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Adapting our style with the seasons means that we ought to keep our nails fresh and up to date too. Unfortunately for us, we live in an eternal summer, which is why we’re constantly on the lookout for the next trending hot weather-appropriate manicure.

Well, nail tech and TikTok influencer Alexandra Teleki, better known as The Hot Blend (@thehotblendofficial) gave us a manicure we’ll be sporting all year round! She took to TikTok to show us her stunning “vanilla chrome” nail look, which rightfully took the net by storm.


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What are “vanilla chrome” nails?

Credit: @thehotblend/Instagram

These pearlescent nails are truly gorgeous, exuding elegance and femininity with a creamy vanilla base and chrome topper, which makes this super wearable for all occasions.

You could easily wear this to work or a fancy function. Some are even saying that these are the perfect bridal nails, and we totally agree.

How to wear “vanilla chrome” nails at home

Credit: @thehotblendofficial/TikTok

The steps are extremely simple. After prepping your nails in however you deem fit, coat them in a layer of cream or off-white polish.

Credit: @thehotblendofficial/TikTok

Next, seal the polish in with a glossy top coat. This will enhance the sheen of the buffing powder later.

Credit: @thehotblendofficial/TikTok

In her video, Teleki shares that she mixes two types of white pearlescent chrome powders, before buffing it onto her nails with an eyeshadow applicator.

Credit: @thehotblendofficial/TikTok

Dust off the excess, and remember to oil your cuticles!

Credit: @thehotblendofficial/TikTok

If pearl-like nails aren’t your thing, you can easily switch out the base or even your blend of powders to create different looks. Try a base with a slightly peachy hue to it for an almost ballet-slipper-like style.

Alternative ways of wearing “vanilla chrome” nails

Credit: @_luca_nails/Instagram

Swap out the cream base with a nude shade for an ultra-natural and subtle look. The chrome powder adds a nice frosted and mirror-like touch.

Credit: @stephaniemlynekbeautytherapy/Instagram

Add green and pink chrome powders into the blend for a “mother of pearl” or “aurora borealis” style. Just try not to get too distracted by the captivating and satisfying symphony of colours upon your digits.

Credit: @nailsbyalsn/Instagram

They always say you can never go wrong with a French mani. And just as you can imagine, throwing in French tips to this nail trend simply takes the look to the next level.

Credit: @nailsbymayup/Instagram

Somewhat similar to the French tip design, this iteration incorporates the use of nail art to channel massive Y2K vibes. Using thin lines, polish in a tan shade is painted on in wavy, asymmetrical patterns on every nail.

Credit: @paint_luxury_nails_by_ejs/Instagram

And if you’re feeling all sorts of adventurous, experiment with nail stickers and vinyl, on top of the polish and powder. Pack your buffing blend with green iridescent chrome powder and top it off with a nail sticker of alligator scales for a quirky touch.

Cart out the best nail polishes to do your “vanilla chrome” manicure at home, here.\

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