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Jasmine Sim At Shiseidos World First My Japanese Beauty Pop Up 2

The first time I saw Jasmine Sim in the flesh was at Shiseido’s My Japanese Beauty Pop-Up (which is ongoing until 20 Oct, by the way!) I was, simply put, awestruck. She was as radiant and flawless as she looked on screens – dressed in a sleek ensemble with skin so clear and bright to make everyone envious. The face of Senka is laidback and cool as she strides around the pop-up, pulling off little quirky expressions as she and other stars celebrate the launch of the pop-up.

It was heartwarming to see her so candid – unlike the character she plays in Kin, Ella Shelley, whom some might say is a spoiled princess in distress. Although Jasmine only recently started acting (she began in 2017), you can tell that she is very passionate and determined to do her very best. Believe me, I’m an avid Kin fan, and you can feel her energy on screen.

The actress oozes passion in everything she do, from her acceptance speech when she won the Best Newcomer Award at the Star Awards early this April, to how she talks about the new iPad Air she carries around now. She excitedly told Daily Vanity, “I literally bring it everywhere now, meaning I can do my work or readings on it anywhere and everywhere.”

If that doesn’t scream hardwork and passion, what does?


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Jasmine Sim is barely 25 and holds a business degree. For many, she became a familiar face since she started modelling for brands such as Love, Bonito. She was also the first runner-up in The New Paper’s 2014 New Face competition. Having modelled and acted, you’d think her beauty routine has grown into this insane, long-winded and meticulous thing. But just as she is relaxed, so is her approach to beauty.

We didn’t manage to catch time with her at the My Japanese Beauty Pop-Up, but we did get to ask her a few questions over email about all things beauty – from her favourites to how her perception of beauty has grown. We’ll kick it off with the highly-anticipated question: How does the cool and genuine Jasmine Sim keep her skin looking so flawless – especially since she’s wearing makeup for work regularly?

Jasmine Sim Face Of Senka

Jasmine’s Sim beauty tips revealed

She tells us, “I’ll properly remove my makeup once I can. Some days right after I’m done with the shoot, I’ll wipe everything immediately just so my skin can breathe a little.” She does this with the little pack of makeup wipes that she always carries around in her bag. But on top of that, Jasmine goes for monthly facials. “Let the experts work their magic!” she adds.

Jasmine admits that she gets a bit lazy with her skincare too, and honestly, we all do once in a while, what not with our hectic lifestyles. Which is why, in her own words, “A facial is always a good idea cause you just lay there and let the professionals do everything.” Did anyone else just hear a little voice telling you to book your facial now? Just me?

Jokes aside, Jasmine tells us that hydration is the most important thing she does for her skin – which explains why she carries around a 1.5-litre water bottle!

“When I don’t drink enough water ’cause I’m too busy or when I just forget about it, it really shows on my skin.”

Read on for other beauty tips and musings from Jasmine Sim:

What’s your fave beauty trend at the moment?

The clean and natural glow skin trend, probably because I am still not that great with my own makeup (especially eye looks) so I love the “less is more look” focusing on the skin.

Are there any beauty tools you really want to try?

Recently there’s a hype about LED face masks and I’d love to try that as an at-home mini facial between my actual facial appointments. I think I’m just a huge sucker for different types of facial devices and this one sounds perfect for lazy people cause you don’t even have to do anything.


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And what about eco-friendly beauty products, would you try it or have you already started using them?

That’s definitely a yes. I’ll try as much as I can. For example, using reusable cotton pads and other ways I learn from others’ routines.

What is your favourite beauty tip or hack you’ve picked up and used religiously?

I think there are just too many!

One. Applying blusher with my hands – the fleshy part below the thumb. I think I learnt this when I first worked with (makeup artist) Larry Yeo and I think it’s just super easy and convenient especially for touching up cause I just use my lip colour – of course not in crazy shades.

