Spa treatments are usually pampering and leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated. What if the process involve dealing with huge snakes or applying bird’s poop on your face? Daily Vanity shows you eight strangest spa treatments offered by spas (and other organisations) from all over the world.

1. Snake therapy

Where: Carnivorous Plant Farm, Talmei Elazar, Israel
What: During the treatment, six non-venomous California and Florida king snakes will slither up and down your body. The therapist, Ada Barak says that her snakes have a calming effect on her clients and that some clients feel better just by holding the snakes. The feeling of the snakes on the body has been described as a “cold compress”, and regular clients have reported that the snakes helped them ease migraines and soothe sore muscles.


2. Ramen 0nsen

Where: Yunessan Spa, Hakone, Japan
What: Love Japanese cuisine? They’re definitely great to eat, but how about having them on your skin? At this particular spa, visitors get to enjoy onsen (or spa baths) that comes with ramen noodles, complete with tonkotsu (pork bone) soup. In fact, the bathtub is shaped like a ramen bowl and the soup in that bath was created in collaboration with Nantsuttei, a famous ramen shop located in Hadano. The bath contains collagen and garlic extracts that are said to help improve skin condition and hydrate skin. The smell of pepper apparently also help uplift your spirit. The same spa also provides red wine, green tea and sake baths.

The ramen spa bath doesn’t seem to be listed on the website anymore, but the other gourmet baths still are. Check them out here.

ramen spa bath in japan

3. Nightingale Poop Facial

Where: Shizuka New York Spa, New York, USA
What: If you’ve read Memoirs of a Geisha, you may remember a part of the story where Hatsumomo, a top geisha, applied a cream that’s made up of nightingale poop onto her skin as part of her skincare regime. This is apparently a beauty secret of Japanese geishas for many hundreds years and even Victoria Beckham has taken on this regime. The excretion of nightingale is said to help with exfoliating, brightening and nourishing skin because it contains special enzymes that are good for your skin. The Geisha Facial uses poop that has been sterilised before they’re applied on the client’s face.

Try it here.

geisha facial nightingale poop spa

4. Bull Semen Hair Spa

Where: Hari’s Salon, London, UK
What: Using organic bull’s sperm together with Katera root, both of which are protein-rich and can help moisturise and repair hair. The semen that is retrieved comes fresh from an Aberdeen-Angus bull on a Cheshire farm and is refrigerated before use so it doesn’t smell. Clients have said that the semen helps hair feel nourished, moisturised, soft and look shiny after the treatment.

While this has been much talked about in many beauty websites, the page on the hair treatment seems to be no longer available on Hari’s Salon’s website.

bulls semen hair treatment

5. Wet Hay Wrap

Where: Hotel Heubad, Italy
What: At the “hay bath station”, your entire body will get wrapped in wet hay while you lay in a water bed that’s heated to 100 Fahrenheit (that’s about 37 degree Celsius). The hay is exclusively harvested from the Alpe di Siusi meadows during summer, and the treatment is said to help boost metabolism and immune system.

Try it here.

hotel heubad wet hay bath

6. Cactus massage

Where: Apuane Spa, Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita, Mexico
What: The cactus massage (or Hakali massage) involves the application of a warm meringue that’s made of cactus, cactus blossom, and pulque, using various massage techniques. This treatment is said to be able to remove toxins from the body and hydrate skin. Don’t worry about the pricks – they’re removed before they’re used on the clients.

Try it here.

hakali cactus massage at four seasons mexico

7. Ice-box treatment

Where: Haikko Spa, Porvoo, Finland
What: According to this spa, cold treatment has been used for centuries as a means to ease swelling, pain and to treat rheumatic diseases. It is also said to help with improve sleeping disorders and relieve stress. The 3-minute treatment (stay longer and you may risk hypothermia and death), is done in a -110°C temperature cabin, and you will be wearing your bathing suit, headgear to protect ears mittens, socks and felt footwear. A diploma will even be awarded after you’ve gone through the treatment!

Try it here.

haikko supercold treatment

8. Beer bath

Where: Chodovar Brewery, Chodová Planá, Czech Republic
What: A bubble bath (thanks to foam from beer) that’s made from mineral water mixed with dark beer, this 20-minute treatment has a temperature of 34 °C. Immersed in freshly-brewed beer, the brewery says that the client will feel gradual rise of heart activity because of increased blood circulation. The treatment is said to help with regeneration of skin cells, has a calming effect and also help decrease blood pressure. 

Try it here.
chodovar beer bath

Which of these spa treatments would you try?