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New Year’s resolutions will only work if you have a good plan on how to achieve them. If you haven’t made any beauty resolutions yet, let us suggest seven realistic ones, complete with how you can go about fulfilling them in 2017.

1. Use more organic beauty products

You know organic products are good for you and may have started consuming more organic food options last year. Step up on your goal to live healthier with beauty products made from organic ingredients. Start by using day-to-day products such as shower gels, before upgrading to other personal care products.

Try: Earth Life Organics products. Using phyto-ingredients sourced from Indonesia, this organic brand carries products that range from face cleanser and day cream to shower gel and body lotion – you’ll definitely find something you’ll need. They are naturally scented, are relatively affordable, and deliver superior skin-loving benefits.

2. Take better care of your lips

While we spend a lot of our time caring for our facial skin, many of us forget about showering our lips with the same tender, loving care. The skin on our lips is delicate and develop signs of ageing quickly if we don’t take care of it. Make lip care one of your top beauty resolutions in 2017.

Try: Rose & Co. Rose Petal Salve (tube for SGD6.70 and tin for SGD8.70). This best-seller from UK-made brand Rose & Co. isn’t just an eye candy, but is also a great solution for alleviating parched lips. A multi-tasker with many ways of usage, this can be used on dry patches, rough skin, and even to hydrate cuticles and on eyebrows to tame them. Besides Rose Petal, this is available in other variants: Cherry Kiss, Strawberry Crush, and Strawberry Cupcake. Find them at the Rose & Co.

3. Practise Korean gradient lips

Korean makeup is still going to be the most stylish beauty trend in 2017, and gradient lips are going to stay relevant. If you haven’t been sporting them, start practising in January so you can wear the look for the rest of the year.

Try: Laneige Two Tone Tint Lip Bar (SGD32). The Korean brand already has a range of popular two-tone lipsticks and is adding eight more shades to its range. The new Two Tone Tint Lip Bar also comes with an improved formula and a “V” design to help keep lips more moisturised. They will be available from 5 January.

4. Create the look of flawless complexion

Eat well, rest adequately, and invest in quality skincare products to achieve better skin. And for occasional blemishes, look for a foundation that addresses your skin concerns so you can look flawless all the time.

Try: L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24H Stay Fresh Liquid Foundation (SGD32.90). Besides promising high coverage, this foundation is also said to be transfer-proof, hydrating, and shine-proof. Delivering a demi-matte but fresh finish, it is perfect for those who are looking for a foundation suitable for Singapore’s humid weather that is also heavy-duty enough to conceal any imperfection.

5. Try beauty lenses

Here’s an easy hack to make your eyes look brighter and awake: beauty lenses. If you’ve already been wearing contact lenses, consider switching to those that accentuate the appearance of your eyes. You’ll find that with them, you can spend less time on eye makeup.

Try: Acuvue Define (SGD64 per box). These daily lenses are able to lighten, contrast, and highlight the appearance of your eyes, thanks to a unique three-layer pigment technology. Promising up to 20 hours of moisture, they’re also very comfortable to wear. Acuvue Define has just added two more variants to its family: Radiant Bright and Radiant Charm. The former blends rich mocha, brown, and amber to exude a girl-next-door vibe, while the latter blends greys with rich honey for the look of a cosmopolitan girl.

6. Master perfect winged eyeliner look

Even if you find it too cumbersome to apply eyeshadow, there’s one makeup technique you have to learn to make your eyes look more attractive – winged eyeliner. Invest in an eyeliner with waterproof formula and an easy-to-use brush, and your eye makeup will look more polished, effortlessly.

Try: Shu Uemura Lasting Soft Gel Pencil (SGD37). This newly launched eyeliner comes in four dark shades (intense black, green black, navy black, and purple black) for different preferences and looks. A gel-in-pencil formula, the eyeliner is easier to control than regular liquid liner, but dark enough for your eye makeup to look outstanding. You’ll also appreciate its thin tip (1.5mm) that can help you create more precise lines.

7. Do something about your dark eye circles and eye bags

Sleep deprivation may be worsening the appearance of your dark eye circles and eye bags, and is causing you to look tired all the time. We understand that the demands of work and other aspects of your life may make it difficult for you to get more rest, but you can consider skincare solutions that help you look more youthful and energetic.

Try: Remescar Eye Bags & Dark Circles (SGD52). This eye cream uses the EYESYL technology, which delivers skin tightening, prevention of water accumulation, and muscular contractions (like how Botox works) so facial muscles under eyes won’t overwork. Together, these actions help diminish the appearance of eye bags and dark circles significantly. Said to deliver instant results, the lightweight cream is available at all Sa Sa stores, HealthScoop, Redmart, and Beautiful.Me.