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We used to be able to look polished with minimal makeup and a bold lip… until the lower half of our faces are covered up with masks.

While we didn’t used to think that we had to master some form of eye makeup – whether it’s to perfect winged eyeliner or learn to blend out eyeshadow, it’s probably more pertinent than before so that we won’t look too washed out when we have our masks on.

If you’re looking for eye makeup looks that will pop even when you have your mask on, we have curated 11 wearable looks we love that you can wear to work or for a special occasion.

1. Bring on your big lashes


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A post shared by Hannah (@hannahbruley1)

Never underestimate what some poppin’ lashes can do to draw the focus to your eyes.

Whether it’s your holy grail mascara or a pair of falsies you swear by, some dramatic lashes over your favourite eyeshadow look will certainly make sure you look perky under your mask.

2. Don’t be afraid of pink shades


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A post shared by Caitlin Duff (@caitlinanneduffx)

While we used to sport a pink-toned lip colour, bring that colour up to your eyes. While it may not always be your go-to shade in the past (if you’re more a taupe and nude girl), pink is actually a rather flattering colour that can instantly brighten your face and add just the pop of colour you need to an otherwise monochrome or plain outfit.

To achieve this cut crease look seen above, you’ll want to blend your eyeshadow out like you normally would, before going over on the eyelid with some concealer (or a lighter shade of eyeshadow) and blending that out too.

To create the sharp edge on the eyeshadow, dip a cotton bud in a micellar water or gentle cleanser and swipe upwards.

3. Let your brows take centre-stage


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A post shared by Cameron Valentina (@misssvalentina)

If you don’t think you can apply eyeshadow anytime soon, play it smart and go with bold brows instead. This feathered brows, long, lush lashes and simple eyeshadow combo is seriously underrated.

While the colours aren’t as bright or eye-catching, her lashes and brows just scream “look at me!”.

For the uninitiated, we have a guide on how to achieve these soap brows here, and we recommend this new magnetic mascara that’ll help you accentuate each lash to get those long lashes with an almost falsie-like effect.

4. Rim those eyes with a colour that pops


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A post shared by Caitlin Duff (@caitlinanneduffx)

If you really want to let your eyes stand out, here’s a look that’ll certainly pop.

Take a leaf out of the style-book of  makeup artist Caitlin Duff who worked with blue eyeshadow. It may be a daunting and challenging shade many of us are intimidated by – but hey, the results are amazing, so don’t knock it until you try it.

Start with your regular eyeshadow base, and work a bright blue shade around your eyes. If you have double eyelids, they’ll serve as a guide on how you can pack on the pigment so the blue doesn’t look too over the top.

5. Go peachy and glowy


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A post shared by Caitlin Duff (@caitlinanneduffx)

Soap brows seem to be a trend that’s here to stay. Paired with this peachy makeup, it’s perfect for an everyday look that you too can achieve in a jiffy.

You’ll want a light and slightly darker shade of peach for the eyes. Pack on the darker shade onto your eyelid, then go over it with the lighter shade, working your way upwards and outwards. After blending it out, don’t forget to dab some highlight onto the inner corners of your eyes for that extra radiance.

6. Say yes to shimmer, sparkle, and shine


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A post shared by SLM. SHADY (@staceylouisemills_)

While shimmery looks may be a little OTT in the past, especially if you can’t leave home without a vivid lip colour, now is the best time to bring out let your eye makeup shine – literally.

For the look seen above, work a shimmery shade from the inner corner of your eyes and blend it out with a darker neutral from the middle onwards. Go over on your bottom eyelid with a thinner brush and viola! An eye makeup that stands out while you wear your mask.

Skip the falsies instead if you think they’re too much.

7. Smoke out your favourite eyeshadow colour


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A post shared by DANIELLE MARCAN (@daniellemarcan)

Give your favourite look a new lease of life by smoking out the colour.

We are loving the look featured above, which combines magenta hues and dramatic liner and falsies. You’ll want to blend your eyeshadow outwards, packing on just a little more pigment as you reach the outer corner of your eye to create that soft, smokey effect.

Draw a line on top of your eyelid for an extra oomph that’ll spice up this makeup look. After all, graphic liner’s all the rage these days.

8. Experiment with coloured lashes


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A post shared by Ashley Strong (@strashme)

You don’t need eyeshadow to add some colour to your peepers. Coloured mascara and falsies are just as… well, eye-catching.

8. Try the dual-eyeshadow look


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A post shared by ?Lili (@glamby_lili)

Whether they’re complementary or a little clashing, wearing two different colours on your top lids and lower eyelids create a refreshing look. Get inspiration from Lili’s look shown above!

9. Play with a different eyeliner style


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A post shared by DANIELLE MARCAN (@daniellemarcan)

Spice up a cut crease with you guessed it, graphic liner! After finishing your cut crease and cat eye, simply work your eyeliner outwards on your bottom lid, starting from the middle and creating a thicker line as you go along.

You may even want to go over it with a thin brush to create a feathered, smudged texture before the liner dries!

10. Play with coloured eyeliners

Black and brown eyeliners may be your staples but to make your eye makeup stand out while you’re wearing a mask, a brightly coloured eyeliner will do the trick.

We are loving the look seen above, where a cobalt blue eyeliner is worn on the lower lash line. This doesn’t just make the eye makeup stand out more but also accentuate the eyes.

11. Why not neon?

The neon shades sitting in your eyeshadow palettes are begging for some love and if you want to make your eye makeup stand out while wearing a mask, they’re your best pals!

When worn right, pastel neon shades can give a dreamy look (like the inspiration seen above). The trick is to blend, blend, blend and to pair the look with strong brows to frame it well.