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Do you find yourself reaching out for sugary treats every now and then? Alright, some might claim that the sugar cravings get intense when you’re feeling down. We feel ya!

Having a square of chocolate or two to take those gloomy days away can be forgiven. But, let’s stop and think about our daily habits – you might just be adding a tad too much sugar in your coffee and reaching out for one too many candy to perk yourself up.

Follow these four simple steps to ditch that sugar addiction. We promise, it’s really very simple! Psst, you might even find yourself dropping some pounds.

1. Have ample rest

Believe it or not, sleep deprivation could lead to overeating and over-indulgence of junk food! Studies have shown that a lack of rest of two hours or more could lead to an increase in consumption of sweets and/or desserts of up to 52%. This also causes a psychological effect that could make you feel that sweet foods are more appealing than usual.

Stick to having seven to nine hours of sleep everyday. With proper amount of rest, sugar cravings can be reduced over time. And hey, you might even abstain from calorie-dense food, like potato chips, in time to come!

2. Spruce up your kitchen


Out of sight, out of mind! Identify the sugary temptations at home and work and keep these foods in a less prominent area in your kitchen.

Pre-portion healthy snacks, such as nuts and fruits, at the front of your fridge shelves. This would also help prevent you from mindlessly munching on bags of chips without controlling your intake portion.

Healthy foods can be also placed at eye level in your kitchen, which could lead you to forget about those sugary treats that you actually have. Decrease the likelihood of munching on those chocolate bars yet being able to organise your kitchen; it’s definitely worth the effort!

3. Do away with artificial sweeteners


You might want to think twice when you see labels that say “low in fat”. The sweetening power of such products might change your palate and cause you to crave for more to feel satisfied. Many people fall pray to the label and actually in turn, add more of it into their drinks as they’re supposedly guilt-free.

Opt for honey as a healthy substitute if you really need that sweetened punch to your drink. You can also consider fruit-infused water with a dash of mint leaves if you ever feel the need to reach out for a soda.

4. Fruits instead of sweets


Why take sweets when you can have fruits, especially when they are naturally low in fat? By munching on fruits regularly, it helps in flushing out unwanted toxins as it has a powerful diuretic effect on your body. So if you are looking to reduce your weight, fruits are definitely something you should consider having. In addition, it is a good energy supplier and makes a good snack whenever feel the need to munch on something. However, do go easy on fruits with high sugar content, such as grapes and cherries.