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Been eating too much junk food and feeling tired and worn out easily? A juice cleanse is a good way of resetting your system. Juice cleanses are beneficial as aids to kickstart your body, and you can consider a cleanse after any festive feasting.

You can certainly make your own juices or go for supplements like the Supergreen Tonik Supplement, but the time and effort needed to create a one-day cleanse could be better used in other ways. Thankfully, there are several ready options out there to help you start juice-cleansing right away.

1. Antidote

Antidote offers a complete suite of juice cleanses based on your level of experience with juice cleanses. If you’re a newbie, then the Beginner Cleanse is perfect for you. This cleanse is made up of palate-friendly juices that don’t shock your tongue like vegetable-based juices; rather, it’s made up of plenty of nut milk and and fruit juices to keep you going through the day.

A typical one-day cleanse will cost SGD99, but if you’re adventurous, you should give the SGD298 3-day cleanse a spin. Like most popular juice cleanse providers today, you can sign up and order online at their website. You can also Whatsapp them at 8571-6420.

2. Punch Detox

Punch Detox prides itself on supplying “living” juices to its customers. What this means is that their juices are nutrient-rich, silky smooth, easy to down and keep you going. If you get hungry often, then you can consider a Juice+Soup cleanse (SGD330).

They have three-day cleanse packages and vegan soups with enough substance to make the cleanse more bearable. If you don’t think you can last three days on juice alone, this is the one to go for. Delivery is included in the price of the package, and they deliver island-wide.

3. HIC Juice

HIC has been around for a while now, so it has developed an extensive array of juices for you to choose from. We recommend the vegetable-based juices, for an ultimate cleanse. But if you think a bottle of Watercress Zucchini sounds too “green” for you, go for other great options like the Citrus Chia.

They have many retail shops, centrally located for your convenience, so you can just walk in and get your juices. However, if you’re looking for cleanse packages to be delivered to you, then you can order one, three and five-day cleanses right off their website. They even have a year-long cleanse subscription if you’re really into juice cleansing!

4. The Daily Juice

This outfit has been in the Raffles Place area for over two years now, and their unique focus on cold-pressed juices have helped them stay ahead. Many Raffles Place executives swear by their eight-bottle a day Juice Cleanses that come with innovative combinations like the classic Krypto that’s made out of Green Apple, Romaine, Spinach, Cucumber, Lemon & Parsley.

They advise that you sip their eight bottles of juices throughout the day, finishing off with a their Nut Milk, which will fill you up and help you to sleep better. one-day cleanses start at SGD65 and delivery within CBD is free of charge if you order a minimum of SGD30. There is an additional delivery fee of SGD20 for orders outside of the CBD.

5. Fresh Pressed Juice

The primary idea behind Fresh Pressed Juice’s cleanses are that they’re split into three categories: Beginner, Rejuvenation and Deep Cleanse.

Their one-day cleanse, for example, has a beginner package that adds in nut milk so that juice cleanse newbies won’t feel too hungry. The one-day cleanse includes five bottles of Juice, one bottle of nut milk, one litre a day of Alkaline water, and one herbal tea – more than enough to get you through the day.

If you’re a little more advanced, then the Vegetable-laden deep cleanse is the perfect package to get from them. You can order online, and they deliver to your doorstep. However, note that orders below SGD300 are subjected to a SGD15 delivery charge.

6. A Juicery

A Juicery’s “A-Team” believes that you can be healthful even when you’re living a hectic life, in a fuss-free manner.

Their juice menu boasts original recipes consisting of tropical juices that are dense in nutrients and readily available here on our little island nation.

Their online cleanse options are shorter in duration, so you won’t be able to find a five-day juice cleanse. But if you’re looking for a juice provider that does cool seasonal juices, such as using rose-infused water like in the “Hopeless Romantic“, then A Juicery is probably the right place for you.

7. Gorilla Press Co

As stripped down and bare bones as their site might be, there’s a lot hiding behind this juice company’s simple facade. When you look deeper, Gorilla Press seems to be a go-to juicery for Barre Class attendees and healthy-living enthusiasts.

This might be because of their innovative menu and competitive pricing. We particularly like their Raw Activated Nut Milk section of the menu, with unique ingredient combinations like M*2’s coconut meat, almonds & cashews, Medjool dates and Himalayan salt. Where else are you going to find such a diverse blend of nutrients and flavours in nut milks?

