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TikTok is famous for coming up with all sorts of beauty hacks – from curling your lashes with a hairdryer to using a cotton bud to apply your lipstick. Some of these hacks may have been a little questionable but here are six nose-contouring TikTok hacks that may actually work!

1. Using tweezers as a contour guide



The tweezer nose contour hack had TikTok in a chokehold with many users being quick to test out it out for themselves. It’s also super simple, making it great for both veteran and beginner makeup users.

To begin, all you have to do is align the tweezers to your nose bridge. Then pick up your contour of choice and a brush and use the tweezers as a guide to draw on your contour. Finally, blend the contour lines both inside and outside of the tweezer and – ta-dah – you’re done!

2. Using a fork as a contour guide


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♬ Like That (feat. Gucci Mane) – Doja Cat

Hold a fork against your nose and fill in from the gaps of the fork. Grab a brush and a beauty blender and start blending the contour lines into your skin. From the videos we’ve been watching, the results are pretty awesome.

3. Lifted nose tip contour trend


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♬ Originalton – A$hanti

If you’re getting bored of the traditional way of contouring your nose, why not shake things up and give this lifted nose tip trend contour a try?

Begin by drawing parallel lines down the sides of your nose bridge. Then, draw a horizontal line across the bulb and on the sides of your nose. Next, draw another horizontal line on the underside of your nose.

Blend out the contour lines using a brush and at this stage, you should start to see the lifted tip of your nose starting to take form. Finally, using concealer, draw two parallel lines down the base of your nose bridge and blend it all together towards the under eye area.

4. Reverse nose contour trend


REVERSE NOSE CONTOUR! @narsissist Radiant Creamy Concealer🤤 @juliettaf made me try it 🤩 #reversecontour #NARSissist #Unfilteredyou

♬ оригинальный звук – Videographer | ROSTOV

We’re sure you’re familiar with contouring but what about reverse contouring? Reverse contouring refers a technique where you first apply contouring powder all over your nose before applying concealer onto the areas you’d want to highlight.

Remember to blend away until you achieve your desired effect. It’s a much less time-consuming method that still delivers great – or dare we say it, even better – results!

5.  Contour from your eye socket to your nose


If your contour has always looked a bit too harsh and intense, give this new method a try. According to makeup artist @looksbylou, the best way to create a natural contour look is by beginning at the edge of your eye.

Start by applying your contouring product from the outermost edge of your eye socket, then follow through the curved socket line to the side of your nose. Next, go down the sides of your nose until you reach the tip. Finally, highlight your nose bridge for a natural look.

6. Cotton Bud nose contour


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♬ TWINNEM – Coi Leray

Grab three cotton buds and apply your contour product of choice to two of them. Next, put concealer on the last cotton bud. Arrange them in the order of the cotton buds with contour on the outer side with the cotton bud with concealer in the middle. Then, draw a straight line down your nose bridge with them, and finally blend away using a brush!