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After all the feasting and partying with loved ones during the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations, we’ll be left facing a familiar issue – the dreaded food belly!

Not the look we’re aiming for in 2024, and we certainly don’t want to embark on a year-long journey of overindulgence.

So, it’s time to tackle those extra pounds! Enter the latest craze in Western countries: the “Vacuum Abdomen Method”, a three-step exercise promising to trim that belly fat.

But how effective is this method, and how do you pull it off properly? Stick around as we spill the details on this viral exercise.

What Exactly Is The “Vacuum Abdomen Method”?


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The “Vacuum Abdomen Method” (or Stomach Vacuums), a long-standing favourite in Europe and the United States, has now taken the internet by storm.

Unlike traditional sit-ups and core workouts, it’s not a strenuous task and can be done anytime, anywhere. All you need to do is grasp three key points, and you could start seeing results in just about a month!

This method leverages abdominal breathing to increase the oxygen utilisation rate in cells, encouraging the burning of subcutaneous and visceral fat.

Steps Of The “Vacuum Abdomen Method”

Here’s how this exercise is done, according to a YouTube video by fitness coach Ivana Chapman.

Step 1: Lie on your back and take a deep breath, allowing your abdomen to gently expand.

stomach vacuum step 1

Step 2: Exhale slowly, contracting your abdomen inward, maintaining a slightly hollow position.

stomach vacuum step 2

Step 3: Hold your breath and sustain the position for about 20 seconds. Repeat this process three times.

stomach vacuum step 3

When And When Not To Practice The “Vacuum Abdomen Method” Exercise?

Because it’s gained popularity, fitness YouTubers are all over it.

According to Ivana, the prime time for the “Vacuum Abdomen Method” is right after waking up. Just don’t try it post-meal – give it one to two hours before you kick off your workout routine!

Does It Really Work?

Dr. Stephanie Buttermore, a bodybuilder with a PhD in cell biology, put the “Vacuum Abdomen Method” to the test. Three times a day for a month, and she saw a 2cm reduction in her waist circumference.

stomach vacuum stephanie 1

Stephanie recorded the progress of her waist measurements throughout her journey.

stomach vacuum stephanie 2

After a month of doing this exercise, Stephanie’s final waist measurements were taken.

Throw in some other abdominal exercises, and you could be looking at shedding three to four inches off that waistline.

Sasha Mavia, a fitness blogger, also shared her success story. Doing the exercise in the morning on an empty stomach or at least three hours after eating, she witnessed a 2cm reduction in her waist circumference.


Photo credit: 莎莎Mavia/RED.

This result was achieved through three sets, each lasting 30 seconds, along with a 30-second break between sets.

Overall, it seems like the “Vacuum Abdomen Method” is a simple and effective exercise to shed that belly fat, as long as you stick to the key points and stay consistent.

Featured image credits: @maiafitness/TikTok, @tyenrasif/TikTok, @lovefrommelii/TikTok.