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No time for the gym? We understand. It can be challenging juggling work, family, and social life, and still needing to find time to care for our physique. This is why we’ve compiled five easy 30-minute fat-burning activities that you can try, starting from the most difficult to the easiest!

1. Ditch public transportation and car for cycling

30 Minute Fat Burn Cycle Home

Get off the bus or MRT (or if you drive, park) at a distance from your destination. Then, get onto a bicycle and cycle the rest of the way. With sharing bicycles available easily, cycling to your destination is actually much more convenient than you think.

We recommend planning a 30-minute cycle on your way home from work. This way, you can take the time to de-stress after a tiring work day, and then you can shower when you get home.

Difficulty level: High. This is especially when all you want to do is to get to your destination as quickly as possible for your next activity. You’ll also need to find a shower room if you’re intending to cycle to work. But if you put your will to it, we’re sure you can have the discipline to keep up with it!

2. Swap your chair for an exercise ball

30 Minute Fat Burn Excercise Ball For Work Chair

We spend most of our time on our office chair and there are many problems associated with it sitting in it the whole day. Sitting down requires little muscle activity, and on top of that, most of us assume a bad posture so it actually can even make us lose our core strength over time.

While it’s probably not going to be comfortable sitting on an exercise ball all day, swapping your chair for just 30 minutes can be a good way to sneak in some fat-burning activity. Remember to inflate the ball to a suitable height so that your thighs are parallel to the ball when you’re seated and to engage your core muscles in the 30 minutes you’re on it.

Difficulty level: High. The key challenge is to lug the exercise ball to the office and to make sure that your work station has sufficient space to accommodate both your regular chair and the ball. You may also need to put up with some curious stares.

3. Do housework yourself

30 Minute Fat Burn Mopping

Sweeping or mopping the floor makes for a great workout for both your upper and lower body. Instead of putting it off until you absolutely have to or hire part-time help so you don’t have to do it yourself, see it as a good way to get a 30-minute workout. As a bonus, you get to rest while looking at a squeaky clean house with satisfaction.

Difficulty level: Medium. It may be challenging to get yourself to do household chores especially after a long work day. Schedule it into your weekend plan and rope your partner or even children in, so you can turn it into fun family time!

4. Use a shopping basket instead of trolley

30 Minute Fat Burn Use Shopping Basket

There are two great things that will come out of it: first, you’ll spend less on unnecessary purchases, and second, you get to engage your muscles and burn more fats.

Difficulty level: Low. Once you do it frequently enough, it becomes a habit!

5. Enjoy a fat-burning body treatment

30 Minute Fat Burn Isculpt Laser Bmf 2

BMF Bella Marie France treatment room

Almost like a spa treatment, fat-burning treatments can be effective and comfortable at the same time. Try the i-Laser Sculpt, one of the latest fat-burning treatments by BMF Bella Marie France.

This 30-minute treatment uses low level laser therapy (LLLT) to initiate biological stimulation on a cellular level. The i-Laser Sculpt pads contain nine laser diodes each to fire at fat cells and in turn convert body fat into fatty acids, and then into ready-for-use energy source by the body.

30 Minute Fat Burn Isculpt Laser Bmf 1

3D body analysis by consultants for better understanding of concerns

Best coupled with exercise soon after the treatment as well as healthy meal plans, it burns converted fats right off so you can achieve a more svelte-looking silhouette.

This treatment is also non-invasive, has no downtime and is only available at all BMF Bella Marie France Beauty Gym, located at #10-01/02 Orchard Gateway @ Emerald.

Difficulty level: Low. Simply book an appointment and you’re all set!

The i-Laser Sculpt is the favourite treatment of celebrity and social media influencer Silver Ang, who used to be bullied for being chubby as a child. Hear her share her experience with it:

Burn fat in 30 minutes now

Why take anyone’s word for it when you can try it for yourself? BMF Bella Marie France has extended a special promotion for the i-Sculpt Laser at just SGD88 or SGD68 (if appointment is made for a weekday, between 2pm and 4pm). (Update: Promotion has ended!)

This article is brought to you by Bella Marie France.