Two. Masking before an important shoot – but use a moisturising mask! And use something that your skin is comfortable with – something you’ve already tried before. You don’t want a bad reaction from trying a new and unsuitable product right before your big day.

Three. Using lip balm to remove lip products so it moisturises your lips at the same time – I can get very very dry lips so this really helps. And also, do a quick scrub when you need to touch up but your lips are already cracking. If you’re out and have nothing to use, just get some sugar and a lip balm. Might be troublesome but trust me it is so worth it.


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How has your beauty routine changed through the years?

I think as a teenager I didn’t really know what I was doing so I just looked at what was out there and blindly bought what I thought was good. I had a pretty long routine I’d say – which I could hardly keep up with because it was just very troublesome.

Now, I think I’ve stripped it down to as few as four products to focus on keeping it clean and hydrated.

What is one thing you secretly dislike about the beauty scene or the perception of beauty?

Wastage is definitely one thing that I find myself thinking about sometimes. I feel like there is always something new every other week and more often than not, as consumers, we don’t ever finish using more than half of the beauty products we purchase before a new product hits the market and we get tempted to buy it.

Well, that said, it’s probably more of the consumer’s problem anyway.


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Are there any misconceptions or assumptions about modelling that annoy you? What’s the brutal truth behind it?

Personally, I haven’t really dealt with being misunderstood while being in this line. I think maybe people still think that this is an easy job (modelling at least) since it’s just taking photos – what’s so difficult about that, right?

But they don’t see the insecurities, the constant fear that you don’t have enough jobs some months to pay for food, the early mornings and all. So like every other job there are upsides and downsides to it – it’s not all glitz and glamour, rainbows, and butterflies.

You’ve grown up in the early days of technology. Has that affected your image of yourself?

I think being in this industry affected me initially. Then came the realisation that one – there is nothing you can do about it if someone doesn’t want to use you (for a modelling or acting assignment). Two – there are other opportunities and if it’s meant to be it will be. I think luck really does play a big part in this industry and a lot of times it’s up to whether the casting director wants to use you. Realising this made me less critical of myself.

I guess with technology, we not only have a lot of people we can compare ourselves with as we scroll through social media, we also have a lot of anonymous people posting negative comments online. After being in the industry for a few years, I realise it is pointless to compare, so don’t even bother.

Did it change how you chose to live your life?

I’ve come to realise that you can’t please everyone so you don’t have to take it to heart. Accept criticisms that can help you improve or if not, use it as a motivation to prove them wrong.

Jasmine Sim


How about your perception of beauty through the years, has it changed from when you were a child to where you are now?

Since I was young I watched a lot of television programmes like America’s Next Top Model and I like looking at photos and other models but it was always like “oh, so-and-so is pretty” or “can pose so well” and I love following them.

Now, I think I get quite addicted to personalities. Generally, people who are very driven and confident inspire me and I find myself very much attracted to that and find that very beautiful.

Do “likes” affect you?

I think I would be lying if I said it completely doesn’t matter to me cause honestly even though I don’t see myself as an influencer I think numbers have become quite an integral part of the industry. But I think I don’t get obsessed over it.

If anything, I am a bit more worried about the likes and the reach mostly when it comes to sponsored content because I feel like that is work, and I want to do it well.

When it comes to my own lifestyle photos I don’t really care because most of the time I just post ’cause I feel like it.

In light of that, what’s a piece of advice regarding social media you’d like to send to out to the world?

I think it’s been said a lot already – take everything with a pinch of salt. Everything can be very beautiful and nice and perfect but don’t use that as a benchmark. For me, it’s more like a mood board thing when I scroll through it.

Growing up, what are some values or things you wish you had known, or wish somebody had told you?

I can be pretty stubborn, so even if someone were to tell me something then, I might not listen anyway. I’ve been told so often, “Everything happens for a reason.” So many times when I was younger, it never helped or got through to me. It was only when I’ve been through enough myself that it becomes a self-realisation that that is a fact in itself.

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