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When Taylor Swift sang, “I feel the lavender haze creepin’ up on me” in her popular single released late last year, she wasn’t just forecasting her newest Midnights album, but also one of the most popular colours of 2023: digital lavender.

The pastel pop of digital lavender that has flooded the runways is, unsurprisingly, accompanied by an obsession with everything lavender on TikTok, seen through high-volume searches for #purpleblush and “how to style lavender”.

Not forgetting, it’s a colour inspiration for our decorated digits: digital lavender nails.


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♬ Mother – Meghan Trainor

Swifties would know that “Lavender Haze” is injected with surprising digital sounds and washed with a hazy mood of cheerful and calm. Incidentally, that’s more or less what “digital lavender” nails spell out for us.

Cheerfully pastel and calmly lavender, a “digital lavender” manicure is also oftentimes sprinkled with glitter – a futuristic nod to the possibilities of our digital age.

Under the magical mist of “digital lavender”, there’s no need to dial up your nail style with funky accessories or complex patterns. Donning just this one solid shade is enough to elevate your manicure from been-there-done-that ordinary to springtime supreme.

Read on for the best “digital lavender” nail looks to cop for yourself this spring!

What are “digital lavender” nails?

digital lavender nails (7)

“Digital lavender nails are delicate shades of lilac and lavender that include exciting dimensional elements: undertones of shimmer, holographic, and reflective shine,” said Jan Arnold, co-founder of CND.

That’s to say, “digital lavender” nails are not just any pastel lavender shade, but they’re also defined by their sheer nude base and creamy tone. If you’re in the mood for fun, you can also switch up your “digital lavender” nail style with a spray of glitter or holographic layer and really get into the “digital” side of things.


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Why we’re so drawn to “digital lavender” is perhaps the colour embodies “stability, serenity and digital escapism that so many of us have built into our recuperative rituals,” said Joanne Thomas, Coloro’s Head of Content. And of course, self-care and healing are what we’ve been striving towards in recent years.

“Digital lavender” nails mood board

“Digital lavender” nails

digital lavender nails (5)

Photo source: opi/Instagram

There’s nothing plain about plain “digital lavender” nails.

Since “digital lavender” is sheer and subtle like a nude shade yet with a cheerful, playful pop of purple, simply swap out your go-to nude manicure for a “digital lavender” one.

Pssst! For a pearlescent, “digital” finish that’s exactly like this manicure, layer the OPI Purple Palazzo Pants with OPI Kyoto Pearl.

“Digital lavender” glazed donut nails

digital lavender nails (2)

Photo source: Tumblr/Pinterest

This one mashes up the best of two on-trend manicure styles: digital lavender and Hailey Bieber’s “glazed donut nails”.

For the uninitiated, “glazed donut nails” recall browned doughnuts glazed with a sweet layer of frosting. They’re pearly, shimmery, and sheer, and – just in – pair perfectly with “digital lavender”.

“Digital lavender” ombre nude

digital lavender nails (1)

Photo source: nailedbylupita/Instagram

The creamy shade “digital lavender” is a neutral in its own terms, which is why it looks this gorgeous when blended with a pinkish nude polish.

Since “digital lavender” is much like a neutral nude, get the help of your manicurist to find a shade that works best for your skin tone.

“Digital lavender” inverse French tips

digital lavender nails

Photo source: betina_goldstein/Instagram

The minimalist, classy manicure style for springtime is the “digital lavender” inverse French tips. You’ll wear the elegance of a classic French tip design – subverted with a surprising splash of “digital lavender”.

How to get “digital lavender” nails at the salon?

Remember, “digital lavender” is so sheer and milky that it’s a nude-worthy shade to be donning on your digits. This means that it’s important to ask your manicurist to pick out the lavender shades that’ll best suit your skin tone, as with pinkish beige nude colours.

How to wear “digital lavender” nails at home?


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Flaunting “digital lavender” nails is pretty much just about finding the right shade of sheer lavender polish suited for your skin tone, and then layering over it with chrome or glitter topper.

The lavender shade you choose should be slightly nude, creamy, and subtle, which means it’s best you avoid overly bright, vivid, or opaque colours for this hazy springtime shade.

Once you’ve painted your sheer lavender base, you can really play around with the “digital” finish.


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♬ bad habit – wu ★

For your second layer, try anything from a pearlescent Hailey-Bieber-inspired frosting finish to a silver glitter topper to launch your manicured nails from plain ol’ lavender to a chic “digital lavender”.

Right, the easiest way to wear “digital lavender” nails is to paint a sheer milky lavender base and layer over it with a chrome or glitter topper. However, if you’re happy to sift through endless polish colours to find the perfect “digitalised” (frosty) lavender shade, then you’ll just need one nail polish to roll into spring, right on trend.

Try these “digital lavender” nail polishes

GELCARE Lavender Water & South Sea Pearl

digital lavender nails (8)

TikTok nail artist @aminaoui recommended applying the GELCARE Lavender Water as your base before laying atop with the GELCARE South Sea Pearl.

The sheer milky lavender hue, topped with the sheer, pearly colour that reflects a subtle holographic mix of pink, blue, and yellow, makes the perfect “digital lavender” mani.

GELCARE Lavender Water retails for US$19 (approximately S$25) on Le Manoir.
GELCARE South Sea Pearl retails for US$19 (approximately S$25) on Le Manoir. Shipping fees apply.

OPI Purple Palazzo Pants & Kyoto Pearl

digital lavender nails (9)

OPI’s Purple Palazzo Pants is a lovely lilac-lavender shade that’s fitting this season’s “digital lavender” nails. If you’re hoping to top your manicure with some seriously pearly-white shine, the brand’s Kyoto Pearl makes the perfect final layer.

OPI Purple Palazzo Pants retails for S$17.50 on Amazon.
OPI Kyoto Pearl retails for S$21.95 on Amazon

Canmake Foundation Colors in 02 Lavender Pink

digital lavender nails (11)

You don’t have to worry about this nail polish being too opaque or vivid on your digits because Canmake’s Foundation Colors boasts a dreamy, sheer finish. The shade, 02 Lavender Pink, is one that’s worthy of a “digital lavender” manicure base.

Canmake Foundation Colors in 02 Lavender Pink retails for S$9.79 on Yesstyle

MEKO Reagan Treasure Box Nail Polish in 08 Grape Yoghurt

digital lavender nails (12)

Another nail polish that guarantees a sheer, jelly-like finish, the MEKO Reagan Treasure Box Nail Polish in 08 Grape Yoghurt will give your nails a dewy “digital lavender” glow from within.

MEKO Reagan Treasure Box Nail Polish in 08 Grape Yoghurt retails for S$8.92 on Yesstyle

nails inc. Plant Power Nail Polish Eco Glow

digital lavender nails (10)

As far as “digital” goes, you can trust that nails inc.’s Plant Power Nail Polish Eco Glow will give you a supremely “digital” shine. This shade’s a bit bluer than we’d like for the season’s “digital lavender” shade, but if you don’t mind switching things up your way, cart this vegan nail polish out for your at-home manicure.

nails inc. Plant Power Nail Polish Eco Glow retails for S$15 on Lookfantastic

Featured image credit: Tumblr, The Pink Brunette/Pinterest

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