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If you’ve been binge-watching the latest season of Korean dating reality show Transit Love, you might be familiar with some of its previous contestants!

In 2022, Lee Nayeon blew us all away with her outgoing nature and bright personality. She now regularly updates her YouTube channel with snippets of her life and advice for viewers, including a video about invaluable weight loss tips.

Credits: @inayommi/Youtube

Over the years, Nayeon managed to lose 20kg with her own unique methods and approach to weight loss. With her techniques, she was able to lose 1 to 2kg a month!

More importantly, she’s made lasting changes to her lifestyle and physique to maintain her fitness. This means that even when she’s not actively trying to lose weight, she can easily prevent herself from gaining those extra pounds.

Read on to find out how she maintains a healthy lifestyle on her weight loss journey.

Disclaimer: Results may vary based on your own body type and lifestyle habits. Remember to consult a dietician or doctor before adopting her tips. 

Reduce Your Meal Portions

Credits: @inayommi/Instagram

Nayeon suggests that if you want to lose weight, you can try halving the usual portions of your meals. Restricting what kind of food we eat might not always be easy, so Nayeon believes in eating whatever you want but keeping an eye on the portion.

Of course, this can be difficult, as you’ll need to have the discipline to stop yourself even if you’re eating your favourite food!

However, after a few days, you might notice that your appetite is reduced, and you’ll feel full faster even while eating less food.

Eat Healthy

Credits: @inayommi/Youtube

Nayeon mainly eats traditional Korean food that is made with healthy ingredients. Her usual meals consist of 100g of duck meat for protein, lettuce, and half a bowl of rice. She also loves bibimbap and BBQ rice bowls!

Nayeon believes that eating regularly is important and far more beneficial than forcing yourself to fast. If you deprive your body of the food it needs, you run the risk of eventually eating more than necessary out of hunger.

So, instead of letting yourself go hungry, the key is not to eat until you are completely full and follow her guideline of halving your portions!

Be Careful With Supplements

Credits: @inayommi/Instagram

Nayeon warns that diet pills and supplements may not be very effective, and instead lead to complications such as constipation!

She believes that while they might help to prevent you from gaining excess weight, they’re unlikely to help you actively lose weight either.

Plus, if you’re already controlling your meals, diet pills that are aimed at digestion may do more harm than good.

The pills may boost your rate of digestion, but without enough food to process, they could harm your digestive system instead!

Exercise Regularly

Credits: @inayommi/Instagram

Nayeon wants to avoid gaining bulky muscles, so instead of weight training in the gym, she recommends lighter exercises to stay in shape.

She does ballet twice a week, as well as aerobic exercises once or twice a week to build strength and stamina.

She suggests exercising to build your muscles two or three times a week, and finds Russian twists the most effective for building abdominal muscles, while lunges work well for your lower body.

Remember, results may not appear immediately, but it’s important to keep your routine consistent and work out regularly in the long term instead of trying to lose weight fast!

Stretch Often

Credits: @inayommi/Youtube

Nayeon makes sure to properly stretch and massage her muscles, revealing that she performs stretching exercises almost every day.

She uses a massage ball on her neck, shoulders, hips, and underarms.

This relaxes the muscles and promotes circulation while also removing toxins, preventing your muscles from becoming stiff and knotted.

Take Half-body Baths

Credits: @inayommi/Instagram

While Nayeon might not work out every single day, she shares that she takes regular half-body baths.

Half-body baths, which involve soaking only the lower half of your body in hot water, are immensely popular in Korea.

She uses hot water that is between 38 and 40 degrees, and spends 20 to 30 minutes in the bath. She also adds aroma oils to improve circulation and create a soothing atmosphere.

This technique improves your metabolism and aids in detoxification, while also releasing muscular tension, allowing you to take a moment to relax even on your weight loss journey!

Keep Your Expectations Realistic

Credits: @inayommi/Youtube

By setting realistic expectations for yourself and not aiming to lose weight rapidly through dieting, you’ll be much more likely to succeed in meeting your goals.

Nayeon shares that she doesn’t approve of rapid weight loss methods like crash diets, as they’ll be too difficult to maintain in the long run, and you’re likely to regain weight rapidly as well.

Instead of hurting yourself with unhealthy habits in a bid to lose weight, Nayeon believes in taking it easy and keeping in mind that bodies change gradually.

By staying committed to your goals in the long run and not pressuring yourself to lose weight rapidly, your weight loss journey will be much easier and healthier!

Featured image credits: @inayommi/Instagram, @inayommi/Youtube.