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Food intake is a huge part of weight loss and health. Everyone loves a good bowl of savoury noodles, but we also that the high fat, salt and starch content isn’t going to be helpful for your weight loss plan.

But good food doesn’t have to taste horrible. Here are 10 replacement ingredients that will make your meals healthier and less fattening than if you used traditional ingredients.

1. Avocado instead of butter


Instead of using butter or mayonnaise, replace that with creamy avocado as a spread in your sandwich or dressing in a salad or wrap. Avocadoes are high in potassium, which can help you power through your next workout.

2. Grapes instead of candies


Want a refreshing snack that will help snap you out of your mid-afternoon stupor? Put some grapes in the freezer when you arrive at the office in the morning. You’ll be able to pop those frozen spheres of goodness like candies come 3pm! They’re much better than candies, for sure.

3. Greek yoghurt instead of sour cream


Replace normal yoghurt with unsweetened greek yoghurt for more protein per gram of yoghurt. Also, any time a recipe calls for sour cream, you can replace that with greek yoghurt as well. Greek yoghurt doesn’t just have higher protein content, it also has Vitamin B12, which is essential for metabolising energy!

4. Cauliflower instead of rice


Instead of shelling out money for organic quinoa or having to get brown rice, another high fibre option is chopped cauliflower. You can use this as a replacement for rice; it’ll fill you up just as well!

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