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No, poké bowls have nothing to do with a popular game universe that sounds uncannily similar. If you haven’t already heard, poké bowls are actually the latest health food fad to hit our sunny island.

If you’re new to the craze, poké bowls actually originate from Hawaii. A poké bowl (pronounced “po-kay”) is a concoction of rice, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, nuts, soy sauce or spicy Ahi sauce and, naturally, poké (meaning raw fish) itself.

Nutritious and convenient, poké bowls are a boon for salad and rice lovers. They’re also low in calories but high in fiber, so one bowl is enough for an entire meal! Furthermore, poké bowls are also easy and fast to make.

In Singapore, several poké bowl joints have emerged in recent times. You could get your usual poké fixes there, or if you’re feeling like something different, many of them allow you to customise your bowl too.

Ready for a power lunch? Take a gander at some of the following poké bowls joints. Some of them offer delivery services too!

1. Aloha Poké

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First on our list is Aloha Poké – one of the more famous poké bowl joints in Singapore. It was opened by two couples who wanted to introduce Singapore to this Hawaiian classic. Their servings are also incredibly generous, so you’ll be sure to get your fill!

Customers can choose between Salmon and Tuna Poké, and they also have poké-style burritos and alcoholic drinks. During peak hours, Aloha Poké can be really packed, so be warned: set aside a good buffer for waiting time if you want your poké fix then! Thankfully, however, the service staff at Aloha Poké are always efficient and polite so it’s always a joy eating there no matter what time of the day you go.

The Lil’ Swell is priced at SGD 11.90 at Aloha Poké.

Website: Aloha Poké
Delivery: Deliveroo

  • Amoy Street: 92 Amoy Street, Singapore 069911, Tel: +65-6221-6165 (nearest MRT: Chinatown/Raffles Place/Tanjong Pagar)
  • Marina Bay Link Mall: 8A Marina Boulevard, #B2-46, Singapore 018984, Tel: +65-6634-0730 (nearest MRT: Downtown)
  • Change Alley @ Chevron House: 30 Raffles Place, #01-34, Singapore 048622, Tel: +65-6533-0801 (nearest MRT: Raffles Place)
  • CityLink Mall: 1 Raffles Link, #B1-65, Singapore 039393, Tel: +65- 6266-8553 (nearest MRT: City Hall)
  • Bugis Junction: 200 Victoria Street, #04-01, Singapore 188021, Tel: +65- 6266-8553 (nearest MRT: Bugis)

2. Loloku

Located conveniently in the CBD, Loloku combines Hawaiian-style poké bowls and local flavours to deliver healthy and hearty meals to their customers. Loloku encourages their customers to take it easy in life and go with the flow! That’s why their interior decor is so candid and fun.

Loluku also offers a variety of poké, sauce, and toppings. Alternatively, you could opt for their ala-carte bowls if you just want something quick!

The Nani Tofu is priced at SGD 14 at Loloku

Website: Loloku
Delivery: Deliveroo, UberEATS, Honest Bee
Address: 1 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089109 (Nearest MRT: Outram Park)
Telephone: +65-6223-5001

3. Alakai

This is another poké nowl joint located in the CBD. Alakai’s owner Lon Ho actually grew up in Hawaii, but now resides in Singapore. Alakai’s vision is to provide their customers with tasty home-cooked meals that encapsulate the spirit of Hawaii!

They use fresh air-flown Norweigian Salmon of top quality so you’re in for a treat. If you’re a rice lover, feel free to ask for an extra scoop of rice too! Alakai’s superb food and service has been widely praised by their customers. If you’re a newbie to the poké craze and don’t know what ingredients go well with each other, try out their delicious ala-carte bowls for starters.

The Yobo Poké Plate is priced at SGD 14.50 at Alakai.

Website: Alakai
Delivery: Food Panda
Address: 3 Everton Park #01-79, Singapore 080003 (Nearest MRT: Outram Park)
Telephone: +65-6904 -957

4. Poké Doke

The quirky name of this poké bowl joint is pronounced “po-kay do-kay”, and we love it. Poké Doke serves only the freshest fish in its selections. In fact, some of their customers are such huge fans that they’ve claimed Poké Doke to serve the best poké bowls in Singapore!

Their bowls come in 3 sizes, so whether you’re famished for poké or just in for a snack, there’s always something for you. Poké Doke uses 3 types of marinade: Spicy, Wasabi Almighty and The OG. Curious to know what these sauces with such awesome names taste like? Drop by to treat them out!

The Vegetarian Shitake Tofu Bowl is priced at SGD 12.50 at Poké Doke.

