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We all know sleep is important to us – it helps us to recharge, improves our memory, maintains our weight, and reduces stress. Our skin also rejuvenates itself when we sleep so having sufficient rest really helps us look better – no wonder they call it “beauty sleep”!

However, many of us are used to sleeping less than the recommended seven to eight hours a day because we are just so busy. Worse, even if we manage to turn in early, some of us struggle to actually rest our minds and fall asleep quickly.

If you find yourself tossing and turning too much during bedtime and want to drive straight to slumberland every night, you’re at the right article. We recommend these 10 sleep aids that are formulated to help you fall into a deep slumber and help your skin regenerate throughout the night.

1. L’Occitane Aromachologie Relaxing Pillow Mist

Sleep Better Loccitane

Finding it difficult to sleep because you are always so stressed about work? L’Occitane’s natural scent promises to help you finally get a good night’s sleep by creating a calm and conducive atmosphere.

It contains the essential oils of lavender, bergamot, mandarin, sweet orange and geranium. These oils promote relaxation and relieve body tensions so that you can sleep better at night.

Get this at SGD38 for 100ml from L’Occitane stores.

2. Lush Sleepy Hand & Body Lotion

Sleep Better Lush Sleepy

This received quite a lot of hype online, with many poor sleepers swearing by it to help achieve restful nights.

Dip into this Lush lotion that is made with a gentle oatmeal infusion, lavender flower and tonka absolute, and you are all prepared for a snuggly night ahead. The creamy Fair Trade organic cocoa butter and anti-inflammatory lavender water are also great for cooling and enriching the skin, so you can expect to wake up the next morning to beautiful skin.

Get this at SGD27 for 95g, and SGD47 for 225g from Lush stores or website.

3. Lush Dream CreamSleep Better Lush Dream Cream

Nightmares keeping you up at night? Try this combination of chamomile, organic, extra virgin olive oil, and cocoa butter. This lotion is actually available in self-preserving form, which means it keeps itself clean without any help from synthetic preservatives,

Made using only natural ingredients, it is undoubtedly one of the best sleep-inducing creams for even the most sensitive skin.

Get this at SGD50 for 240g from L’Occitane stores or website.

4. Dr Jart+ Vital Hydra Sleeping Mask

Sleep Better Dr Jart

Is your irritated and dry skin making it too uncomfortable for you to fall asleep? Say goodbye to this problem forever after using this sleeping mask from Dr Jart+. The cooling and refreshing feeling upon application will instantly soothe and lull you to sleep.

The best part, however, comes the next morning. Users are blown away by the fact that they went to sleep with dry and cracked skin, but woke up to see that it is hydrated and plumped. You will never have to go to sleep worrying about how your skin will look like the next day again.

Get this at SGD37 for 120ml from Sephora stores or website.

5. Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil

Sleep Better Sunday Riley

Sunday Riley’s Sleeping Night Oil helps to lessen visibility of lines and wrinkles, while correcting signs of damage that is caused by sun, time and everyday exposure to pollutants. It also reduces skin irritation and redness, so you can go to sleep with the peace of mind that you will wake up to smooth and firm skin.

Get this at SGD78 for 15ml, and $148 for 35ml from Sephora stores or website.

6. This Works Sleep Plus + Pillow Spray

Sleep Better This Works

Ditch your sleep medication for this award-winning spray from This Works. The Deep Sleep fragrance with lavender, vetivert, and chamomile is released continuously throughout the night with motion-activated technology to support a longer, less-interrupted sleep for even the most restless person.

Plus, using this product does not result in breakouts and rashes that medication usually results in, so your skin will look increasingly better every morning.

Get this at SGD51 for 75ml from Sephora stores or website.

7. Pixi Beauty Sleep Cream

Sleep Better Pixi

Get the most out of any amount of sleep with Pixi’s Beauty Sleep Cream, a nightly skincare essential that helps to protect, nourish, and hydrate the skin. The lightweight formula contains natural mango butter and a blend of lavender, lemon, and bergamot oils, making its scent as good as its skincare benefits.

Get this at SGD36 for 35ml from Sephora stores or website.

8. Laneige Lavender Sleeping Mask

Sleep Better Laneige

Haven’t gotten good sleep for days but don’t want to show it? LANEIGE’s highly-raved water sleeping mask will do exactly that. The brand’s patented Sleep-tox™ purifies the skin, and SLEEPSCENT™ promotes relaxation and skin cell regeneration. The added lavender has soothing properties that enhances sleep quality and strengthen the skin’s ability to regenerate while you catch some z’s.

Get this at SGD42 for 70ml from LANEIGE counters or stores, Sephora stores or website, and Zalora.

Psst, we’ve reviewed this product, along with other Korean holy grail products.

9. Origins Peace of Mind On-The-Spot Relief

Sleep Better Origins

If a blistering headache is stopping you from falling asleep, apply two dabs of Origins’s mind-clearing formula on the back of your neck, temples and earlobes. It promises to melt away all your pressure and tension immediately, leaving you with a comfortable tingle that will lulls you into slumber.

Get this at SGD30 for 15ml from Origins counters or stores.

10. Huxley Sleep Mask; Good Night

Sleep Better Huxley

Spa facials are usually so relaxing that you might fall asleep, right? Now, you can actually recreate this spa experience at home with Huxley’s sleep mask. It replenishes moisture throughout the night and energises the skin so that it looks radiant even when you are sleeping.

Get this at SGD45.26 for 120g from Care To Beauty.