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Our fitness routine and our skincare goals may not always go well together.

If you work out regularly, that struggle is no stranger to you; longer and constant exposure to harsh conditions like sun, wind, rain, and chlorine can damage the skin barrier over time.

This is why we’re excited when Under Armour announces the launch of a new moisture-infused fabric, which is made to moisturise dehydrated skin.

Ua Meridian + Moisture Infuse

The UA Meridian + Moisture Infuse fabric is embedded with tiny, moisturising microspheres that activate on contact, which then releases hydrating extracts onto the skin through friction. This helps to replenish moisture you lose during work out and keep it there for a long time.

Think of it as that you’ve applied lotion just before a run to make sure your skin remains hydrated and itch-free – except that there won’t be any stickiness or sliminess since the moisturising technology is embedded directly into the fabric.

The brand also boldly claims that it has proven that the fabric could increase moisturisation by 26% after wearing for three consecutive seven-hour days.

Available in tops and bottoms, UA Meridian + Moisture Infuse is also Under Armour’s softest performance fabric to date.

The UA Meridian + Moisture Infuse collection now available at the Under Armour website. Both the leggings and tops retail at S$129.