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51-year-old Amy Quek is a successful working mother-of-three who knows exactly what it’s like to enjoy work-life balance. On a work day, she spends eight to nine hours at work, but makes sure that she has dinner and leisure activities with her children and husband when she knocks off. On weekends, the family-centric Amy also spends most of her time with her family – both immediate and extended – at outings and cook-outs. Looking at how she finds time to be with her family, you’ll be surprised that she is a power woman who shoulders huge responsibilities at work.

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As she enters into her 50s, Amy finds that she needs more time to de-stress her body and pick up her energy level compared to the past. The time-starved woman notices that while her mind and will are still strong, her body is beginning to protest because it’s getting harder for it to keep up with her hectic pace.

Amy also finds that she is more concerned about quality as she matures. She finds that she invests in better skincare products compared to the past, because price isn’t the most important factor to her anymore – value is. This is why she is more willing to spend on using products that can help her look more youthful, and she indulges in them before she goes to bed and before she leaves the house.

Taking joy and comfort from her husband and three children, Amy also finds it crucial to keep a healthy body weight and lifestyle. “I have to make the time and commitment to keep my weight at a healthy level; eat well and keep active,” explains Amy. She also goes for more regular health checks, and watch out for signs of fatigue from her body; she makes sure she attends to these signs, instead of ignoring them.

Learn from the expert

Consultants and nutritionists at Marie France Bodyline understand the problems that women in their 50s, like Amy, have to overcome. They gave us some advice to coping with the challenges mature women face.

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  • Metabolism rate slows down: Don’t mistake the metabolism rate slowdown as an ageing process; it is actually caused by higher body fat percentage. To improve metabolic rate, consume foods that are low in fat and refine starch, and high in lean protein and fruits and vegetables. This way, you will be reducing body fat and increasing muscles, which will help lift your metabolic rate.
  • Loss in skin elasticity and cellulite: This is inevitable but you can seek professional help to improve the appearance of your body. The SVS3 Radio Wave Body Perfector by Marie France Bodyline, for instance, stimulates fat metabolism and collagen production. This treatment has been proven to improve the look of cellulite and reduce overall circumference of up to 24cm.
  • Menopausal syndromes: Eating clean and having healthy blood circulation and lymphatic drainage system are the key factors to prolonging menopause.

Ageing with grace and beauty

In the past few weeks, we have interviewed women of all ages: Carrie in her 20s who is getting used to stressful working life, Flora in her 30s who is feeling more fatigue and see easier weight gain, Katherine who is approaching 40 and is more and more concerned about her health, and Amy in her 50s who needs to grapple with visible body changes and manage menopausal syndromes.

While all women face different issues and challenges at different stages of their life, we cannot underestimate the will of a woman who strives to present her best – both at what she does, and how she looks. We are never as old as we were yesterday, and while we are still trying to make the best of our current stage in life, we often realise that we are already stepping into the next – and we have to understand our body needs all over again. However, there is camaraderie in womanhood – learn from your peers, share tips, and make every age the prime of your life.

There are also professionals ready to extend their help. Understanding your body fat, for instance, is one way to resolve problems like quicker weight gain, sluggishness, health-related issues such as diabetes and heart problems, and managing menopause. You can get a free analysis of your body fat mass and fat percentage, as well as a one-to-one consultation with Marie France Bodyline’s nutritionist to find out how you can maximise your body’s potential for a healthier and shapelier you, no matter what age you may be.

This is part of a special series of articles in conjunction with International Women’s Day. We interview women of all ages and walks of life about their womanhood journey. Nutritionists and consultants from Marie France Bodyline also share with us the changes women face at every age, what advice they have for each body, age and lifestyle needs, and hopefully, through these intimate sharing, you’ll be able to see a reflection of yourself and gain some insights on how to make your life and appearance better. Check out our introduction article to have see the interviewees we have spoken to.

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