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As the Hallyu Wave sweeps the world by storm, Korean beauty or K-beauty becomes a trend that is growing fast internationally. Despite the possible language barrier, Korean beauty experts and Ulzzangs (Korean for pretty faces), are gaining more viewership and attention on social media. From Korean professionals to K-pop idols, this article will take you through a list of Instagram accounts that will give you to the inspiration to be a K-beauty from head to toe – quite literally!

1. Pony

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A beauty guru whose looks and popularity could match up to those of K-pop idols, Park Hye Min or Pony, is possibly most well-known for being the makeup artist of CL from 2NE1. Her Youtube channel, “PONY Makeup”, has over 1 million followers, with the top video, “Taylor Swift transformation makeup”, garnering more than 8 million views. She is also the proud owner of her own makeup line, Pony Effect. Stylish, bright and versatile, there is no reason not to follow her for some eye candy and insights to the newest makeup trends!

Follow her on Instagram: @ponysmakeup

ponysmakeup instagram

2. Sunny

Sunny first started off her Youtube channel with English makeup tutorials but subsequently produced them in Korean due to increasing K-fans. Despite having no English subtitles, her videos are easy to watch and easy to follow. Her videos range from ‘Back to School’ makeup tutorials where she uses common Korean brands, to transformations into popular idols such as EXID’s Hani, AOA’s Seolhyun and even EXO’s D.O.

Follow her on Instagram: @sunnychannel

sunnychannel instagram

3. Kim Seung Won

If you have the impression that male makeup artists are generally more dandy and effeminate, Kim Seung Won is definitely one that breaks the stereotype. Most often seen in black classic suits, the former Dior makeup artist makes many appearances in Korean beauty TV programmes and international events. His Instagram previews many behind-the-scene shots and even photos of him with celebrities.

Follow him on Instagram: @skimartist

kim seung won instagram

4. Park Eun Kyung

Nail artist of Lee Hyori and other famous celebrities, Park Eun Kyung is most recently known as the pioneer of the Shattered Glass Manicure, a trend that changed the game of nail art at Seoul Fashion Week. Her Bracelet Nails creation then takes the internet by storm. Her Instagram features nail designs that are highly creative and unique. Looking at her posts would give you inspiration for your next manicure or you might just want to get your nails done at her salon, “Unistella”, the next time you visit Korea!

Follow her on Instagram: @nail_unistella

park eun kyung unistella instagram

5. Jessica Jung

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The former member of Girl’s Generation, Jessica Jung is known for her sweet voice and her fashionable appearance. She modelled for multiple cosmetic and fashion brands, covered magazines, and is now the main host of KBS’s beauty show, “Beauty Bible”. Besides being a beauty expert, Jessica also proved to be a fashionista when she established her own fashion brand, Blanc & Eclare, in 2014.

Follow her on Instagram: @jessica.syj

jessica jung instagram

6. Sandara Park

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The icon of “babyface”, the 31-year- old member of 2NE1 is known for looking way younger than she really is. Her youthful and dewy skin earned her many endorsements for brands such as Clio, Etude House and Moonshot by YG. Her no makeup selfies make ageing backwards seem really possible!

Follow her on Instagram: @daraxxi

sandara park instagram

7. Gunhee

Bella K-Beauty House at Nassim Road is the hair salon opened by this very stylist who worked with K-pop stars like Super Junior, JYJ and 4 Minute. Gunhee is almost a celebrity himself as he is often spotted hanging out with popular stars like Heechul and Jaejoong.

Follow him on Instagram: @gunheenim

gunhee instagram

8. Apple Kim

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Beauty also includes keeping a healthy body. Korea’s Hot Mum, Apple Kim, went viral on social media because of her fit physique despite being a mother of two children. She takes the importance of eating healthily and keeping fit onto her Instagram, motivating all her followers to hit the gym!

Follow her on Instagram: @applekim2

apple kim instagram

9. Soyou

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Speaking of S-line and gym craze, girl group Sistar’s Soyou is one of the names in K-pop that would fit the bill. The former host of TV show Get it Beauty, and the cover girl for April’s issue of Cosmopolitan Korea, Soyou shares a lot about her diet and exercise regimes. She also posts pictures of her airport fashion and music on Instagram. Following her would also mean that you could catch the other Sistars as well!

Follow her on Instagram: @soooo_you

soyou sistar instagram

10. Yoon A-ra

A makeup model and selca expert, Yoon A-ra gains her followers and popularity through sharing her makeup collection, OOTDs and skincare product recommendations on Instagram. She also shares tips about her diet and her selca techniques which includes the best camera angles and certain photo editing apps!

Follow her on Instagram: @yoonara_cf

yoon ara instagram