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We’re no strangers to seeing mouthwatering food photography or chic OOTDs (Outfit of the Day) on Instagram. But what about the health and fitness department? With these 20 Instagram individuals to follow for their enviable abs and bodies toned to perfection, you’ll be more than motivated to ditch the burger and hit the gym each day.

1. Angie

A photo posted by Angie ? (@sassyyogi) on

How she motivates us: Nimble and resilient, Angie of The Yoga Co spurs us on with envy-inducing snapshots of her graceful yoga poses that often come with words of wisdom and encouragement.

2. Jason Julius Lim

How he motivates us: Just one look at his beach-ready body and his bulging biceps will have you dropping down for a couple of quick push-ups and planning for your next trip to the gym!

3. Joel Tan

A photo posted by Joel (@joeeetan) on

How he motivates us: That ferocious look of determination and zeal is what you need to get off your butt, mosey on to the track, and break a sweat.

4. Kirstie Gannaway

How she motivates us: Everything about Kirstie screams badass, from the bodacious zebra-print leggings to the piercing stare to her thunderous punches – you won’t want to mess with her.

5. Hana

How she motivates us: You’d be hard-pressed to find this bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ball of energy in a picture where she isn’t upside down or balancing herself on her hands.

6. Jessica Sinclair

How she motivates us: Jessica, a captivating red-head who founded The Yoga Mandala and calls herself a “free spirit” and a “wild child”, once suffered from severe scoliosis before she found yoga and practised it with a passion.

7. Suzie Wong

How she motivates us: From her Instagram shots, she seems like a mere health nut and pole dancer. But really, she’s also an entrepreneur, singer, and host. Impressed yet?

8. Tyen Ying Fong

A photo posted by Tyen (@tyenstagram) on

How she motivates us: A bikini champion, fitness buff, and theatre geek, this youthful eye candy is unafraid of pursuing more than one aspiration (or showing off those remarkable guns).

9. Selina

How she motivates us: When Selina works out, she makes sure to do it in style – just check out those rad, floral leggings.

10. Gideon Ng Chee Yuan

A photo posted by Ng Chee Yuan (@ng.cheeyuan) on

How he motivates us: Watching his weightlifting videos that he posts regularly on Instagram makes us want to cheer him on as he fights through the struggle and completes his reps.

11. Muhammad Zulfadly

A photo posted by Brock Del monte (@hunkycrunky) on

How he motivates us: As a chunky kid, he used to dream about being one of those hard-bodied men who graced the covers of fitness magazines. Today, after shedding those pounds and pushing through the pain over the years, he’s emerged a victorious heavyweight champion.

12. Natalie

A photo posted by Natalie (@nattylifts) on

How she motivates us: With covetable abs like hers, you won’t need anything else to motivate you to whip out your old yoga mat for a couple of sit-ups.

13.  Leroy

A photo posted by Leroy (@ketobeast) on

How he motivates us: A student of dentistry who can also bench-press 140kg? Leroy is the definition of a high flyer. If he does become a dentist, one thing’s for sure: a lot more people will be making appointments to get their teeth checked.

14.  Ingelica Lee

A photo posted by Ingelica Lee ?? (@lee.inge) on

How she motivates us: This 22-year-old is much more than just a pretty face. A student who teaches dance and fitness classes part-time, Ingelica once broke her teeth, cut her lip, endured awful stitches, and still brought her A-game in a dance competition the following day.

15. Ryan Heng

How he motivates us: Ryan may be young, but the lad’s already worked his way up to being a physique champion, not just once, but thrice – and he sure as hell isn’t stopping there. Not to mention, as a personal trainer, he’s always spreading positive vibes that we all could use a bit of every day.

16.  Alicia Pan

A photo posted by Alicia Pan (@alicia_pan) on

How she motivates us: An indie singer-songwriter with a self-titled EP out, the owner and director of The Yoga Movement, and a self-proclaimed aficionado of martial arts, Alicia is a fitness-forward force to be reckoned with.

17. Danial Bawany

How he motivates us: With his eyes on becoming a powerlifting/bodybuilding champion, this beefcake’s regime of training twice a day and six days a week certainly puts yours to shame.

18.  Sara Wee

A photo posted by Sara Wee (+65) ?? (@sara53a) on

How she motivates us: Not only is Sara an established singer and musician from 53A, a pop-rock cover band in Singapore, she’s also a certified yoga instructor who inspires us to chase our dreams no matter how varied and ambitious.

19. Jen



How she motivates us: It’s hard to maintain a career (especially if you’re working long hours), as well as a healthy lifestyle. But this lawyer shows us impossible is indubitably nothing.

20. Darren Stephen Lim

A photo posted by Darren Stephen Lim (@dslasher) on

How he motivates us: A former Manhunt Singapore finalist and the founder of Singapore-based gym D’Fitness, Darren dedicates much of his time helping others achieve their fitness goals.

What are you waiting for? With all these Instagram athletes to call your newfound fitness role models, you’ve no longer any excuse to continue skipping gym time!

This article is brought to you by LunchClick.