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Everyone deserves to feel special on their birthdays, and there so many beauty brands out there who agree. Once you’re a member with the brand, they often give out birthday month discounts for products, and even free kits and gifts!

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1. Sephora

Who could leave out the most popular membership scheme of them all? We can’t imagine any beauty junkie without her handy Sephora card in her wallet. The great thing about the Beauty Pass membership is that you will definitely get a perk during your birthday month, whether you hold a White, Black, or Gold Card.

White Card Birthday Gift:

  • You’ll get double bonus points on any one purchase during your birthday month

Black & Gold Card Birthday Gifts:

  • You’ll get double bonus points on any one purchase during your birthday month
  • Each customer will receive a specially curated birthday gift
  • Enjoy a complimentary Benefit Brow service in-stores

To become a member:

Simply log on to the Sephora website and register – that’s it! It’s free of charge to be a White card member. Subsequently, you’ll have to spend a certain amount of money every year to upgrade your membership to Black or Gold.

Click here for more details.

2. Clinique

birthday beauty freebies clinique

If you are a fan of the brand Clinique, you can get your loyalty rewarded by becoming part of the Clinique Club!

You’ll be able to enjoy a complimentary 40-minute makeover service for yourself and a friend during your birthday month (by appointment only).

If you spend a total of more than SGD400 in the entire year on Clinique products, you’ll also be entitled to a free birthday gift if you’re a Clinique Club member!

To become a member:

Make an appointment at any Clinique store for more information.

Click here for more details.

3. Shu Uemura

legacy beauty shu uemura cleansing oils

Love the Shu Uemura brand? All Shu Fanatics will be given a SGD10 gift voucher that can be used for any one purchase on their birthday month!

To become a member:

Spend above SGD120 on Shu Uemura products in a single receipt to qualify.

Click here for more details.

4. Innisfree

If you’re a die-hard fan of Innisfree, you’re in luck. Innisfree Premium and VIP members will be entitled to redeem a free birthday kit consisting of their bestselling products on their birthday month!

To become a member:

Make a purchase of any amount to immediately become a Welcome member, which is the first tier. Spend above SGD120 within 12 months to become a Premium member, or above SGD250 to become a VIP member.

5. Sulwhasoo

Sulwhasoo has long been synonymous with Korean luxury skincare, and we were excited to find out the birthday perks they’re treating members on their birthday month!

For Basic and VIP members, you get double points whenever you make a purchase, a 10% discount on regularly priced items at Sulwhasoo boutiques, and a birthday gift from the brand!

Of course, VIP members get just that little something extra: a complimentary Sulwhasoo facial (worth at least SGD140) on your birthday month. How much of a steal is that?!

To become a member:

Spend any amount at any Sulwhasoo boutique or counter and you’ll be eligible to become a Basic member, or to renew your Basic membership. The bar is raised for VIP members: you’ll have to spend SGD2,500 to earn the status!

The amounts are calculated basic on the amount you spend in one calendar year, from 1 January to 31 December.

Click here for more details.

6. Laneige

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that nobody ever says no to anything Laneige, so we’re going to bet that their birthday perks are also going to be proportionately popular.

All Laneige members will get a 20% discount and double bonus points on their first purchase of their birthday month. Points can be accumulated and exchanged for Laneige products and rebate vouchers!

For VIP and VVIP members, you’re in for a treat with the complimentary Laneige birthday kit that you can redeem on your birthday month.

To become a member:

Make any purchase at a Laneige store or counter to qualify for a Basic membership. To up your ante and become a Laneige VIP, though, you’ll have to spend above SGD800 within a calendar year, or above SGD1,200 to become a VVIP.

Click here for more details.

7. The Body Shop


The Body Shop is one of those brands that’s been around since for ever and are still going strong. If you are a part of their Love Your Body Club, you are entitled to enjoy a 20% birthday discount on your birthday month!

To become a member:

Spend above SGD40 nett in any The Body Shop outlet and you’ll be able to become a member!

Click here for more details.

8. Crabtree & Evelyn

Mmm, one can never have too much of Crabtree & Evelyn. There’s just something oh so appealing about their scents that makes us all warm and fuzzy inside.

