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When you think of weight loss, a combination of exercising and eating healthily definitely comes to mind. While these two factors play a part in weight loss, you’ll be interested to know there are other surprising “hacks” that may help you achieve your weight goals, without breaking a sweat or starving yourself. Best part? They’re backed up by scientific studies, so they’re definitely worth your consideration.

1. Give these a whiff when you’re feeling hungry

Believe it or not, a study by Alan R. Hirsch from the Smell and Taste Research Foundation showed that sniffing apples, bananas or peppermint can help you curb those hunger pangs! Smelling “neutral” sweet smells can curb appetite as it tricks the brain into thinking you’ve had a meal or a snack. So the next time you’re tempted to snack, pick up an apple and sniff it!

2. Drink plenty of water!

According to nutritionists from slimming expert Marie France Bodyline, drinking water can help boost your metabolism, and flush away the toxins and waste from the body. It also prevents the body from retaining water, which will help you lose the extra water weight. Water is also an appetite suppressant, so that explains why you feel full faster when you drink too much water before a meal!

3. Detox water


If you don’t enjoy drinking plain water, try detox water, or infused water. Simply add slices of fruits into your water to give it a little more flavour. Besides providing you with detoxification benefits and additional nutrients, it also encourages you to drink up more (See point #3!) There are many detox water recipes available online, and you can surely find one that you’ll like.

Detox drinks also have the added benefit of supporting digestion and weight loss as your body is able to cleanse itself of body toxins. Many people have trouble seeing weight loss results or sustaining results because of toxins in the body. Regular detoxification can certainly help make the process an easier one.

4. Go for regular massages

Other than it being a great way to help you relax, it also aids in weight loss! Massages enhances blood circulation which in turn deliver nutrients to your body better, while removing toxins in your body more effectively. Accumulation of toxins attribute to the accumulation of fat. So the faster toxins get removed from the body, the lower the likelihood of it accumulating into fat, which eventually leads to more effective weight loss.

5. Detox AND go for a massage!

Increase the effectiveness of your weight loss regime by doing both detoxification and a massage at the same time. The Dynamic Sculpt Activator by Marie France Bodyline is a 2-in-1 treatment that consists of a “chi” massage and the use of a pressotherapy device. It’s one of Fann Wong’s favourite treatments, and we’re not surprised why.

marie-france-bodyline-dynamic-sculpt-activator-fann-wongThe first step, the “chi” massage, is used to speed up the removal of liquids and toxins in the body. Much like a healing massage that you may receive in a luxury spa, this therapy helps to improve energy flow in body to achieve overall wellness, and at the same time frees blockages in the abdomen for detoxification.

The second step is pressotherapy, which helps to improve blood circulation and achieve lymphatic drainage.

Pressotherapy is done using  a professional device at Marie France Bodyline, where air compression and detox therapy is administered to enhance the body’s natural detoxification ability.

With detox (through “chi” massage”) and better blood circulation (pressotherapy), your body will be more receptive to weight loss, and you’ll definitely start to see more prominent results.

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