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While there are many aspects to weight loss (muscle loss, water loss, etc.), the most widely talked about one or perhaps even synonymously equated to weight loss is fat loss.

As society endemically rules fat as definitively bad or unattractive, let’s keep in mind that each and every human body relies heavily on fat cells to support cell growth, protect our most vital organs, keep us warm, absorb nutrients, produce hormones, supply our body with energy, and much more. In short, fats are essential for our survival.

Body fat percentage & the implications of having excessive fats

According to Beth Israel Lahey Health Winchester Hospital, the ideal body fat percentage for women of ages 20-39 lies between 21% and 32% while the ideal for men of the same age range is between 8% and 19%.

However, an imbalance in the fat cycle or having a body fat percentage higher than recommended could possibly result in disease. These include type 2 diabetes, coronary artery disease, stroke, and high blood pressure, among many other health issues.

In particular, having too much visceral fat, or otherwise known as “belly fat”, usually stored in the abdomen section and around the major organs, can be detrimental to health.

Some discreet causes of fat gain

Thus, going beyond our appearances and attractiveness levels, it’s important for us to keep up with a regular exercise regimen and watch our diets to reduce the amount of lipids in our body, especially given the high levels of stress city dwellers all face on the daily resulting in heightened levels of the “stress hormone”, Cortisol, which inconspicuously causes a larger appetite.

Furthermore, the increase in age is also associated with a steady increase in the accumulation of white fat, inevitably adding inches on our waistlines whether we like it or not.

eat salad for weight loss

While research has shown that weight training is most effective in ridding of visceral fat, compared to cardio or high-intensity interval training (HIIT), let’s face it – not all of us will be able to make time for hourly sessions in the gym three to four times a week.

If you’re having a little trouble shedding stubborn pockets of fat in your hip or thigh area, or are struggling to prevent an impending muffin top, you might want to give these 13 fat-busting supplements a try.

1. Shinya Koso Daily Digestion Enzyme

Shinya Koso Daily Digestion Enzyme (beauty Plus)

Shinya Koso is a fast-acting active enzyme supplement that contains nature-derived enzymes and ingredients that not only helps the body break down fats, carbohydrates and proteins, but also helps block the effects of over-eating and alcohol intake – thereby improving overall gut health!

As enzymes diminish in numbers with age, compensate with a packet of these tablets on the daily to aid digestion while helping enzymes remain active in the gut. The brand’s star product, the Daily Digestion Enzyme (Beauty Plus) contains eight different types of added beauty ingredients including marine collagen and hyaluronic acid and is perfect if you’re looking for an all-rounded wellness supplement. Read more about it here.

Shinya Koso Daily Digestion Enzyme (Beauty Plus) retails for S$41.90 at Guardian.

2. BNR17 Diet Lactobacillus BNRThin Pro

Bnr17's Diet Lactobacillus Bnrthin Pro

Known to be Korea’s first ever body fat-reducing probiotic and bestselling supplement, the BNR17 Diet Lactobacillus BNRThin Pro launches after 20 years of research. Unlike other supplements in the market, each tablet from the bottle contains live and fresh cultures in its capsule, delivered and stored cold in a special patented container to ensure the product reaches your doorstep in tip-top condition.

The Lactobacillus Gasseri BNR17®, a type of probiotic strain isolated from human breast milk, aids in digestion, fights off bad bacteria in the gut, and facilitates bowel movement at the same time. For the best results, take one capsule at the same time every day and avoid consuming with acidic drinks or hot water. These supplements should also be stored in the refrigerator (0-10°C) for maximum freshness.

BNR17 Diet Lactobacillus BNRThin Pro retails for S$115 exclusively on Ksisters.sg for a bottle of 30 capsules.

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3. NutriLife Trim & Slim Minicinov

Nutrilife Trim & Slim Mininov Fat Burning Supplement (1)

First, a little bit of biology; the body is made up of different kinds of fats, with brown fat cells being those the body uses for energy production (for instance, to regulate body temperature in hot/cold conditions) while white fat cells primarily convert excess glucose into lipids (fats) for future use. Too much of white fat cells and the body will become more efficient at storing fats – which isn’t something most of us would like.

NutriLife’s Trim & Slim Mininov utilises the latest weight loss innovation from France, as well as capsaicin and nopal to transform white fat cells into brown ones instead. With a lower rate of conversion of the energy consumed into fats, bid farewell to obstinate fat pockets that just won’t budge simply with four tablets every morning.

