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MAMAMOO’s Hwasa is back with her solo track, I Love My Body, and fans are buzzing not just about her powerful singing, but also her noticeable weight loss!

Beyond her stunning looks, Hwasa’s weight loss journey is all about discipline and consistency.


Hwasa’s early idol days (left) and her recent performance (right) showcase a noticeable transformation in her physique.

Wondering how she achieved her lean and healthy look? Let’s break down five tips inspired by Hwasa’s approach!

Method #1: Yoga + Pilates


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Instead of fixating on the scale, Hwasa opts for a healthy and targeted sculpting of specific body parts. While high-intensity dance exercises contribute to fat burning, she embraces yoga and pilates as her favourites!

Yoga promotes muscle relaxation and overall body stretching, while pilates hones in on core muscle exercises, effectively slimming the lower abdomen and thighs, and tightening the waistline.

Method #2: Homemade “Sandwich Weight Loss Method”


Photo credit: @_mariahwasa/Instagram.

During her trainee days, Hwasa adopted a unique “Eating Single Slice Sandwich” method, reducing carbs by opting for a single layer of ingredients. By opting for a single layer of ingredients (even pancakes or burgers), she reduces carbohydrate intake.

Pairing it with salmon, ample vegetables like tomatoes and lettuce, and adding eggs for protein, Hwasa’s single-slice sandwich proves to be a nutritious, delicious, and satisfying slimming meal!

Method #3: Low-fat Oil Tofu Sushi


Photo credit: KOCOWA TV/Youtube.

In addition to her sandwich regimen, Hwasa shares another fat-reduction meal— “low-fat oil tofu sushi” learned from her fitness coach on I Live Alone.

Crushed tofu, spread on oiled tofu skin with selected ingredients, shaped into sushi – a quick, low-calorie alternative to traditional sushi!

Method #4: Engage in Aerobic Exercise


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Hwasa incorporates aerobic exercises like swimming, running, and stair climbing into her routine, favouring activities that induce a quick sweat and burn fat efficiently.

Experts recommend at least 20 minutes of aerobic exercise for effectiveness, citing benefits such as weight loss, physical fitness, and improved cardiovascular health.

Method #5: Embrace a Defiant Attitude Towards Beauty Standards


Photo credit: @_mariahwasa/Instagram.

Hwasa’s confidence has won her many fans. Despite facing criticism from the start, she encourages girls to embrace their bodies, as seen in her latest song, I Love My Body.

She said, “If I don’t fit today’s beauty norms, I’ll create new ones.” So, whether your legs are thick or not super slim, embracing your own attitude makes you the most beautiful!

Featured image credit: @_mariahwasa/Instagram.