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Ever wondered how all those people who have lost tons of weight ever did it? They never seem to get tired, and they always look like they’re able to do the right thing to lose those pounds safely and effectively. Well, the truth is that these people all have a similar set of habits they stick to. These habits are their “secret sauce” to success, and we’re sharing them with you now.

1. They set attainable milestones

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Success doesn’t come overnight, and expecting rapid weight loss results will almost always end in tears. Your eventual goal may be to lose 20kg, but don’t look to set the bar at losing 20kg in one go. Instead, start with an achievable milestone of losing 2kg first, followed by another 2kg, and so on.

When you break down your ultimate goal into bite-sized pieces, you can tackle each milestone more effortlessly. It will also be more encouraging for you when you see progress.

2. They keep up-to-date

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What’s the latest, most efficient workout routine to hike your metabolism? How about food items that are low in calories and high in fibre? Is there a better alternative to rice? The answers to these questions are constantly changing due to new research in the field of sports and nutritional science.

Doing the research and learning new techniques and knowledge will provide you with that constant edge in the battle against the bulge. By the way, we have a few interesting articles related to fitness and weight loss that you can kick off with.

3. They accept failure

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Everyone who attempts weight loss will fall off the bandwagon at least once (if they’re lucky!) It could be a slip up in food intake, or a lack of workout drive. It’s normal to think of quitting, and many of us actually end up with serious inertia. The key is not to begrudge yourself for failing. Pick yourself up, and get back on that treadmill! Accept your failure, and embrace the lesson you learn from it, then get going again.

4. They have a heightened awareness of their nutritional habits

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A large part of weight loss and maintenance is proper nutrition. People who lose weight and keep it off tend to be acutely aware of their nutritional habits and quirks. They understand when they will get hungry, and remember what they ate before.

They also tend to plan meals ahead of time and look out for certain types of food to avoid when eating out. Being aware, and focusing on a good nutritional plan, is an important habit to cultivate in the weight loss journey.

5. They are unaffected by peer pressure

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Successful weight loss requires a little bit of tunnel vision. Well-intentioned friends are going to try to drag you away from that gym session or run for a dinner and drinks session. They aren’t trying to sabotage your weight loss on purpose, but they are going to mess up your plan if you succumb to their pressure.

You’re going to need to move forward on your own and take responsibility of your own health, regardless of your peers. Here are some tips to fight peer pressure and nay-sayers when you’re trying to lose weight.

6. They find a new balance in their lives

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Weight loss requires many lifestyle changes. But these changes go deep – way beyond just dietary habits. When you focus your entire being on wellness, you end up adjusting your way of life and mindset to suit that focus. Sleep is no longer optional, food is a source of wellness, and exercise isn’t a chore. Weight loss isn’t going to be easy, but it is going to bring positive change into your life.

7. They remind themselves that it never ends

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The work doesn’t end when you achieve your goal. After all, you still have to maintain that goal and find new challenges to surmount. There’s always going to be a chance that things like career changes or having children will throw you off your game, but that’s normal and as long as you remember that tomorrow is a new day, you can get back on track.