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Most celebrities live and die by how they look on camera. Whether it’s achieving those washboard abs or staying lean and mean, these on-screen personalities have got their weight management game on lock. How do our favourite celebrities get their seemingly superhuman physiques? Well, here are just a few of the tips and tricks they’ve used, to get there, and stay there!

1. Jennifer Hudson’s timing trick


American Idol alumnus Jennifer hudson went from a size 16 to a size 6, losing a dramatic amount of weight. Besides exercise and diet, the singer is also adamant about meal timings. She makes sure that her meals are locked to a regular timing and doesn’t steer away from this fixed routine.

Time restricted diets have been found to be helpful in helping people lose weight and keep it off by reducing body fat accumulation, altering basal metabolic rates and reducing inflammation.

2. JLaw’s appetiser trick


Jennifer Lawrence’s secret is smart! Instead of ordering a main course and a dessert, JLaw followed her trainer’s advice and ordered two appetisers as her meal whenever she went out. No mains, no desserts – just appetisers to keep her full! This secret apparently helped her lose plenty of weight for her role in X-Men: First Class, which we all know required her to put on skin tight suits.

3. Dasom is cucumber crazy


SISTAR’s Dasom swears by cucumbers. After all, she did lose 10kgs in three weeks, just by munching cucumbers all day. Cucumbers hold plenty of water, which helps to keep you full.

We recommend that you also eat the skin of the cucumbers, because it contains flavonoids, lignans and triterpenes. On top of weight loss benefits, cucumbers also offer nutrients that are rich in antioxidant and have anti-inflammatory properties.

Of course, we’re never asking you to just munch on cucumbers – and nothing else – all day. But consider them as a snack to fight off hunger pangs or when you’re feeling peckish.

4. Britney Spear’s 5Bs


Britney’s workout regime is all about the 5Bs – Basketball jump shots, Backwards walking, Balancing on one leg while doing medicine-ball slams, Bicycling, and Basics. Her trainer actually introduced the first four to her, but she added the final B, which consists of push-ups, abdominal training, squats, and bar curls. Her hard work in the gym and keeping to her 5Bs is how she stays looking like the photo above. It’s amazing that at 35, she’s still looking so fabulous!

5. Seohyun’s sweet potato diet


SNSD’s Seohyun stays slim and believes that sweet potatoes are her key to keeping the weight off. Her love for anything sweet potato is famous, and there’s a good reason why they’re her weight loss secret. Sweet potatoes are harder to break down, compared to regular potatoes, so while they have a good number of calories, the calories stretch out through the day, which means it keeps you full for longer.

Complex carbohydrates in sweet potatoes are great because they sustain your energy levels, and allow you to burn calories over a much longer period of time than say, basic white pastas or white rice.

6. Kim K’s protein power


Yes, this photo was taken after Kim had her baby, but the lead Kardashian’s baby weight didn’t just go off on its own. While Kim engaged in serious workouts to drop the weight, and her post-baby meal plan was all about the protein.

She included a 170g serving of protein with every meal, which was made up of foods such as eggs, lean chicken breasts and fish.

The reason why she went with this plan was most likely because lean proteins help keep her full for longer periods of time, allowing her to eat less often.

7. Nine Muses’ 3 paper cup diet


Made popular by K-pop girl group Nine Muses, the “Paper Cup Diet” is simple: take three paper cups, fill one with rice, another with fruit and the third with whatever side dish you want. Steer clear of foods with high fat or high salt content, and make sure the rice is brown or mixed. The members from Nine Muses do this for every meal, and say that this helps them limit caloric intake, while ensuring they still have enough nutrition for their bodies.

We’ve heard that many other K-pop groups have caught up with this diet and have also been trying it!

8. T.O.P loves red beans


Wonder how T.O.P from Big Bang stays that slim all the time? His secret is a good dose of red beans. They hold plenty of calcium, and if made into a tea, it can further help our body excrete excess salt. Red beans are also rather fibrous, so having a few spoonfuls of boiled red beans will make you feel full and keep your hunger sated without those excess calories!