Website: Poké Doke
Delivery: Food Panda, Deliveroo,
Address: 9 Raffles Boulevard, Millenia Walk #01-95, Singapore 039596 (Nearest MRT: Esplanade)
Telephone: +65-9181-9140

5. Sweetfish Poké

Sweetfish Poké is bringing delicacies based on those found on West Coast of America straight to our home island. Unlike the other poké bowl joints, Sweetfish Poké has octopus poké and ala-carte bowls depending on how hungry you are. Choose from hungry and starving sizes, and a base of either rice or romaine lettuce.

If you have a friend who is absolutely nuts over poké bowls, you now know what to get her for a gift: a reward card from Sweetfish Poké! These entitle

The Californian Signature Bowls start from SGD 9 at Sweetfish Poké.

Website: Sweetfish Poké
Address: 13 Stamford Road, Capitol Piazza #B2-30, Singapore 178905 (Nearest MRT: City Hall)

6. Pololi

Originating from Hong Kong, Pololi opened their first branch in Singapore in late 2016. It’s only been less than a year, but Pololi has already built quite the reputation for itself! Customers have raved about their fantastic service and tasty food.

More importantly, Pololi is one of the very few poké joints that let customers sample their poké before buying! If you are unsure about which bowl to get, simply approach their helpful staff and ask for some samples.

The Poké Bowls start from SGD 15.99 at Pololi.

Website: Pololi
Delivery: Deliveroo
Address: 51 Telok Ayer Street #01-06A, Singapore 048441 (Nearest MRT: Telok Ayer)
Telephone: +65- 6909-0589

7. Makai Poké

Bask in the tropical sun with the tropical aloha diet #makaipokesg ?: @leeksk

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Makai Poké is located conveniently at Tanjong Pagar Center and is only a 3 minute walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT station. Unlike other poké bowl joints, Makai Poké offers intricate toppings like pomegranate to give your poké bowl an extra kick of flavour, and even more minerals for nutrition!

They also have more than 3 poké types to choose from, so you can enjoy a wider variety of bowls here. While Makai Poké is located in the CBD, their poké bowls remain inexpensive and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. However, their bowls only come in one size.

The poké bowls start from SGD 9.90 at Makai Poké.

Website: Makai Poké
Delivery: UberEATS
Address: 7 Wallich Street, Tanjong Pagar Centre,#B1-08, Singapore (Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar)
Telephone: +65- 6386-9313

8. Alter Ego

They were created by the same people, but as its name suggests, Alter Ego was made to be the ‘evil twin’ of A Poké Theory (#16 on our list!). While healthy poké bowls are still on the menu, they also offer more ‘sinful’ bowls to satisfy your cravings on those cheat days.

They also have a good variety of craft beers to go with your bowl if you’re thinking of getting a YOLO-meal for yourself. The store also allows customers to make reservations as the restaurant can get pretty busy during the weekends.

The Green Goddess is priced at SGD 13 at Alter Ego.

Website: Alter Ego
Delivery: Deliveroo, UberEATS
Address: 8 Raffles Ave, Esplanade Mall, #01-13D, Singapore 039802 (Neartest MRT: Esplanade)
Telephone: +65- 6327-9301

9. Ninja Bowl

Ninja Bowl offers healthy and “clean” bowls with various proteins and sauces. If you’re a fan of onsen egg, then you’re in luck! Most of the bowls at Ninja Bowl come with deliciously soft onsen eggs. If you find that a single poké bowl isn’t enough to satiate your appetite, Ninja Bowl also offers other ala-carte items on their menu, such as bacon tempura.

The Geisha bowl is priced at SGD 14 at Ninja Bowl.

Website: Ninja Bowl
Delivery: Deliveroo, Oddle
Address: 15 Duxton Road, Singapore 089481
Telephone: +65- 6222-8055

10. Rollie Olie

Apart from their sushi rolls, Rollie Olie also offers great poké bowls too! Their superb quality rice and the freshness of their ingredients have earned the praises of customers, and they have even accumulated a loyal fanbase of regulars. They also offer salads if you feel like having something other than poké bowls for the day.

The Aloha Poké is priced at SGD 11.95 at Rollie Olie.

Website: Rollie Olie
Delivery: UberEATS

  • The Star Vista: 1 Vista Exchange Green, #02-05, Singapore 138617, tel: +65-8188-1525 (Nearest MRT: Buona Vista)
  • Suntec City Mall, North Wing: 3 Temasek Boulevard, 01-K42, Singapore 038983 , tel: +65-8188-1531 (Nearest MRT: Esplanade)
  • SBF Center: 160 Robinson Road, #01-03, Singapore 068914, tel: +65-8188-1520 (Nearest MRT: Downtown)

11. Poké Lulu

Although they’ve only recently opened in United Square, Poké Lulu’s well-marinated raw fish has already earned them many positive reviews. Their bowls come in 3 sizes and are packed with rich superfoods. Unlike other poké bowl joints, Poké Lulu has self-service counters for sauces and dressings, so you can fill up that bowl with as much condiments as your tummy desires!

