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Even if you don’t watch Korean dramas, you might still have heard of friends gushing over shows like Goblin, Legend of the Blue Sea or Descendants of the Sun.

But even if you’re not a huge fan of drama series, there’s still something we feel everyone can benefit out of them – gorgeous hairstyles of characters in the shows! Here are 12 that we’ve picked out – and we love that most of them can be achieved rather effortlessly!

From Goblin

1. Au Natural – Ji Eun Tak (played by Kim Go Eun)

This hair style is so effortless yet chic, great for on-the-go ladies who don’t have all day to style their hair but still want to look youthful and put-together. This hairdo is especially fitting for ladies who work at corporate jobs.

DV Tip: This hair would lose its charm if your hair tips look dry. Be sure to condition your hair faithfully with an in-shower conditioner and leave-in serum. Also, if you plan to blow dry your hair, remember to apply a heat-protectant serum or cream.

Is this hairstyle for me? If you hate spending time on your hair, this look is for you. If your hair is wavy, you’ll definitely achieve that carefree look without much hassle.

2. Long Copper – Sunny (played by Yoo In-Na)

If you love experimenting with colours, consider the beautiful copper shade that Sunny has. Sophisticated but never boring, this is a great colour to try and will spice up your look instantly.

DV Tip: Care for your hair by using hair care products that are specifically formulated for dyed hair to ensure that the colour does not fade and your hair remains healthy.

Is this hairstyle for me? Sadly, this exact hair colour is not a one-size-fits-all. But you can consult your hairstylist to get a shade of copper that flatters your skin tone.

3. Bold Bangs and Layers – Samshin Grandma (played by Lee El)

Suitable for those who are familiar with bangs, this look takes it to the next level with a strong style that frames the face. Pair this look with a bold lip colour and you are good to go!

DV Tip: Perfect bangs have to be maintained. Start your day by styling them with a round brush and hairdryer to add more volume and shine.

Is this hairstyle for me? Blunt bangs look best with thick and straight hair. However, ladies who have acne-prone skin and oily skin may find bangs aggravating shine and pimples on the forehead. You should also be prepared to commit some time and money to maintaining your bangs.

From Legend of the Blue Sea

4. Mermaid Bed Hair – Se-Hwa  (played by Gianna Jun)

It is every girl’s childhood dream to be a mermaid – but even if you know this will never come true, it doesn’t hurt to have mermaid hair. This hairstyle works best if you have medium to long hair with lots of layers.

DV Tip: A natural and effortless way to obtain this look is to tie your hair up in a ballerina bun or a loose braid at night while it is slightly damp. In the morning, you will wake up with long bombshell waves just like Se-Hwa’s. To ensure the subtle curls stay throughout the day, apply hairspray or curling lotion to the ends of your hair.

Is this hairstyle for me? Unfortunately, ladies who detest hair-in-the-face and dutiful maintenance might find this hairdo a hassle. Regular trims are also necessary to eliminate split ends to maintain a healthy look.

5. Wavy Layered Lob – Teenage Se-Hwa (played by Shin Eun Soo)

If mermaid hair is too cumbersome for you, this is a great alternative. Cut your mermaid hair routine into half with this trendy hairdo. And don’t worry, you can still tie your hair in a ponytail or a bun on bad hair days.

DV Tip: Blow dry your hair upside down with a diffuser to get extra volume and natural waves.

Is this hairstyle for me? For this hairdo to look on point, the layers have to be cut according to your hair parting. Inform your hairdresser where your natural or desired parting is.

6.  Wispy Bangs – Cha Si-A (played by Shin Hye Sun)

If you were still thinking about Look #3 but are hesitating because you don’t have thick hair or you’re worried about oiling up your forehead, this is a great alternative if you still want to have bangs. This look is more versatile and suits ladies with long faces and sharper chins. You can wear this hairstyle with your hair down or in a ponytail just like Si-A.

DV Tip: If you have curly or wavy hair, use a hair straightener on your bangs for a more polished and neater look. Lightly apply some hair spray to keep them in place.

Is this Hairstyle for Me? Unlike Look #3, this bangs look is more versatile and suits most hair textures. It can also be pinned up on days that you don’t want hair in your face.

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