For those who have qualified to be a Crabtree & Evelyn member, the deal gets even sweeter. You’ll be able to enjoy not only double VIP Rewards points, but also a one-time 30% discount on regularly priced products during your birthday month.

To become a member:

Spend above SGD200 in a single receipt at a Crabtree & Evelyn store, or accumulate above SGD300 within three months. Membership is for life, so you won’t have to worry about it expiring.

Click here for more details.

9. Kiehl’s

Those who have joined the Friends of Kiehl’s club will be happy to know that you will be eligible to receive a 10% discount on your birthday month!

To become a member:

Spend above SGD120 in a single receipt to qualify for the Friends of Kiehl’s membership. Membership is lifetime, but do take note that points accumulated when purchasing products have an expiration cycle!

Click here for more details.

10. Hysses (formerly Mt Sapola)

Hysses takes scents and fragrances to another level. Those who can’t live without those calming room scents and candles will be pleased to find out that Hysses offers a 20% storewide discount on regular-priced items for all their VIP members during birthday months.

Do note that the discount cannot be applied in conjunction with other promotions.

To become a member:

Accumulate at least SGD300 at Hysses stores during a single month to qualify as a VIP member. Membership is lifetime, though reward points can expire.

Click here for more details.

11. L’Occitane

The ultimate French body care and fragrance brand also offers perks for their loyal customers. Get 10% off a one-time transaction at L’Occitane stores and counters during your birthday month if you’re part of the L’Occitane & Moi Club.

To become a member:

Spend above SGD100 in a single receipt to qualify as a member.

Click here for more details.

12. Orbis

nov round up 2017 ORBIS natural repair series

There’s something to be said about the clean-cut, minimalist design of Japanese brands like Orbis, and we’re sure we’re not the only ones that feel the irresistible draw to it.

Orbis members will be entitled to a one-time 20% discount on regular-priced items during their birthday months to feed their Japanese skincare obsession, and we’re not mad at that. The offer is only valid at Orbis stores and counters, and not on their online store.

To become a member:

You qualify to be a member with any purchase you make at an Orbis store or counter!

Click here for more details.

13. SK-II

This is the brand that everyone would have at least been curious to try at some point or other, particularly if you’ve had friends rave about the efficacy of their famous Facial Treatment Essence.

Silver members of the Crystal Club Program will receive 20% more Crystal points, Gold members 50% more, and Elite members 100% more on their first SK-II purchase on their birthday months.

Crystal points can be used to redeem exclusive gifts only open to Crystal Club members, and, of course, free SK-II products.

To become a member:

Those who spend above SGD401 in a year will qualify to be a Silver member in the Crystal Club Program. Spend above SGD1,501 in a year to be a Gold member, and above SGD2,801 in a year to be an Elite member.

Click here for more details.

14. Lancome

Lancome has made a number of beauty holy grails for junkies all over the world, so it’s no hardship for anyone to be part of their membership programme.

You’ll not only get to earn double bonus points on the first transaction of your birthday month, but you’ll also get a specially curated birthday gift from Lancome! Gold and Platinum members will also get to earn 2.4 and 3 times the amount of bonus points respectively.

To become a member:

Spend above SGD180 in a single receipt to qualify for a Rose membership. Spend above SGD1,200 over a period of 12 months to be eligible for a Gold membership, and above SGD3,000 in 12 months to be a Platinum member.

Your spends can include both Lancome products and services (yes, Lancome has a dedicated beauty salon at Tangs Level 4).

Click here for more details.

15. Etude House

Etude House Berry delicious

As one of the most popular Korean brands in Singapore, we’re sure that becoming an Etude House member wouldn’t be any difficulty for most of our readers.

All Etude House members will be entitled to a birthday voucher good for a one-time transaction during their birthday month. White members get a 5% off voucher, Pink members get 10% off, and Rose Gold members get 20% off.

Of course, all members also get double bonus points on their birthday month. For Pink and Rose Gold members, you will also enjoy a complimentary Birthday Makeup Class or Pro Nail Class!

To become a member:

Any purchase you make at an Etude House store will entitle you to be a White card member. To upgrade your membership, spend above SGD100 within 12 months to be promoted to Pink, and above SGD200 to get a Rose Gold card.

Feature image from Fattysimz Dayre.

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