The Poké Bowls start from SGD 11.90 at Poké Lulu.

Website: Poké Lulu
Delivery: Deliveroo
Address: United Square, 101 Thomson Road, #01-K13, Singapore 307591 (Nearest MRT: Novena)
Telephone: +65- 8518-2455

12. Kinki Restaurant + Bar

For healthful indulgences, our Samurai’s Lomi Lomi pack a pretty mean punch.

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This Japanese restaurant serves top-grade dishes. While they serve a large variety of sushi and handrolls, Kinki Restaurant + Bar have also been praised for the quality of their intricate poké bowls. The concept of this restaurant is to provide customers with the freshest and most authentic Japanese dishes with a hint of attitude and swag!

The Grilled Vegetable Bowl is priced at SGD 18 at Kinki Restaurant + Bar.

Website: Kinki Restaurant + Bar
Delivery: Deliveroo
Address: 70 Collyer Quay #02-02 Customs House, Singapore 049323 (Nearest MRT: Raffles Place)
Telephone: +65- 6533-3471

13. Shinkansen

This healthy joint is known for their generous portions of protein, so if you’re eating clean, their bowls are perfect as they are clean Japanese-style bowls that can give you a filling and nourishing meal. Furthermore, Shinkansen also has soba as an option for your carbohydrates. If your schedule is packed and you’re in a rush but don’t want to miss out on your nutrients, feel free to order from them in advance.

The Transit Bowl is priced at SGD 7.50 at Shinkansen.

Website: Shinkansen
Address: 100 Tras St, Singapore 079027 (nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar)
Telephone: +65-6543-6823

14. Ola Beach Club


If you’re at Sentosa for the weekend and are craving for a healthy poké bowl, then head to Siloso Beach! Besides being known for their water sports and activities, Ola Beach Club also serves the heartiest Ahi Poké bowls on Sentosa.

Ahi Poké is the only poké bowl option here, but Ola Beach Club also serves other interesting and delicious Hawaiian treats like Loco Moco and Huli Huli Chicken.

The Ahi Poké is priced at SGD 20 at Ola Beach Club.

Website: Ola Beach Club
Address: 46 Siloso Beach Walk, Singapore 099005 (Nearest MRT: Harbourfront)
Telephone: +65- 8189-6601

15. Katto

Katto is a cosy little poké bowl cafe that is located in Galaxis at One-North. While the place is great for a quiet afternoon snack and a book, it gets extremely busy during lunch hour. I chanced upon this cafe and was thoroughly impressed with their customer service.

The servers were polite and friendly, and even went the extra mile of kindly whipping up a fresh portion of salmon and tuna poké for me even though they had ran out of stock earlier!

The Poké Bowls start from SGD 12.90 at Katto.

Website: Katto
Delivery: Deliveroo , UberEATS
Address: Galaxis Building, #01-21/22, 138522, 1 Fusionopolis Pl, Singapore 138632 (Nearest MRT: One-North)
Telephone: +65- 9770-9800

16. A Poké Theory

We mentioned earlier that A Poké Theory were created by the same people behind Alter Ego. They’re the “good twin” of the pair, and offer healthier and cleaner meals compared to its counterpart. Their yummy poké bowls have earned them numerous positive reviews.

However, unlike most place, A Poké Theory has enough space to accommodate a huge crowd, so you don’t need to fret about not being able to get seats even during peak hours!

The Poké Bowls start from SGD 11.50 at A Poké Theory.

Website: A Poké Theory
Delivery: Deliveroo , UberEATS
Address: 27 Boon Tat St, Singapore 069623 (Nearest MRT: Telok Ayer)

17. The Poké Shack

Last but not least, The Poké Shack. They are actually an international franchise, having opened outlets all over the globe. So far, they only have one store in Singapore. Here, the salmon and tuna poké are thick and so soft, they will melt in your mouth.

The Poké Shack is generous with their portions and serves lots of tobiko with their bowls. So if you are an ebiko or tobiko fan, you definitely need to stop by The Poké Shack!

Prices are unavailable.

Website: The Poké Shack
Address: MBFC Tower 3, 12 Marina Boulevard, #02-01/04, Singapore 018982 (Neartest MRT: Downtown)
Telephone: +65- 9633-1695