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Mooncakes are delicious – we all know that. But do you ever think about the amount of calories they may carry? Let’s see how much you know about them. Do this fun quiz where we ask you what the calorie amount of each type of mooncake is equivalent to. Get as many of them correct as possible and we’ll reward you with a little gift!

You can still enjoy mooncakes without piling on the weight

Here are some useful tips to make sure you don’t overeat:

  • Divide the mooncakes and share it with others. Tell yourself you’ll consume no more than a quarter piece of a mooncake per day.
  • If you’re intending to indulge in mooncakes, then remember to cut down on starch foods. Consider going for protein-rich foods and lots of vegetables instead.
  • Avoid the yolk. The yolk contains 72 calories and a lot of fat content, so if you skip the yolk, you’ll be skipping the most indulgent part of the mooncake.
  • Drink tea or plain water while you’re enjoying the mooncakes. Avoid soft drinks.
  • Don’t eat mooncakes as a “snack” while you watch TV, as there will be a tendency to eat more than you plan. Try cutting just the portion that you’ve planned to eat and keep the rest back in the box so you won’t be tempted to reach out for another piece.

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