NutriLife Trim & Slim Mininov retails for S$89.90 for 120 tablets at Watsons and Shopee.

4. AFC LipoDOWN2

Afc Lipodown2 Fat Burning Supplement

As the number one bestselling fat burner in Singapore for six years running, users of the AFC LipoDOWN2 sing praises for this fat-busting supplement that’s brought about visible and sustainable fat loss with its natural and safe formula. Burn 200% more fat daily with this clinically proven formula that fuels fat burning even while you’re at rest.

Enhanced with APF Fat Reduction Factors, extracted at high purity from unripe apples (apple polyphenols) and Japanese brown seaweed (fucoxanthin), this Japanese supplement blocks unhealthy fat storage and reduces fat cell growth while increasing fat metabolism. Gradually shed your flabby love handles without making major alterations to your lifestyle with two to four softgels daily.

AFC LipoDOWN2 retails for S$69.60 for 60 softgels at Watsons and Lazada.


Arkofluides Fat Burner 20 Unidose

As the number one health supplement in France, the ARKOFLUIDES Fat Burner is an organic plant-based health supplement comprising of green tea, seaweed, birch, and pineapple in an innovative reinvention of liquid herbal medicine. Using an all-new ultrasound extraction process that draws out the active components of plants without using synthetic solvents, extracts are purer and more effective, delivering faster results!

This ECOCERT-certified product is free of gluten, sweeteners, preservatives, alcohol, and all nasties that serve to dilute instead, giving you a much more concentrated mix. Product may be taken several times over the year.

ARKOFLUIDES Fat Burner retails for S$49 for 20 UNIDOSES at Watsons and Lazada.

6. Ms Kinny Slimming Coffee

Ms Kinny Sliming Coffee

Ranked as the number one slimming coffee in Singapore, the Ms Kinny Slimming Coffee is a 100% plant-based product made with green coffee beans, L-carnitine, L-Glutamine, coconut oil, and gurana. L-carnitine is an amino acid formed in the liver and kidneys that helps increase the conversion of fats to energy, to be put to good use. L-Glutamine, on the other hand, reduces food cravings while ensuring muscle mass is maintained so that your gains at the gym won’t go to waste!

Suitable for gradual weight loss, this lactose-free supplement comes in the form of sachets to be brewed once or twice daily for best results. Consume on an empty stomach to increase absorption.

Ms Kinny Slimming Coffee retails for S$68 per box online.

7. KLab Slim & Control

Klab Slim & Control (1)

Said to be the secret to achieving K-beauty standards and idol-worthy figures, KLab’s Slim & Control has gained hordes of fans, from world-wide celebrities to local influences alike. This supplement is now formulated with even more active ingredients to ensure greater weight loss results without depriving the body of any nutrients.

Keep healthy and stay trimmed with all natural ingredients such as jasmine flower and red sage extracts that give the metabolism a boost, increases immunity and energy stamina, as well as stimulate circulation. Added poria mushrooms aid in reducing fluid retention while improving on the overall clarity of the skin! Be sure to check out the testimonials that are unsurprisingly aplenty. Usage varies with BMI.

KLab Slim & Control retails for S$114 for 60 capsules at Watsons. Available on Zalora as well.

8. Borsch Med Bind&Block FAT

Borsch Med Bind & Block Fat

If you’re indulging in a buffet or high-calorie feast on a special occasion, set your mind at ease with the Borsch Med Bind&Block FAT supplement containing chitosan, a sugar which – you guessed it – binds to ingested fats and subsequently blocks its absorption into the body. These complexes bypass the digestive track without being stored, effectively reducing the number of fat cells in the body.

Simply consume a sachet 30 minutes before each meal to attain your fat loss goals. Check out this video below.


Borsch Med Bind&Block FAT retails for S$39 for 30 sachets at Watsons and Shopee.

9. FANCL Dynamic Fat Burner

Fancl Dynamic Fat Burner

Shape up with the latest fat-burning supplement from FANCL. Infused with ginger, garcinia cambogia, melilotus, and branched-chain amino acids extracts, the Dynamic Fat Burner accelerates fat burning while eliminating painful bloating and water retention.

Ideal for food-loving individuals who indulge in frequent feasts and/or lead relatively sedentary lifestyles, support the body’s fat-burning mechanism and give a boost to your metabolism by drinking a bottle daily 15 minutes before every meal or exercise.

