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We all have our own remedies to tide over the time of the month but hey, do we really know what food to avoid? Or do we just know that we have to stay away from cold drinks? We gathered five myths that are related to the time of the month and we promise that this article will clear some of your biggest questions.

1.  “I am allowed to satisfy my sweet tooth during my period.”


This myth is so busted! During the time of the month, your body undergoes hormonal changes and this causes blood sugar levels to become unstable; The very reason of your cravings!

By satisfying that craving and eating foods high in sugar acids, your blood sugar level will fluctuate more and give rise to mood swings and tension. Sugar also induces inflammation, which can worsen your menstrual breakouts, so cutting back on refined sugar is advised. If you want to keep those crankiness at bay, it would be good to limit foods that are high in starch.

However, not all hope is lost! You can always opt for a piece of dark chocolate that has 60 per cent or higher content of cacao beans. Dark chocolates contain helpful antioxidants that boosts serotonin, which improves your mood.

Not too much of a dark chocolate fan? Then you can always go for citrus options. Fruits, such as oranges and apricots, contain natural sugars that alleviates sugar cravings. So maybe before reaching out for those gummy bears, try crunching on pears instead.

2. “Fried food is comfort food!”


Not true! Fried foods contain high levels of fat content and increases levels of oestrogen. With high levels of oestrogen, you are more likely to experience frequent pain and cramps during your period. The high level of salt would also cause water retention so if you want to look less puffy, it’s probably a smart move to steer clear from such foods.

3. “Whole wheat bread over white bread!”


That’s right! Foods that are rich in fibre helps to keep your digestive track to run smoothly! Whole grains are an excellent source of magnesium and vitamins B and E, which fight fatigue and muscle tension. Feeling quite bloated from your period? Stock up on almonds, chia seeds, and blackberries!

4. “Caffeine will not affect my period.”


We sure hope so, but sadly, it’s not true. According to James F. Blach and Mark Stengler, authors of Prescription for Natural Cures, foods and beverages that contain caffeine aggravates symptoms like anxiety and breast tenderness. It is said to increase stomach acid and might worsen cramps as it constricts the blood vessels. Looks like it will be wise to cut back on caffeinated drinks during your period ladies!

DV Tip: Hydrate yourself with tons of water as it alleviates bloating. Your body retains water as it is afraid that it will not get sufficient amounts of it. As such, if you give it more water, it will release the water it’s holding onto. This decreases water retention, which causes cramps and bloating.

5. “Eat more salmon! It relieves pain!”


You got that right, ladies! When your period is heavy, it can contribute to iron deficiency anaemia, which causes sluggishness and mood swings. As such, consuming more fish or foods that are rich in omega-3 fats is a natural way to relieve menstrual pain. Omega-3 fats promote the production of anti-inflammatory and can be found in sardines, mackerel and wild salmon. Looks like there is another good reason to indulge in salmon sashimi![tps_footer][/tps_footer]