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It’s late. Like, really late. You’re the only one awake at home, typing furiously at your computer because you really need to get a report done by the next day. Then, it hits you hard. Your tummy growls, and your hands are a little bit shaky. Dinner didn’t keep you full enough for this late night endeavour, but you’re trying to lose weight and really don’t want to eat anything late at night. After all, eating a late night snack is a huge no-no in the diet bible.

Well, we’re going to change the text on that. Guess what? Yes, you can have a late night bite! The only catch? You have to be selective – but we’ve already done that for you. Read on and see which foods made our short-list.

1. Popcorn

SSHH!! Don’t gasp so loudly. Yes, you can have popcorn without getting fat. But don’t be too quick to stock up at Garrett’s or your favourite movie theatre. The ones we’re talking about are unsalted popcorns; the real calories from popcorns come from the butter. Popcorns by themselves only have about 90 calories. Best of all, popcorns are high in fibre so you can stay full for longer.

2. Chocolate


We know, we keep surprising you with our options, don’t we? Chocolate is an amazing food, but most people equate that with unwanted simple carbohydrates. To make things clear, we’re not talking about your regular run-of-the-mill milk chocolate bars, which are loaded with sugars.

For your late night chocolate snack, you’ll need to suss out a bar of dark chocolate. Make sure it has at least 70% cacao, if not more, of that good stuff. Dark chocolate is great for lowering inflammation and blood pressure, so if you’ve been working out, this is one of the best recovery foods to consume.

3. Almonds

Finally, something that doesn’t fly in the face of conventional weight loss advice. We all know almonds have protein, but did you know they contain tryptophan, a sleep-supporting amino acid that can help you sleep better? Well, now you do! Just make sure that they’re raw and unsalted.

4. Carrots

Carrots are fluid-dense vegetables that are laden with fibre, making them a great choice for staving off midnight hunger pangs. If you’re looking to keep beautiful, then you’ll be happy to know that carrots have vitamins and antioxidants that take care of your skin too. They keep you full, and beautiful!

5. Greek yoghurt

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Non-flavoured greek yoghurt, which you can find in most supermarkets, is also an awesome food to keep you full. All you need to do is throw some of that protein rich yoghurt into a cup, and put in a handful of blueberries or strawberries to sweeten the taste. Bonus points if you add in a tablespoon of chia seeds.

If it’s too sour for you, it’s alright to drop a dollop of honey on top of it all.

6. Warm Milk


Here’s a comforting one for you: Get a cup of low fat milk, bring it to a low simmer, then start sipping it as you work through the night. The milk stays in your tummy and soothes the hunger pangs, while you get its protein. It’s a win-win!

7. Apple

The humble apple makes its appearance in this list because it’s one of the most accessible fruits around. Pick up a few apples every week and place them in the fridge. These fibre-laden, low calorie wonders will rescue you from hunger pangs in a pinch. It’s convenient, and healthy to boot!

8. Baked sweet potato

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If you’re craving some warm comfort, then go for a small sweet potato. Sweet potatoes won’t go straight into your system like their potato cousins. They’re full of complex carbs, and also high in potassium. One sweet potato will be enough to fill you up for the entire night.