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The gym is a place to improve your health, fitness and well-being, and should be treated as a safe, respectful space. Therefore, going to the gym with the ulterior motive of meeting someone is often frowned upon. However, being at the gym means you’ll come into contact with physically fit, attractive individuals. It’s inevitable that one of them will eventually catch your eye, and should you have to breach your own rule about not mixing fitness with pleasure, make sure you’ve kept one of these pickup lines handy!

1. “Can you show me how to use (any machine of your choice)?”

gym machines

This one sounds natural and earnest, and is likely to avail you of the attention and guidance of the object of your affection. However, do note that using this on a newcomer at the gym, or on someone who has witnessed you use the machine in question like a pro, will obviously have disastrous consequences. Don’t end up getting called out on your ruse!

2. “Can you spot me into this?”


Help at the gym is always available for those who ask for it, and this request for help may just blossom into the start of a romance. Initiate contact, and let everything else follow.

3. “You don’t need to waste your time on that treadmill, you’ve been running through my mind all day.”

treadmill for cardio exercises

We know, intuitively creepy. However, if you know for a fact that your crush has a cheesy sense of humour, go for it! After all, it may just get a laugh out of him/her. Remember, the creepy factor for this one depends on the execution! If you’re sneaking up behind someone and whispering the line into their ear, you deserve to remain single. However, if you keep it casual and light, you may just get lucky.

4. The classic “hi” and “bye”

gym membership

A pickup line doesn’t have to be complicated – it’s not rocket science. Sometimes, getting out a quick and simple “hi”and “bye” each time you meet your crush at the gym can work wonders. You position yourself as friendly, and pave the way for more conversation to be made.

5. “I’m going to refill my bottle, would you like me to help you with yours?”

after work out

This should only be used if you’re in close proximity to your crush – if you’re walking across the entire gym and going out of your way to help one particular person with his/her bottle, it’s going to seem strange, obvious and super creepy. Offering to help someone shows that you’re a caring and thoughtful individual (great boyfriend/girlfriend material!) and can be a lead-up to more exchanges between the two of you!

In executing pick up lines, all will be well if you’re natural and go with the flow. If all fails, don’t be demoralised! Just remember that at least you’re at the gym and getting to work on your bangin’ bod.

This article is brought to you by LunchClick.