FANCL Dynamic Fat Burner retails at FANCL outlets islandwide. Learn more about this supplement here.

10. AVALON Fat Burner Plus

Avalon Fat Burner Plus

Returning in an improved reformulation of the AVALON Fat Burner that’s designed to be five times stronger and more effective than regular fat burning formulas, the AVALON Fat Burner Plus is an all-natural slimming supplement suitable for all. Free of any diuretic, laxative, appetite suppressant, ephedrine, and caffeine, you can be sure to get the most from each pill without experiencing unwanted side effects.

Enriched with green tea extract and curcumin that speed up metabolism and prevent fat absorption, this supplement also contains piperine extract which enhances the bioavailability of curcumin making it 20 times easier for our bodies to absorb nutrients. Piperine also increases the absorption of beneficial antioxidants in green tea, making each dosage even more effective in burning fat. See the difference in just eight weeks!

AVALON Fat Burner Plus retails for S$75 for 60 capsules online, at Watsons, and Guardian.

11. SVELTY Smart Bacteria

Svelty Smart Bacteria

Kick start your fat loss journey with a stable intestinal environment and an improved metabolism. The SVELTY Smart Bacteria is an award-winning formula containing 25 different bacteria, including an original blend of the innovative “Smart Bacteria®” that promises to enhance the waistline from the inside out.

Through thorough research, the perfect combination of bacteria and traditional herbs, including aloe arborescens, sicklepod, mulberry-leaf, fermented plant extracts, enoki mushroom linolic acid, and kombucha, was formulated to balance the gut and deliver lactic acid in amounts equivalent to that of 13 servings of yoghurt, in a single capsule! Take four to six tablets after evening meals.

SVELTY Smart Bacteria retails for S$44.90 for 120 capsules at Guardian.

12. Trimtone

Trimtone Fat Burning Supplement

Produced by Swiss Research Labs Limited, Trimtone is a 100% natural fat burner made for the modern day woman to help her achieve her body goals faster. Increase the conversion of stored fat to energy quicker as Trimtone stimulates thermogenesis to rid of the most stubborn fat round-the-clock.

Stay in control of your eating as grains of paradise, a herb from the ginger family, fires up brown adipose tissue that keeps your energy levels stable all day. Not only will you feel less lethargic, you’re less likely to experience food cravings as well! The gentle dosage of dietary fibre Glucomannan also expands to fill up your stomach, effectively curbing cravings. To be taken on the daily.

Trimtone retails for US$49.95 (~S$68.06) for 30 capsules online.

13. DHC Tabetomo

Dhc Tabetomo Fat Burning

The DHC Tabetomo Chewable Anti-Fat Tablets Diet Supplement is a convenient option that can be consumed anywhere without water. Containing 2,000mg of α-cyclodextrin that reduces trigylcerides and cholesterol while suppressing the absorption of fatty acids and sugars, each tablet helps digest the excess food that the body has no need for and works hard to break down excessive carbs so that you can enjoy lavish repasts without worrying about your calorie intake.

These tablets come accompanied with a delectable yoghurt taste to curb your appetite. Take three every time, for one to three times daily.

DHC Tabetomo Chewable Anti-Fat Tablets Diet Supplement retails for S$29.90 for 90 tablets at Watsons and YesStyle.

14. SlimSpa Six Pack

Slimspa Six Pack Fat Burning Supplement

SlimSpa’s first slimming tablet formulated exclusively for men, SlimSpa Six Pack, is a power fat burning and toning solution that brings fast results. Made of carefully selected premium-grade raw ingredients of natural, herbal, and organic extract, this formula has been clinically proven to increase the body’s metabolic rate, energy expenditure, and help promote fast reductions in weight and body fat.

Each tablet contains a blend of white willow bark extract, cocoa bean extract, and green tea extract that rewires the body to utilise fat first for energy, further accelerating fat loss. Not to worry about energy-draining side effects that often accompany fat-loss supplements as the SlimSpa Six Pack tablets promise to boost mood and concentration levels.

SlimSpa Six Pack retails for S$139 for 60 tablets at Watsons and Lazada.

Final note

While these fat-burning supplements are backed by scientific evidence, do note that results may vary from person to person, and you should always consult a doctor if you have questions about your suitability to consume them. It’s important to note that regular exercise and moderated consumption of food and beverages are needed in order to stay in the pink of health. It’s also crucial to recognise that health does not come with a moral value attached.