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Ever wondered what kind of skincare routines popular Chinese actresses like Zhou Xun and Tang Wei do every night to achieve their crystal clear skin? If you’re expecting expensive lotions and potions that we can’t afford to upkeep, then you’ll be in for a very pleasant surprise. Turns out, some of their routines are simple and we can also follow if we have discipline.

Read on for skin maintenance tips by your favourite Chinese celebrities.

Zhou Xun’s skincare routine and tips


The Ru Yi’s Royal Love in the Palace (or Ru Yi Zhuan) actress’s unblemished and texture-free skin has been giving us serious envy. She revealed in an interview that she owes her smooth skin to yoga and meticulous care of her eye area. (Find out where you can find the best yoga studios in Singapore, and read all about skincare tips to remove dark eye circles!)

She also explains that she doesn’t use air-conditioning for long periods of time, as it can really dry out the skin, making it dehydrated and flaky. Unfortunately for some of us in sunny Singapore, no air-conditioning can sound like a nightmare. Compensate and replenish moisture in the air with a humidifier (SGD34.90) while snoozing, or simply stash a bottle of hydrating mist (like this hydrating one with hyaluronic acid from Pixi (SGD24) in your office drawer when your skin is in need for moisture.

Vicki Zhao’s skincare routine and tips


The secret to the 44-year old actress’s youthful skin? A healthy diet of fruits and vegetables that detoxes her skin. If you’re not a big fan of fruit and vegetable diets, start small by squeezing fresh lemons into your first glass of water in the morning, then build up from there.

She also loves bringing along a jar of Vaseline gel for extra hydration to keep skin happy and glow-y throughout the day. Although many dry-skinned individuals swear by the thick consistency of Vaseline on their body skin, some may prefer something lighter. Instead, opt for Vaseline’s new light, gel-like formulas that hydrate and brighten skin without leaving a trace behind, for comfortable wear.

Yang Mi’s skincare routine and tips


Here’s an uncommon beauty secret that the actress divulged: change up your skincare routine every half a year or so! She claims that when the skin gets used to the products, the benefits are reduced. There are skincare experts who disagree with this concept, but you can see if it works for you since everyone’s skin is different.

We know it’s hard to part from your holy grail skincare, but it can be fun to switch things up and discover new products once in a while – just make sure you do a patch test before you try a new product! Read up on some of our favourite clean beauty skincare products that are new on the market like the fast-selling Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask (SGD88) that refines pores and improves glow, and decide for yourself.

Liu Yi Fei’s skincare routine and tips


The heroine of the live action film Mulan applies sun protection religiously to achieve her flawless and fair complexion. Sun damage can cause dark spots and accelerated skin ageing- not great if you want to have clear and even skin like the actress’s.

Don’t worry, sun protection is easier when you find a formula that is comfortable and that you enjoy putting on. If you’re always in a rush, try one of our favourites, the Kose Skincare UV Stick (SGD28) (read our review here) that applies quickly in broad strokes so you can kick ass like Mulan, or opt for a full face of SPF with Supergoop!’s eye cream (SGD55) with SPF to slow down those dreaded under eye wrinkles.


She is also known to dunk her face into cold water often, which shrinks pores, and lessens redness. However, make sure the water isn’t too cold, which can be counteractive.

Tang Wei’s skincare routine and tips


The SK-II ambassador’s secret is to ensure to give your skin off-days too. Choose to go makeup-free once in a while, and focus on getting great skin through proper skincare and diet instead. Can’t go without makeup? Try lightening up or even skipping foundation altogether, and opt to spot conceal using a high-coverage, matte concealer like this crowd-favourite one from NARS (SGD46) instead, so you don’t even have to set it. Your skin (and sleep schedule) will thank you!

Fan Bing Bing’s skincare routine and tips


Another gem in the Chinese entertainment industry, the 36-year-old uses face massages to keep her skin taut and her complexion youthful. Check out her routine above where she uses a face oil (this is important to ensure you don’t pull on your skin, which can cause wrinkles) on her face before gently massaging upwards. Over time, face massages can even result in a slimmer, smaller face!

Victoria Song’s skincare routine and tips


Korean girl group f(x)’s former leader turned Chinese actress and singer is known for her performing talents, but she also possesses a youthful and feminine aura thanks to her constantly glowing skin. She credits it to eight hours of sleep per day, or as much as she can, so put away your phone before bed for a more restful sleep.

Zhang Xin Yi’s skincare routine and tips


The actress explained in a post on one of her social media pages that she takes care of both inner and outer beauty to get her flawless complexion. She ensures her skin is always moisturised, by using a mask for a few minutes to hydrate it before using base makeup. This keeps wrinkles at bay and helps makeup last longer too.

Fortunately for us, there are conveniently packaged and cheaper mask choices for daily use on the market that allows us to follow this step: try these 60-second Saborino masks (SGD21.90 for 32 pieces, multiple options available) that won’t bust your budget like more expensive, separately packaged options.

Sun Fei Fei’s skincare routine and tips


The Estee Lauder ambassador uses a facial massager with a vibrating function, which she claims helps her skincare products absorb better into her skin, for maximum benefit. She also uses eye patches, seen in the video below, which is a handy way to perk yourself up during busy mornings, without committing to a full-face mask, so you do your eye makeup while the eye mask works its magic. Here are some of the best eye masks you can find in the market to get you started.

Zhang Zi Yi’s skincare routine and tips


Yet another crown jewel of China’s film industry, the actress’s secret is to just embrace her flaws and age by posting untouched photos on social media, which won her praise. However, that doesn’t mean she skips skincare: the Cle de Peau Beaute ambassador also uses anti-ageing products to slow skin ageing.