I feel that when I applied my lipstick over my Cupid’s bow, it made me rather conscious of the area on my upper lip where I had over-lined. It didn’t feel nor look natural to me. There was a sense of apprehension: would others notice that I’ve overdrawn my upper lip? In addition, it somehow made me feel like I had just gone for a lip filler and slapped on a lipstick. It just doesn’t feel natural to me that I don’t see my Cupid’s bow.

Tiktok Hacks 7.1

Final thoughts:

Tiktok Hacks 7.2

Overall, we felt that this hack would work better on someone with a less prominent Cupid’s bow whose points of the lips aren’t too sharp. So if you happen to have a flatter top lip, this trick would be perfect for you!

8. Master the cut crease in under 25 seconds

Anyone into beauty would know that the number one technique to making your peepers pop is the cut crease. Using different coloured eye makeup, this technique is used to form a sharp contrast in colours done without blending. Love it or hate it, we can’t deny the wonders this technique does in creating depth and definition to your eyes.

Although this is one of the trickiest makeup skills to master, we stumbled across this step-by-step tutorial to creating a doe-eyed look. Beauty account @beautyhacks says to grab an eyelash curler and apply concealer over the portion that would go on your eyelids. Mark your eyes with the concealer and fill the crease with eyeshadow to create the perfect cut crease without making a mess!

@beautyhacksThe wise cut crease made simple by yours truly ? ##beautyhacks ##cutcrease ##cutcreasetutorial ##cutcreasechallenge ##cutcreasehack♬ ORIGINS – Andrew Smith

Here’s our experience:

The application was super quick and fuss-free. It was very easy to to apply the concealer as all I had to do was add it on the curler and get the outline down before filling in the rest with my finger or brush. I have tried doing a cut crease before, and this by far has been the fastest method for me!

Let us know how we fared:

@dailyvanityHow do you think this ##tiktokhack went? Would you try it out? ? ##tiktokbeauty ##beauty ##fyp ##eyeshadowtutorial♬ Scared To Be Lonely – Martin Garrix,Dua Lipa

Overall I think that this might be one of the best makeup hacks out there! 

Tiktok Hacks 8.1

Final thoughts: 

Although this hack did work for the team here at Daily Vanity, we would imagine those with single eyelids may find this one a tad difficult to accomplish. 

Tiktok Hacks 8.2

9. Darker and longer-lasting eyeliner

For those who’d been on the search for a darker eyeliner that stays on all day, here’s some good news for you! Beauty blogger Amy Chang took it to TikTok to share with her viewers a life-changing hack that she’s stuck with since the beginning of time. Turns out, the secret to having the perfect wing that lasts all day is to use, wait for it, mascara instead of actual eyeliner!

@bondenavantthis will change your life ##beautyblogger ##makeuphacks ##editing101 ##SnickersFixTheWorld ##cheersquad ##asiangirl ##koreangirl ##makeup ##beauty♬ ADORE YOU BY HARRY STYLES – sxkya

Here’s our experience:

The mascara I used was the Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof mascara. I used the Sigma Winged Liner Brush to get product off the mascara wand, and applied it on my eye like how I usually would apply a gel eyeliner. For comparison, I used Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner Water Proof in colour Super Black on the other eye. 

Tiktok Hacks 10.1

Although the mascara was clumping up on my brush and required multiple strokes of application to rid of the bumps, the overall process was easier than expected. The product smoothed out against my eyelid and allowed for a build-up of colour.

However, the mascara formula did not do so well in heat as I found it to have smudged faster than my liquid eyeliner in the hot weather, and as a result, I started noticing clumps forming at the roots of my eyelashes near the eyeliner. 

Final thoughts: 

Tiktok Hacks 10.2

We would definitely try this hack out again with a mascara that does not clump or smudge as easily. Humid conditions aside, we can see how this hack might fare well against a gel eyeliner too.

Another tip that could come in handy would be to use a firmer brush and dab off the excess mascara before lining eyes. This would ensure a smoother application.

TikTok DIY hacks we put to the test

10. How to make your perfume last longer

Regardless of how much perfume you spray before heading out for that important event or fancy dinner, you’re sure to end up gradually losing the intensity of the scent as the day goes by.

Ulta Beauty (@ultabeauty) shares our woes and has the solution to a longer-lasting spray without smelling like a walking fragrance stick!

@ultabeautyRecreate this ##hack to make your ##perfume scent last longer! We ? ##EauDeJuice @cosmopolitan ##beautyhacks♬ original sound – ultabeauty

As mentioned in the TikTok, the trick is to apply Vaseline or an unscented lotion to your wrists and spray your favourite perfume on the moisturised area to have its scent last longer. Be careful not to rub your wrists together!

Here’s our experience:

I tested this hack out on one hand, while doing a regular spritz without any Vaseline or lotion on the other. I checked in on my Vaseline-marked hand at the 6-hour mark and to my surprise, I could still smell the fragrance very vividly – it was almost as if I had just sprayed it on 30 minutes ago.

Tiktok Hacks 9

Meanwhile, the wrist that I directly sprayed with just perfume didn’t really have much of the scent anymore – I could barely smell anything. This hack didn’t seem to be affected by the light washing of hands either!

Final thoughts: 

Overall, we were quite pleasantly surprised by this hack and amazed that it really helps perfume last longer. We’re definitely planning to do this extra step whenever we head out!

11. 3-ingredient face mask for glowing skin

(Spoiler alert: you’ll be getting a different kind of glow)

The ingredients consist of one teaspoon of turmeric, two teaspoons of milk, and one teaspoon of honey. The TikTok instructed to leave this mask on for 10 to 15 minutes.

@zealorganicsDIY GLOWING SKIN MASK?? ##facemaskchallenge##glowingskincare##SwagStepChallenge##lipstick101##skincarehacks##diyskinbrightening##facemasksunday♬ Banana (feat. Shaggy) [DJ FLe – Minisiren Remix] – Conkarah

Here’s our experience:

I was intrigued at first and thought it would be a good idea, until I touched the turmeric packet with slightly damped hands. My fingers instantly became stained yellow from just a few seconds of contact. This was definitely enough to deter me from trying out this hack – especially right before I was about to head out. I spent a while scrubbing the yellow tinge off my fingers!


Final thoughts: 

We never got down to trying this hack out of fear that it would trigger skin sensitivity with the multiple rounds of washing needed. Unless your skin is strong enough to withstand this, we’d suggest you opt for an alternative treatments to clear our your pores instead! Besides, the frequent washing of face might lead to dehydrated skin and cause more damage instead. 

We browsed through the comments section, and the majority of TikTokers on the video agreed that it would take at least two washes to get the yellow tint from the turmeric off. We’re not entirely sure but this one so… just a fair warning if you decide to try out the hack yourself!