8. Joob

Joob’s promise of raw, nutrient-rich cold pressed juices has depth, in the sense that they’ve developed a special detox programme to help boost your immunity.

We’ve seen plenty of juice places that promise immunity boosts in a bottle, but none have a fully developed immunity boosting cleanse.

We recommend the Immunity booster bottle, which has ingredients like Carrot, Beetroot, Pear, Ginger and Lemon. When taken with the rest of the juices in the cleanse, we can see why the entire series of juices would boost your immunity. After all, they provide a complete suite of vitamins and minerals for your body!

9. The Juice Kit

Most juice cleanse providers deliver your order and move to the next customer, but The Juice Kit— once known as Beauty Cleanse— has a unique solution to after-sales care: A Beauty Care Advisor that is on call for their customers!

Since they’re into ensuring the holistic wellness of their customers, the company decided that they’d be providing Care Advisors that would help customers track their progress during their cleanses and give advice on what to do during a cleanse. This extra service is provided at no extra charge, so that’s an interesting value preposition for everyone!

10. Juice Junkie

Juice junkie says that they’re obsessed with their cold pressed, and they seem to be trying to give all of us a reason to follow their lead. The focus of their site has a “Build Your Box” feature, where you get to customise a pack of six juices of your choice, with options such as White Carrot (Agave, Almonds, Filtered Water, Himalayan Salt and Vanilla Bean), which promise to give your juice cleanse a unique twist.

11. Mission Juice

With a retail store located at Gopeng Street, Mission Juice wants to be the answer to happy, healthy living. It seems like they’re definitely able to do so, because they’ve been able to create other wholesome options other than regular cold pressed juices.

Their specialty frozen yoghurts are low-fat and chock full of probiotics. They have over 25 different fruit, nut and sauce toppings to make sure that you never get bored. These yoghurts make great add-ons to your juice cleanses because they’ll tide you over those moments when your tummy growls for something a little more substantial.

12. Absolute Juice

Absolute Juice was started by two friends who were already living the juicing life. They try to use only the freshest, highest quality fruits, vegetables and nuts they can find, and make sure that each bottle of juice is as enjoyable as it is healthy.

Absolute Juice isn’t fancy, but it is serious about juicing. Within the usual one-, three- and five-day cleanses are hardcore juice combinations such as the Absolute Ultimate Detox, a totally green mix of Kale, Cucumber, Celery, Spinach, Lettuce, and Parsley. They’re absolutely serious about juicing – and it’s good news for juice cleanse enthusiasts.

13. EGA Juice Clinic

Best Juice Cleanse Options Ega Juice Clinic

Providing everything from comprehensive Juice Detox Programmes to nutritionist consultations, EGA Juice Clinic is the one to turn to if you’re new to the whole juice cleanse bandwagon.

Not only can you opt for whole cleanse packages that covers everything you need for a week, they even have caffeine and non-dairy options to suit just about every dietary requirement out there. We hear that their Cleanser (SGD8.50), Power (SGD8.50), and Bright (SGD8.50) options are particularly popular, so opt for those if you’re still at a loss as to what to go for.

14. J3 Cold Pressed Juice

Best Juice Cleanse Options J3 Cold Pressed Juice

With no sugar, water, or additives added to the juices as well as up to 11 types of fruits, vegetables, and berries used to ensure balanced nutrients and enzyme intakes, you can rest easy knowing that you’re in good hands over with J3 Cold Pressed Juice.

Committed to bringing a healthy lifestyle to Singaporeans living a hectic, fast-paced lives, J3 Cold Pressed Juice aims to make healthy goodness available to everyone via their ‘Grab & Go’ cold pressed juices. This allows for busy bees to sip on the lovely concoctions on the go, and all at wallet-friendly prices!

15. Pure Juice

Best Juice Cleanse Options Pure Juice

Pure Juice has a diverse menu that is sure to please those with even the most discerning of palettes.

Their handcrafted juices are customised to fit strict dietary needs, with their servings being formulated to supplement your breakfasts, lunch and dinners. In fact, they also claim to use the best of the best vegetables, herbs, and fruits to form their nourishing elixirs. Mm! They are also designed to help conquer any health ailment, physical concerns, or body imbalances.