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Being photographed frequently and appearing on TV mean celebrities are pressured to look good all the time. Some may even go as far as to say that making sure they stay in shape is part of the job scope of a celebrity.

Since celebrities are pros when it comes to getting into shape, it’s definitely worth our time to find out what they do to get their killer bodies. Read on to find out!

1. Katy Perry’s routine for great legs

Katy Perry didn’t just chop off her hair this year. She also lost a ton of body fat and gained some serious strength. Just check out this routine (in slow-mo):

That’s pretty cool, and if you’re familiar with workouts, you’ll recognise this as a modified version of a “Skater Jump”. This plyometric, side-to-side motion engages almost the entire lower body, and will push your leg muscles hard. If you want to get explosive speed and look good, this is one of the moves you must add into your workout.

2. Khloe Kardashian’s routine to get her revenge body

Khloe may not be the most famous Kardashian, but she’s no slouch in the workout department. This fitness fanatic does what they call “double-duty” movements, the latest of which use heavy ropes as a core part of the workout.

If you notice, she’s working her entire body at one go. her legs are moving, her upper body is engaged via the weight of those ropes and her core is forced into action from balancing on top of the Bosu Ball. We’re guessing this is what you have to do when you want to host a show about Revenge Bodies, eh?

3. Zac Efron’s Baywatch body routine

You can say a lot about Zac Efron, but you cannot say that his body isn’t ripped in this Summer’s Baywatch movie. This guy’s body is amazing, but how he earned it is even more impressive.

The High School Musical star went from skinny to totally jacked, by incorporating something called “Supersetting”.

Doing two sets of exercises back-to-back is forces the body to drive more nutrition-filled blood into the muscles, and doubles up as cardio at the same time. You won’t get super shredded like him unless you eat a ton of calories, but you will end up with some serious toning and definition if you add supersets into your workouts.

4. Lauren Graham’s fitness trick

Gilmore Girls star, Lauren Graham, got help from celebrity fitness trainer Michelle Lovitt in the form of a heart rate monitor. This old school solution got Lauren’s body into shape for a magazine cover shoot.

It seems that by keeping within 60 to 85 percent of your maximum heart rate, your body stays within the fat burning zone, where it actively burns fat for energy. In situations like these, a heart rate monitor is crucial, as it allows you to keep a close eye on your fat burning activity.

5. Victoria’s Secret Angel’s workout

With the TRX training system, Victoria’s Secret Angel Isabel Goulart’s six-pack literally hangs in the balance.

TRX Suspension training is a highly versatile, bodyweight-only system that allows for people to work out almost anywhere. This particular move done by Isabel works her core muscles to the max by forcing her to balance as she brings her legs up and down. It might look simple, but it’s a highly complex movement, perfect for toning the body and building strength.

6. Chris Pratt’s Guardians of the Galaxy body workout

Chris Pratt transformed into Superhero, dropping over 28kg in five months for his lead role in Guardians of the Galaxy. For those familiar with Pratt’s previous look, this stunning transformation got people wondering about his workout.

It seems like Pratt’s last few weeks in the gym have the answers. While he started out only bodybuilding to build muscle mass, the final weeks of his training involved some serious conditioning work. He was put through endless cardio circuits, before being thrown into weightlifting and bodyweight workouts. It might sound merciless, but that’s what it took to turn him into a Guardian of the Galaxy.

7. Rihanna’s routine for killer legs

The R&B Princess (Sorry, Beyoncé is still QUEEN) has some stunning legs, and her secret is to attack her legs from every possible angle, broken down into four key exercises: Alternating forward lunges for the front of her thighs, Stiff leg deadlift for back of her thighs, cable abductions for her inner thighs and heel lifts for her calves.

It’s clear she went all out, because if you looked at her legs, they’re most definitely va-va-voom!