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Whether you know her from the critically acclaimed drama Sandglass or as Lady Mishil from Queen Seondeok, Go Hyun-Jung still wows us with her youthful beauty.

go hyun jung beauty secrets

Credit: @kohyunjung_actress on Instagram

Looking at this Instagram post from last year, we wouldn’t have guessed that Hyun-Jung was pushing 50. The epitome of “Asian don’t raisin”, it’s truly a wonder how she barely looks a day over 20 despite being in the Korean entertainment industry for close to three decades.

We all know the intense pressure and demands of being a star, so how does she stay youthful-looking after all these years? Today, we’re sharing Go Hyun-Jung’s beauty secrets, so you can cop her radiant glow!

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Go against your peach fuzz when you cleanse

go hyun jung beauty secrets cleansing

One of Go Hyun-Jung’s beauty tips for cleansing your face is to cleanse against “the textures of your fine hairs”, which refer to the peach fuzz on your face. She massages her cleanser in and goes against the direction of the hairs, which makes it easier to dislodge the dirt and sebum from your pores.

This cleansing method has been famous since she released her first-ever beauty guide book, “Go Hyun-Jung’s Texture,” back in 2012, which became a bestseller and sold out within two days.

Pay attention to different areas of your face while cleansing

T Zone U Zone

Hyun-Jung begins her 15-minute cleansing routine with the area behind her ears, to the jawline, and then to the face. She mixes a cleanser with warm water and works up a rich foam for a gentle yet effective cleanse.

Here’s another cleansing tip from Hyun-Jung: cleanse your T-zone (forehead and nose) first, followed by the U-zone (cheeks), which tends to be a drier area. By leaving the U-zone last, it’s exposed to the cleanser for a shorter amount of time.

Hyun-Jung also suggests cleansing in an upwards motion to remove the dirt in your pores more effectively.

Use a 2-step face mask

go hyun jung beauty secrets sheet mask

The Korean star uses a two-step mask every week – the first being a mask booster to prime her skin, followed by a sheet mask to nourish and hydrate. By following this masking routine, you can achieve dewy and radiant skin just like Hyun-Jung!

Treat breakouts with a salt and water solution

Go Hyun Jung

To prevent spreading harmful bacteria on your skin, make sure to wash your hands before applying skincare.

As for treating breakouts, Hyun-Jung recommends washing the affected areas with salt and lukewarm water solution, which sanitises the area to prevent the breakouts from getting worse.

Don’t forget your neck

go hyun jung beauty secrets neck care

When applying skincare, Hyun-Jung massages it from the centre of her face and outwards. She also applies skincare products like toners and essences with her hands instead of a cotton pad to reduce redness and ensure maximum absorption of the product.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to forget your neck area too! If you’re using a moisturiser or neck cream on your neck, start from the side of your jawline down to the decolletage in an outward C-shape motion.

And as shocking as it may sound, Hyun-Jung discards her skincare after two months of use! While the usual shelf life of a skincare product is 12 months, she does so for hygiene reasons.

She does facial stretches

go hyun jung beauty secrets facial stretches

Surprise, surprise! Hyun-Jung actually doesn’t believe in anti-ageing products. She incorporates facial stretches into her skincare routine, coordinating the stretches with her breathing.

Hyun-Jung’s step-by-step facial stretching:

1. Expand your facial muscles and jaw on the exhale.

2. When inhaling, contract all facial muscles, including your eyes, nose and cheeks.

3. Say “Ma Me Mi Mo Mu” 10 times to work out the lip and cheek muscles.

Get your daily dose of vitamins

go hyun jung beauty secrets diet

Diet plays a huge role in maintaining our overall health, which includes our skin. Hyun-Jung’s favourite beauty foods include salads, apples, blueberries, carrot juice, and honey, many of which are filled with antioxidants.

She also takes organic vitamin B, which helps skin cell regeneration and vitamin C. Vitamin C is a well-known anti-pigmentation and anti-ageing solution. It can inhibit melanin production in the skin, which lightens hyperpigmentation and spots, even out skin tone, and overall enhances skin radiance for bright, glowing skin.